NHS App To Become Freedom Passport / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • OMG, I recently watched a propaganda video by white house and Fauci said over and over how great Iserial was doing and how we need to be more like them! Fuck no?

      • We’ve paid for our treatment via our salaries! It’s nothing to do with you!!

      • The NHS is already refusing treatment just for not getting a COVID swab test. My partner is leaving the NHS for this reason.

    • My concern here is if u need to see a doctor or go to hospital. I doubt this will work . Theres to many people in this country. I dont except this. How will anyone with out one use the nhs ? I feel like giving up . I’m not prepared to deal with this anymore. It’s doing my head in. I will never compile I’d rather die. Looks like we might anyway. X

      • I got loads things going on it’s ridiculous and because I have turned down 3flu jab and 6!coshite!jab they pulling my brain to mush but we must not give in I stronger than they think remember the human brain is so amazing Don’t let theses evil people break us now let’s not let Hugo down either a 👊🏻Take care yourself

      • Don’t get disheartened , join groups like a stand in the park and join like minded people together we are strong . Don’t download the app and only go to places that don’t require one .

      • Jesus said, “And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things. But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.” (Luke 12:29-31)

        He said, “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18)

        We have nothing to fear if we repent (turn away from sin and from the lusts of this world) and believe in Jesus. If you do this you will be born again (the Holy Spirit will come and make His home within you). Then call upon the name of Jesus in prayer. The Bible says, “All who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” After you have done this read His words in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Obey Him and trust in His promises. You will soon see that there is nothing to fear if we are in Him. He is our only hope!

        God bless.

      • Never give up hope. I agree its really tough just now. Most of the population won’t go for this. I will never comply either. Keep positive.

    • Not for me ever I will take the bastards to court descrimination and human rights for a start

  1. Yup hurtling towards a brick wall and the sheep still can’t see it

  2. Yourself and Computing Forever called it. The conspiracy theory is now basically the truth. Unfortunately, there is a large majority of people who will welcome this with applause, the people who feed on Facebook likes will see their obedience to the state rewarded with green ticks. Nothing will excite them more than ratting on friends and family for rebellious views and having the best score possible.

  3. These dirty, evil swamp creatures are no longer sneaking in through the back door; they’ve brazenly entered the front entrance with this satanic agenda.

    • The government is a disgrace, forcing people to a vaccine passport, when we know it’s all a scam…. the government need to all be in jail..

  4. Remember this time last year when you told people this Covid shite wouldn’t end, until everyone was living under a social credit system like the one in China, you were laughed at as a conspiracy theorist & a tin foil hat nutter….

    Yeah, only a year ago!

    • My phones on the blink im not getting another one i refuse to spends hundreds of pounds on something they can track me on also iv noticed all these scams going around seems like a coincidence to me that people are leaving their personnel details with all and sundry all over the place just to go about ordinary daily life in my opinion this shit is open to hackers

      • Spot on I only just this morning got an email apparently from broadband company saying I havent paid. It’s not the only time with email this is happening. Apparently a few weeks ago on a sunday morning I tried to order 40 quids worth of McDonald’s lol with deliver roo WHO I dont have spare cash to order take aways let only 40 quids worth of shit from McDonald’s ffs. This is happening a lot they wont ur card details. Trust me never press any links in emails and never ever give card details. The money I have is all I have to live on from week to week. They can try and take what they like theres fuck all in there. Scammers. It’s hard enough as it is for some people money wise let alone these tossers doing this. My bank normal tells me when a dd is due out. I have it written down but it nearly got me this morning lol not quite tho. X

  5. Yesterday the UK registered a whopping 17 deaths out of a population of 68,000,000, or put into perspective (0.00002%) of the population died within 28 days of a + Covid test. So we need passports because 1 person in every 4,000,000 died. The average daily deaths from all causes in the UK is around 1,500 a day so basically 1.1% of yesterdays deaths have Covid “MENTIONED” on the death certificate.
    Why can`t people grasp this has absolutely nothing to do with protecting them from a virus? My mind can`t comprehend this level of stupidity!

    • Ur right of course. It’s very sad and a well known fact that u cant teach stupid people no matter how hard u try. Ignorance is one thing stupidity is something completely different. X

      • We’re a force to be reckoned If many of us get together against this vile entourage of wolves. It seems that people like Boris, Hancock, Shapps, William and the useless SAGE don’t get it but still imposing this agenda. There’s one of the biggest protests I’ve ever participated and still they find ways to proceed with this Covid-19 passport. Every day the MSM rub it into our faces, it’s the way to persuade those who obey orders no matter what but it’s time we carry on fighting for our freedom. Fuck the holidays abroad, Remove the NHS app from your phone as it’s your privacy in there and only you can add whatever you want and most importantly DON’T FALTER. KEEP SPREADING THE WORD, KEEP BOYCOTTING ANYTHING COMING FROM THOSE ASSHOLES AND LET’S GET RID OF THE CROOKS ON ELECTION DAY VOTING INDEPENDENT.

  6. These are terrible times. All I can say is that we live in a world of polarity. Dark and light, good and evil. There is always an equal and opposite to every conundrum. Darkness has invariably been conquered by light throughout history, (lets hope) with catastrophic retribution by cosmic forces when things get seriously imbalanced. meteor and asteroid bombardment, axial shifts or hey, what about the seven new plagues of Egypt, created through that son of Satan’s minion ,Gates?

    • But at what cost ? Why is it then through out history it’s always the kids and elderly that suffer the most? If there where this greater power wtf does he let innocent people kid and old folk suffer the most. I no what ur likely to come back at me and say here in regards to the bible , but hey as u pointed out this is never ending as u just said through out history? Why ? Me thinks this is hell , hell on earth and u have evil ? Or simple narcissist toss pots in ever walk if life that get great pleasure in hurting other people and going along with the crowd. As a teenager we used to take the piss me and my mate with certain people .we would call them the in crowd people. I’m in with the in crowd. Brian ferry tune from back in the day. I respect ur point of view and I really pray u are right. From a personly point theres more rotten to the cure tossers on this planet then we actually relise. If ur not part of that ur well and truly snooker. X

  7. All part of the plan and so blatatly obvious why can so many still not see it!!!

    • You will never convince everyone, you might as well knocked your head against a brick wall and believe it or not there are some who will support what’s going on. We don’t need them though, if there are enough of us who are willing to say no, no to face nappies, no to govt apps, no to mRNA and no to travel passports will can prevail.

  8. What else would you expect from lying pieces of shit! They’re all in this together.

  9. These treasonous traitor cunts need dragging out of their beds and hanging, if anyone lives anywhere these scum I would suggest we get it done sooner the better before it’s too late

  10. There is only going to be one way this is rejected and it’s going to involve violence, because they don’t care what we think or want, they have their plans and that’s that. I predict rioting on a massive scale around the world akin to civil war.

    • You only have to look at the Rockefeller lockstep agenda to know that this is exactly what they have planned: It is far easier for them to deal with violence than peaceful non compliance.

      • ‘The Rockefeller lockstep agenda’ does not exist! It is one of four scenarios presented in ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’; the other being ‘Hack Attack’, Clever Together’ and ‘Smart Scramble’. ‘Hack Attack’ is actually the worst case scenario and ‘Clever Together’ is the best as it is presented. ‘Lockstep’ scores ‘High’ on ‘Political and Economic Alignment ‘ but scores ‘Low’ on ‘Adaptive Capacity’. I strongly suspect that as soon as I read ‘Rockefeller’s lockstep agenda’ that the person writing it hasn’t even read the document that they allude to 😉 Anyway, here is just one of the many links you can download it from: http://www.nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS/Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf As the say – do your own research 🙂

      • There can be no peaceful resistance, peaceful resistance will be met with domination, like in France in WW2, you either peacefully surrender or violently resist.

      • Plus – if you search google for “Public Disorder and Public Health: Contemporary Threats and Risks SPI-B Policing and Security sub-Group.” you will find the official UK govt report that states if there is rioting on a par with, or worse than 2011 then it will be unstoppable unless they call in the military because the Police have been so reduced in numbers they would be overwhelmed within hours. Will the military open fire on their own people, or are they sick of being the sacrificial lambs of politicians?

      • I cant belive its come to this lol. Peaceful non compliance? Look at history, when did peace non compliance ever work. If my grandparents and great grandparents had of all thought like u and I wouldnt even b here. Some times it takes force and there is no other way unfortunately. X

    • It does unfortunately look that way. We the people are being fucking lied to on a massive scale. Never in history have all governments gone along with the same pathetic agenda, that makes actually no fucking sense to anyone with half a brain cell in there head. This is our own government turning on us and most people are going along with it. Staying safe ? Safe ? Seriously this is war but not any war anyones ever seen or heard of before. Not ever government going along the same crazy path . Ur spot on. X

  11. They are politicians, masters of speaking in “fork tongue.”.

  12. The problem is, Hugo, those people are not only giving away their freedoms, they are also selling us down the river…

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  14. “One app to rule them all” – the perfick analogy!

  15. I won’t get the jab or the passport, they can shove it. So sad to see the many uneducated sheep on social media punching the air in delight with comments like “Holidays here I come” and “This will get us back to normal”. I think as a nation the U.K. is screwed and it’s the blind lemmings dragging us over the cliff edge with them. So,so sad to see.

    • R but u are wrong educated or not if ur plan fucking stupid ur plan fucking stupid it’s as simple as that. I no some very well educated? People and they have no common sense just plan thick in regards to real life. U can educate yourself anyway. You can’t if ur just plan stupid tho. With the best will in the world u will never uneducated these people lol from the way of life they no.

  16. I don’t own a smart phone, and I never will. I’d sooner be dead than live like a slave. And I fully intend to resist all of this orwellian satanic shite unto my last dying gasp of Un-masked Good Clean Air. Only this morning I received the fourth letter from my doctors surgery, asking me to book my pfizer vaccine. I told them to fuck right off! AGAIN. I also said: If any fucker even looks at me whilst holding anything resembling a hypodermic needle,

    I will consider them a potential murderer, and my reponse will be proportionate and swift. I then sacked my GP who just happens to live 200 yards from my home. I now see him as the enemy of everything and everyone I hold dear. Keep up the good work Mr hugo.

    • Hi they said weeks ago they were planning on using the track and trace app . It sounds like you have everyone has to download as they mentioned about booking appointments with nhs too . Also millions don’t have a smartphone or compatible phone for the app it doesn’t work on every smartphone

      • Oh come on even kids have them now. Even if u cant afford the lastest brand names lol, u can pick up an almost identical model of any smart phone no name from Amazon. Hey there all made in CHINA anyways in fact most everthing in your home is made in China let alone a dodgy smart phone or well none brand named ones. All from china. I saw an unbranded smartphone on Amazon for 30 quid does all the same stuff as ur top of the range smartphone or iPhone. Theres always a way round everthing. The Chinese people have had to adapt and faking shit is there food on the table for the poor over there. Its government’s yet again not the common people. Were theres a will theres a way. Fake it. Lol

      • Apple phones are DESIGNED in California and ASSEMBLED in China. Apple don’t MANUFACTURE anything. Apple merely write the software and design the case. Then they source the component parts; screen, processor, buttons from various manufacturers and have them assembled by slaves in some God-awful Chinese factory, and add a huge mark-up in the process. Those ‘fake phones’ on Amazon are in all likelihood made from the same component parts. When you buy Apple you are paying for the ‘Apple’ logo – that is why many cases have a cut-out so that you can show off the ‘Apple’ logo. Apple would argue that their phones are ‘quality’ products but ‘quality’ can be defined as brand name and not what most consumers think of ‘quality’ as being build quality. The ‘quality’ can be merely in the label. In any case, Apple products are short-life products, time-bombed to fail after a short time to trap consumers into a constant cycle of replacing and ‘upgrading’. And it goes without saying that Apple is another one of those companies who proudly display their ‘greenie’ credentials being ‘carbon neutral’ and that that guff 😀

  17. Here in Vegas, the casino’s are now so depressing; masks, plexiglass, little or no entertainment. At least here, for now, we can go out to our small bars. But this is not the world that I want.

  18. They really pushing things. So
    Time to purchase a old text and talk phone with snake on it lol 😂 then try get help get me some shopping a week the essentials and my daughter ,Unvaccinated,✊💪I will add and staying that way, she will drop by what i b needing hopefully bless her I don’t go the pub as I am not stupid enough to pay their price’s!! 🖕🏻
    And my dog is my world she b with me all the way saying No. ! Feck off! Ect ..and then pottering in my garden why I still have a house🙄😂 cheers Hugo.
    But the more of us that REFUSES will be the BIGGEST help people 💪
    ✌️To all who seek it

  19. People, it seems after the 24th April those assholes did not get the message so let’s start the#boycott European countries asking for health passports and see how screwed their tourism economy collapse then let’s support our local shores this year. Also, let’s vote for independent parties on 6th May and get rid of the Tories and Labour from government. Share #NoToriesNoLabour agenda ASAP.

  20. God gave mankind freedom and men of pro creation, want to deny that right. Everything created has been competed like the Tower of Babel. Well, they’re sure playing with fire. Humans, have destroyed everything naturally beautiful, inventing.

  21. What has not been released to the public through the media is that the NHS is being sold off department by department to an American Insurance company.

    So before to long. You’ll have to have health insurance. But you won’t be able to get health insurance until you have the jab and sign up to the NHS app.

    • Spot on x I watch David Cameron walking round with a big Texan yèars ago when Cameron first got in. The yank was saying how the nhs was basically a joke and people shouldnt get free anything. That was then look at what’s happening now. Do people have such fucking short memories? Or were they watching eastenders or corrie when these things were on the other side. Ffs how long is a piece of string? I’m sick of thick stupid people that just dont want to see. They really dont. It’s not even worth telling some people that actually think there smarter then you. What’s the point. I wish this would b over and I could b proved to b the looney tune a lot of people I no think I am. I wish that would happen like some massive april fucking fouls joke on me . I dont mind being the twat that got it all so badly wrong from the start. I would take the flack for being the biggest twat .

  22. The £37 billion track and trace app in all the shops, pubs restaurants windows are the ones that never worked in the first place because the information didn’t go anywhere. I’ve not seen one person using it and not one business asking us to. They can’t do digital passports because Google and Apple have refused to let them do an app for it because it violates their data protection act.

    • Ur right. I was in reading town centre last week tho very interesting lol and I saw one pub / restaurant with this in the window. I wouldnt of even noticed but a group of teenagers were putting up against the window b 4 they went in the door to then go and sit in the back garden I surpose. Its crap all of it. It didnt work last year and it wont work now. Ur spot on. X

  23. Never forget all your wonderful (sarcasm) NHS doctors and nurses have been complicit with the deaths of thousands and are now working with these scum to bring an end to the NHS. Don’t worry though they will all have better paying jobs in the pay for health system. Scum.

  24. My new phone is a mobile with no apps.(stuff em!) I refuse to use sanitizer. (stuff em!) I refuse any jab (stuff em!) I refuse the tests.(stuff em!) Because I know what’s in that lot. I am retired and perfectly alright so stuff em! They have bombarded me for a year with unsolicited texts on my old mob (the mob has been shut down now) and unsolicited letters, the latest being a 22 x 11.5 x 2 cm box plastered with nhs all over it, which I am treating as a IED! I am ex marine industry including security, Martial arts and combat trained, military leadership course with ex special forces which included anti terrorism. If they want to come round here thinking they can harass me, then bring your own body bags! There is one word these narcissists cannot stand, and that is the word NO.

  25. let the mongs that are jabbed do it… they won’t be around for long.
    your best ammo is truth and facts
    you can’t shop here you haven’t got a vaccine app??? vaccine? fuck right off mhra severe side effects stats black triangle phase2 fucking bio weapon!!!
    I could go on… see you in court bellends get them in a court and sue the bastards if they dare say I can’t shop for food or work.

  26. We are hurtling fast to the mark of the beast!!! Something big like a war has to happen to wake people up and to stop/slow down this evil demonic madness from happening so soon!!🤯
    Social credit system, let’s put everything in one place and then put that onto your hand or forehead – to make everyone “safe”. It’s all demonic!!! It’s satan’s plan, to destroy God’s creation. A full blown attack.
    Stay strong folks, never surrender🙏🏻💪a lot are falling for this evil narrative💔, but we who are awake must stay STRONG❣️

  27. Hi Hugo, first let me say I appreciate the clear and concise manner in which you are relating this information. In regards to not complying by not downloading an app though, unfortunately they can be uploaded to your phone without your permission if they wanted to. This is what most people do not realize about ‘smart phones’, they have less control over what happens with their phone than they think. There are ‘backdoors’ built into every commercial device these days. Even though there have been the revelations that corporations and governments can easily record through everyone’s phones and computers, and have been archiving all sorts of data (text, audio, video), people have continued to use their phones and computers.

    I do so knowingly, because I have known since about ’05 that the internet was being monitored for ‘keywords’ (and that I was probably on a ‘watch list’ somewhere), when I archived a socio-political poem through my Yahoo account and saw in the just saved copy that there were blanks spaces [ ] within the text, and I looked at my previous copy to see what the words were that should have been in those spaces, they were all related words that repeated throughout the writing. Here is a piece that includes the poem, it’s a long one, but if you choose to read it I am sure you will see which words went missing.


    And while I agree with the non-compliance message (I do not own a phone, work a job, do not use ‘services’ or money), we have to also consider in what ways there are going to be pressures to comply to be able to address them. It is easy to tell people not to comply, but until there are enough people that agree they are willing not to, and feel they (and their families) have the support for that decision, then people will most likely give into pressure from threats of being shut off from the ability to acquire necessities for survival.

    I have ‘been on the fence’ about even using my laptop anymore, but have been with the acknowledgment that that could be ended (voluntarily or not) at any time, but for now it is serving to help communicate as much as possible about what is going on.

    Here is another of Alison McDowell’s great informational perspective pieces that gets to the heart of the matter I feel, she is referring to an invite she received to be a speaker at an event that were advertising it with a Nationalistic tone:

    “First, this flyer channels nationalism. We know transnational global capital interests through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are perpetrating the “Great Reset” against humanity and nature. If you’re still not sure, check out the 2,000+ practitioners of ESG investments at the Impact Management Project. We are up against the most powerful hoarders of wealth on the planet. Their avarice and access to elected officials knows no bounds. The rich don’t have borders. Companies don’t have borders. Borders are for managed populations, livestock. To the Davos crowd, we are livestock to be tagged and managed by satellite from space.

    The technological, financial, and policy apparatus that will scale this agenda has been refined through ‘humanitarian aid’ channels and social impact pilots targeting the poor here at home. Life on the planet will not be served by humans retreating into our respective borders, but rather by our intentional choice to look outward and join in solidarity with those who have been most oppressed by the IMF and World Bank’s structural adjustment programs and ongoing colonization. With the planned mRNA injections that colonization is now advancing to the cellular level.

    It is those who have suffered the most who are leading the way in throwing up roadblocks to the implementation of the global prison planet. The farmers’ uprising in India is a testament to that. They are on the front lines standing against the roll out of Rockefeller’s planned reset of the food system. One that would use bioengineering and abominations like 3-D printed “food” aligned to our genomics on blockchain to optimize us, dehumanize us, to their industrially engineered society.

    Until we recognize that we are part of a rich, complex web of relationships with all of humanity, in fact with ALL BEINGS, we will not prevail in our quest to overcome the World Economic Forum’s techno-fascist program. While it may be comforting to pull Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin out of the closet, I think patriotic framing is insufficient for the task at hand and will ultimately lead us down the wrong road.

    We are in the midst of an epic struggle. Will natural life prevail against the billionaires’ plans to push us into the machine, into virtual reality where they will digitally nudge us and bet on our compliance? We don’t have vast numbers of resistors right now. What we DO have is SPIRIT. Therefore, it is vital that we be very intentional about advancing our cause from the heart space.

    To do that, many Americans [Skeye: people from all countries] are going to have to undertake deep internal work. That isn’t going to be easy, especially since the media has conditioned us into nationalist boxes and partisan ones, too. Please know I am not coming at this from a position of identity politics. In order for this to work, we have to go much deeper – a soul-searching really, a reflection on faith and the future. It will take time. Time to see and grieve and process the guilt and get to a point that you are not immobilized by it. I know. I started this journey three years ago in a whirlwind of realizing this planned future, watching the raid on Standing Rock, finding Justin Leroy’s work on Social Impact Bonds, knowing the place of my city in all of it extending from Wharton Business School all the way back to Ben Franklin. There is no short cut but to do it. And since time is short, best to jump in with both feet. Know we are with you supporting you along this challenging journey. Take a deep breath. Go deep.”

    How Will You Choose To Resist Digital Slavery? An Inquiry Into Spirit and Patriotism

  28. Well done Hugo.
    Please also show support for Dr Mike Yeadon who is also is trying to get the word out warning people what is to come if we allow these passports to be put on our phones, this is his planet lockdown interview and it is frank and sincere. Please comment and show him some support too.

  29. The digital passport will eventually evolve into becoming the implanted chip in the hand or quantum dot tattoo on forehead it will become the mark of the beast that the book of revelation in The Bible warns about….spoiler alert… anyone taking it does not have a good prognosis.

  30. Sleazeballs are u turning again. They must be getting dizzy!

  31. Do governments and people forget that this vaccine is approved for emergency use ONLY at this point in time.
    I wonder what the various constitutions says about mandatory vaccines in order to travel and people who are not vaccinated enjoying the same rights as those who are. I believe everybody is free to take or not a vaccine (as e.g. the APPROVED flu vaccine), but refuse the mandatory part of what is going on with the Covid-19 vaccine. And I am NOT anti-vaccine. I have my international vaccine passport (yellow paper one) that allows me to travel to mainly tropical countries where certain APPROVED vaccines are mandatory to enter the country.
    In various discussions on the matter with people I know/friends, some say that it is the same with e.g. the yellow fever mandatory vaccine to get into a country where that disease is prevalent. Well it is not. The yellow fever vaccine is fully approved and the covid-19 vaccines are NOT….
    Why are we tolerating such nonsense from the government / establishment?

    • Ffs if people dont no by now they never will. U can take a horse/ sheep to water but u can’t make it drink. X

  32. I guess the worst part is they are talking about making this part of daily life, not just once a year travel.

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