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  1. It may be down to starving, or something else, but assuming it is down to covid – either a) it has mutated naturally (what a joke) to a more dangerous variant (it can’t be more than the 20% different than sars 1, 20 years ago, where peoples immune system still beats it), or b) it’s a lie to get us ready for lockdown whatever number we’re on now, or c) the scientists who have been silenced (like Geert van Bosch, Mike Yeadon, Bhakdi, etc), who warned that jabbing people with a leaky vaccine in the middle of an epidemic would lead to more contageous and deadly variants (India have jabbed 120 million people, 10% of a densely populated country) and so they have been proved right. In any case, a), b), or c) we can see that our “scientists” are idiots and not fit for purpose and need to be replaced immediately, and if the govt won’t remove them by choice, then we need to remove them all by force, and preferably remove them at the end of ropes attached to lamposts. Simple truth – these idiots are killing people, they even lie about the vax deaths and injuries. If it then turns out the vax makes it worse they need hanging twice.

      • India suffered the highest number of deaths from the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918. It is a country with poor metabolic health throughout the population and is ripe for any virus or deprivation to whip through its over-populated cities. I suggest people go to Ivor Cummins’ latest ‘Viral Update’ to see the latest data from India. Guess what, the data tells you it is nowhere near as bad as the media are making out.

      • Who vaccine action plan for Europe published 2014 planned digit al health passports

      • Am I supposed to be surprised

  2. The world is in a complete mess with all this corruption & lies that are in the places of power … it makes me sick

    • How the hell did it reach England if this fake covid was so bad I’m sure they would of closed the borders from the beginning I’m Fed up of the blatant lies every fucking day, if people can’t see what’s going on I feel sorry for u, I’m not even gonna take the test cause iv learned something about the test kits and what the bud at the top of the thing u put in your nose and mouth actually is, looking at it with a microscopic lens the part which looks like a cotton bud is actually a live mechanism which moves I’m gonna try and find the website and post it for everyone to watch

      • Look at the guidelines to prevent a pandemic. My 1st knowledge of Covid-19 being in whuhan the 1st day 4 people in whuhan at the time and in main media they called it a pandemic!,,! So whuhan shudve been made secure.transport of every kind grounded docks airports closed.short lived virus would have died without other deaths lockdowns and lives destroyed for the small (in comparison to gates and bezos .busnesss.this is spiritual warfare we can only win with love peaceful non compliance.use our common law.we are all born equal and free to pursue any path we choose.don’t hate the dense rich who will never know happiness or love.they like in fear.perhaps that’s why they want us to fear

  3. Where do we start with this bollocks?
    It’s a third world country with high death rates anyway.
    Didn’t Gates visit a couple of years ago to trial a vax in a certain state in India. It went horribly wrong and there were some major side effects and deaths from it.
    Like others have mentioned, Hindus do burn their dead but not all the religions believe in burning.
    The government is massively currupt and really should be ashamed of killing off their own people. Unfortunately money talks!
    If a payment was offered to some of the poorer people then of course they will roll over in the street and play dead.
    As for the cricket…. The show must go on…To brainwash the idiots with jab adverts every 10 mins.

    • India were having great success with Ivermectin – given early from a diagnosis it avoided a huge number of hospitalizations – but it was banned when they started the Jab roll out – the mRNA Jabs as you know only have EUA – and I’m told that is conditional on there being no other available treatments – I wouldn’t be surprised if that is reflected in the Contracts – an Opposition Israeli politician says that they believe the Jab Contracts contain a clause that specifies a minimum uptake level – with penalties if they are not met – If this is true then it creates a very sinister and dangerous Conflict of Interest – she also said that they have tried to obtain a copy of the contract but they can only obtain heavily redacted versions….!

    • Just saw the video, she is right and the independent video after is crap.
      Badly acted out! When the guy is calling for a doctor… There were a few standing around near the stairs. Then disappeared but still some in the green suits as the person randomly… But always in the right place… Filmed all this going on.

  4. Considering India has 1.4 billion people living there. 220,000 deaths is a drop in the ocean.
    But the scaremongering bbc and sky news doesnt tell you this. They just like to put fear out there.

  5. Wow if the situation was’t so serious it would be comical… This is an absolute joke….

    Indian variant, yea whatever… The whole thing is just out of control now. We coming to the time where we gonna have to over through all Governments. They are not Governing and the truth of the matter is. They are not in control anymore… People like that Megalomaniac (as u so we’ll put it before) Bill Gates needs to getting taken out. I’m sick of the sight of him… Popping up and talking like his a scientist. When his actually a pysicho!! Hopefully this latest wave of Indian properganda doesn’t work on the UK public… Maybe even some of the Sheep might not even buy into it…

  6. Well, what this miss out is there are 30K approx deaths in India per day, so they can’t handle a 10% increase in deaths ??

    Oxygen, 1 year back was worked out to be the worst thing to use, as Oxygen feeds the virus which is inside the lungs, CPAP Machine, forcing normal air into the lungs was better and what most of the world switched to.

    Leicester Again, that place had the worst of the lockdown BS last year, they really don’t like that town/city.

    OT: Friend care home nurse, not making much sense, but 6 deaths via covid last weekend and they’d all had there vaccines, she’s too worried jobs wise to just say stuff sadly or in shock not sure, confused totally.

  7. I was thinking they might allow some return to freedom as promised with the road map
    To give the illusion that light is at the end of the tunnel
    then perhaps every 6 months or every year for aslong as they can get away with it they will pull out a lockdown because of each new variant with a new jab for each new variant
    They are claiming lockdowns work
    They need to keep people in this cycle of lockdown/release
    Basically do as you are told and you will be rewarded with a treat it’s dog training for humans so they become ready for the new Chinese style society

  8. Well done Hugo.
    Please also show support for Dr Mike Yeadon who is also is trying to get the word out warning people about the lies being told and what is to come if we allow vaccination passports to be put on our phones, this is his planet lockdown interview and it is frank and sincere. Please comment and show him some support too.

  9. Well done Hugo.
    Please also show support for Dr Mike Yeadon who is also is trying to get the word out warning people what is to come if we allow these passports to be put on our phones, this is his planet lockdown interview and it is frank and sincere. Please comment and show him some support too.

  10. Put the words ‘India’, ‘rape’ and ‘minutes’ in your search engine (DuckDuckGo, of course) and hundreds, if not thousands of news articles pop up, with a peak around 2013/2014.

    Than do the calculations. Police statistics say that there are about 40.000 reports of rape per year, or one report every 16 minutes. A terrifying number and awful, but, considering that India has a population of 1,3 billion people, it’s relatively low. South and Middle America and (South) Africa are incomparably worse places to live when you’re a woman or a girl.

    Al Jazeera from Qatar and DW (i.e. Deutsche Welle, a Chinese sponsored News Channel) are still pushing the narrative that India is a hell hole for women, in need of a revolution to squash the Patriarchy.

    It’s all about geopolitics, a smear campaign made up of fake news.

    • This is really interesting. What is the benefit to pushing a message that India has worse sexual violence than South America? Do you have the comparative per capita data?

  11. Law of the land, back to Common law, is the solution.
    Join us on restoring the law of the land on Practical lawful dissent international on Telegram.
    See you guys there.

  12. It’s all fear by MSM as per. I’ve heard 3rd lockdown will be round about the end of May 2021. I urge people to keep their businesses open, I will certainly be keeping mine opened. Do not comply/consent to any control by the government. Its all about power, money and control, that is the elites agenda. We have to fight this. Do Not Consent!!!

    • Hate to spread misery, but they’re employing ‘Covid’ marshalls now, until 2023!

      • Think you’re right, it will be on & off with lockdown till 2023.
        Unless something major changes!

    • Noooooo…. Really??
      What a load of crap to urge everyone to get vaxxed.
      Really hope you’re wrong on this but then again nothing would surprise me with these idiots in charge!

  13. prediction;# thinking they might use indian variant to lock us down again, just as were coming out of it, will will see

  14. all of this bill gates stuff is straight out of JAMES BOND but there is no 007 we are doomed! Billionaires 6.5 billion Peasants 0

  15. Dear Hugo , I totally agree with you , just yesterday in Polish MSM morning news – there was a live report from India – guess what – reporter she did not read a scrip and reviled that people in India started to die when IVERMECTIN was forbidden on prescription from local GP and mass Astra jabs implemented to general public and “fake” infected tests .Reporter on live has said – that 4 of her close friends died after the vaxx! Shocking – live brodcast went on air , presenter in Polish TV almost had a heard attack! Today – already altered news was circulating – but only fear and picture of “dead” on the streets! And just as expected – NEW variant was already found in Poland – in monestery – where nuns supposly had contact with someone returning from India – what a conicidence !

  16. Hugo. I have friends in India and they have said the same. They are all scared of the deadly UK mutation, but fine with their own.

    If you have never been to India then you have no idea of the poverty. So bad I would be ashamed of taking pictures. Between houses is used as open bins. Nothing grows, even seen dead trees due to this. When it rains and the drains start overflowing brown water. People will wash in it. I’ve seen so many crazy unhygienic things, during my many visits. For a Virus as weak as SarCov2, you would expect it to be a sniffle to India.

    Friends also told me many have so much fear, they are bombarding the hospital every time they cough. But other than this everything is normal for India.

  17. This needs to be in context
    as of now India’s Covid mortality rate is 140 dead per million people. This compares to 401 for the world average, 1,762 for the US, and 1,869 for the UK. It puts India 119th in the world on this, the single most important statistic for comparison purposes.

  18. Shocking the lengths the government is going to…but now half the UK population have been vaccinated and weakened; this will be when we see deaths. As Bill Gates talk about another wave/ disease. Shocking how wicked man has become.

  19. They say India is short of oxygen yet millions of dollars worth of ventilators were dumped in landfill sites In America.

  20. think its about time to leave the citys, whats the point in staying, might as well pack your bags and walk away in large numbers, leave your smartphone behind and take your camping gear, hope it happens then we will be free…..

  21. Seriously people, just get rid of your smart phones. Stop’s this shit, right in it’s tracks.

    • Hahaha Hahahahahaha. How would we access these juicy clips which are never on MSM

  22. Just for condideration:
    I live in south Africa, the so called rainbow nation. The virus here behaves just as it usually does elsewhere, except that, if I speak to an Indian fellow south african they will have stories to tell of how many of their loved ones have died of the virus or how ill they became when they got infected. They appeared to be far more affected by this corona sickness. (this one does not get from our news as our government and media does not analyze race factors much, but rather avoid or ignore it).

  23. MSM – Main Stream Media.

    Funny how 6 hours before UK mandatory quarantine from India comes in,
    the MSM 10 o’ clock news bombarded us with all the India propaganda…
    just a thought,
    my thought straight away,
    utter BS…
    and I pity those who are still asleep right now…

    These days no news, is most definitely good news especially with regards to MSM…

  24. India’s Prime Minister Modi has shut down the transportation means of the WHOLE OF INDIA overnight, WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE, that of course leaving hundreds of millions of Indians stuck wherever they were at that moment, without money, water or food to get back to their safer place. Imagine how many died cuz of this. That was Modi’s Corona lockdown. Poor Indians.

    • P.S. With “overnight” I meant “instantly, without prior notice”. The lockdown was given for 24/7, I don’t know exactly for how many weeks.

  25. In india people just obey whatever the government says so its gonna happen killing people in hospitals

  26. My friend has just landed back in the UK Heathrow this Sunday (works for an airline) I cant mention who as they do not want to get into trouble!! or lose their job, to witnessing over 6,500 Indians landed at Heathrow too!!!!!!!
    Wth??? Why are they freely letting them in the UK ? I wonder 🤔

  27. The poor in India earn enough money to eat just for the day. Some are content with this and are happy. They don’t have bank accounts and saved money. No jobs means they starve. It is these people which are being murdered. Covid or no covid we now have enough people believing in it and can knock people off under this word. Hugo what will they do to the protestors against the farming bills. They say Delhi is a hard hit area. Is this because they want to disperse the protestors will they release a virus amongst these thousands of people. The beautiful thing about Indians is if the shit smells funny they don’t listen. They had not until all this fake news now the likes off bbc have got Indians in Our own country thinking they should phone relatives in india and telling them to stay locked down. Why are not people in the streets protesting world wide against this bull shit

  28. I am from India. 5g radiation testing and trial has started here. You will soon see more radiation deaths and it will be termed as Corona wave 3…..

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