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  1. It’s all a massive cover up as hundreds of thousands of Indians are starving to death due to lock downs yet again. Worth looking into 🧐

  2. I’m getting a 404 on your last 2 posts on brandnewtube

    • The media are going to get found out it’s just a matter of time. Totally evil what they are doing

  3. Well whatever is going on and if it is as bad as they say, why are they still allowing flights in and out of the country lmao! I know who’s body id like to burn! Dont trust the Fuckers!

    • So they can say the so called variant has spread to other countries. So predictable.

  4. Hmm, not sure comments are working properly Hugo!

  5. They have a population of 1billion+. And only double the amount of deaths that our country of 65m have, and that’s if you believe all these deaths are due to covid. So they have a long way to go to even get close to a high% of deaths divided by their population. What on earth is that doctor doing. And these news outlets using fake pictures is getting very common now. And they are the ones that always bang in about fake news. Remember it’s always the ones that accuse, that are doing it themselves. Media, enemy of the people.

  6. They want the “indian variant” as an excuse to vax all people. So it is important to tell the truth to so many people as possible.

  7. Its all the media scaremongering, and bullshit. They can not post or say anything nice or appraising for the public. According to the telegraph, we are out of the plandemic, so why not celebrate that. Shocking these people. Keep up the good work hugo!

  8. I willing to bet anyone any amount of money they’ll never hear of a variant from North Korea.

  9. Thank you Hugo always interesting stuff
    now I watch no MSM at all .

  10. Let’s see the 3 cases..what a load of bollocks.. .message to Boris..mate you and your freak show ain’t scaring shit with your bullshit…COVID IS A LIE SO FUCK OFF

  11. It’s not about our government and their government – its about the one and only government.


  13. Smoke and mirrors……trust your own eyes.

    And has anybody else had a cold for the past few weeks? I’m sure they’re releasing numerous coronavirus strains, but they’ve nothing to do with SARS-COV2 variants…..everything to do with trying to cause cytokine storms in people who’ve had the jab.

    • I had just been wondering the same thing ie “what’s going on in India ” and then you gave me the answer! Thanks Hugo

    • Well well well – it’s the Chinese version all over again- the same crap they put out in order to terrify us – to gain public support for the first of our lockdown- wouldn’t it be absolutely fantastic if the indoctrinated could just do a little research of their own- maybe then the Lenny might drop- we have been lied to and the lies just keep getting bigger- this is psychological war folks- and we are in it – the world has been taken over by pure evil – and all most people worry about is their summer holiday abroad- God I despair

  14. Im sorry, we have a so called no fly zone/ policy, so how did it get over here. Absolute bollocks.

  15. I have told everyone that will listen, we will be locked down come September. The BIG PHARMA (Pharmaceutical Companes) are now leading the narrative. So far only 200 Million vaccinated out of a population of 8BN. They smell money, they smell fear, they are chasing the vaccination numbers, they will not be satisfied until we are all vaccinated and hen on a booster course for life. Funny though, there are now cases with the Pfizer vaccine where people are being rendered paralysed from the neck down. Of course Pfizer are policing these claims themselves and deny all culpability. We have to start taking back our own freedom…Im convinced that the masses of the British population are going to see this for what it is. A Global conspiracy all about…MONEY!!!!!

  16. I cant believe you managed to say “tikka chicken masala” without laughing lol – And as im from leicester i suppose an indian is off the menu for tonight then 🙂

  17. It is an on going deception. They need to keep up the fear.
    The lying is consistent. The moment we step away from fear, we save ourselves from being lied to.
    Please look into the FLCCC website and see how effective Ivermectin is in curing covid 19.
    This crisis can be solved so easily.

  18. Shocking, if its in Leicester, how did it get over here. Apparently an flight embargo. All media n scaremongering.

  19. I think it’s complete bullshit. These msm’s really are making it more and more obvious that they are lying scumbags.

  20. They used footage taken when they had a gas leak over a year ago as well, pretending it was fromt his week with convids dropping in the streets. they’re bloody liars the lot of them.

  21. ps, in India they burn bodies in the open all the time, they also tip them straight into the Ganges & swim through the muck left behind by them.

  22. oh no its ethnic communities that are responsible for us all locked up again… that’s going to be the script to get them to take the jab.
    they know the Indian communities won’t fall for the bullshit and haven’t been coming forward for the jib jab… sooooo what better way to subvert the population by divide and conquer.
    however, I’m more concerned when the UK death rate goes through the roof by peeps that have died from getting the jab.
    they can’t hide that heads WILL roll.

    • You are wrong there. The Indians are the ones taking the jabs in the west and many are happy to take it. I know now a few dozen, esp. brainwashed PHD’s believing this BS and took jabs. Now it is which brand they are taking. No point trying to convince them, waste of energy. I tried for a year, now waiting to see the effects. Not just in the US, also here in Switzerland where I live, I heard from a friend, her Indian community friends took it. Thank God she didn’t fall for it. From what I hear many in India are lining up and many took the shots. I gave up warning these sheep.

  23. So obvious this is all completely FAKE!!!!!!! Like everybody else here, I’m totally sick of all this crap now!! Stop the world, I want to get off!!

  24. 27 thousand people die in India on a daily basis just check the stats

  25. Unfortunately more bull shite propaganda from complicit msm for the brain dead sheeple to lap up and induce more physiological warfare on to the masses. No doubt by September when they lock us down again all these new variants will be called Covid 21.

  26. Non of the normies care about India, until they announce Indians returning from India for Ramadan in the ninth month (September) infect all residents of Nelson Mandela House, Nyrere Estate, Peckham… Then all hell will break out if this B/S is not stopped now!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  27. The worse is that most Indians believe the BS media and I know many have taken the jabs. I tried to warn some friends in India last February and march not to fall for this lie, but I gave up. You can only lead a horse to the pond, more you cannot do. The government pushes with propaganda for jabs on the phones too as it is linked to their Aadhar cards. For all practical reasons, they already have a jab passport. They get a QR code linked to the Aadhar card ( also a biometric ID ) and now they push just like here for the teens above 18.

  28. My friend had a row with her American brother who told her the Indian story was rubbish and so she told him it is true it was on the BBC. He then informed her that he has been speaking to a friend in Culcutter (wrong spelling I think), and his friend said that there was no problem with covid

  29. This is the Rothschilds. They own the media and the UN is their front. Covid is their trojan horse for a one world government.

    • The ‘people dropping dead in the street’ narrative is what set my alarm bell ringing in March 2020 when I was watching the propaganda and prepping for TEOTWAWKI. It didn’t work then.
      Now I am ignoring the media it’s not going to work now FFS 😃

  30. The bloke laying down outside the restaurant probably had a dodgy curry ffs

  31. Lies, lies. The people dying have been vaxxed. As a percentage of India population, it is a small number. Lockdowns are killing poor people…on purpose. The India variant (variants are not new strains!) which is not dangerous will be used here to justify another lockdown. Just say NO!

  32. Hugo, looks like you videos are spreading around like a wild fire, I noticed Slovenian users posted your video on Facebook’s anti-lockdown groups.

    • Mate, seriously, we need you’re help. The UK, France, Germany are toast. They’ve destroyed us. I know Hungary, and Eastern Europe etc have all held the fort in the past. You all need to hold the fucking line against this shit. We’ve got you’re back, don’t worry about that.

  33. It’s so bad over there they are still playing Premier Leaugue Cricket, the Indian equivalent as far as popularity is concerned to our Premier league Football. The prime minister over there said carry on do it for the people… So people are dieing on the street and burning bodies , and fighting over oxygen and they are still playing cricket are they taking the fuckin piss .

  34. You know that they are lying when they find a new variant. I mean, who in God’s name is out there checking all of these viruses and looking to see what genetic code it has? Then you need when you see the code, which you wouldnt do but if you did, you would give it an easy to remember name. Then you need to publish that finding. Then someone else needs to take that finding and whilst looking at millions of viruses and their code examine the code pattern to see if it matches the previously published dna variant, and if it does then pass that information on by another scientific paper.

    No way on planet earth is anyone doing that.

  35. They’re ramping up the psychological pressure, aren’t they? I’m glad I’m on leave for two weeks. I wouldn’t want to discuss any of this with my colleagues. They’re all totally brainwashed and believe alternative sites are run by lunatic conspiracy theorists. They’re all convinced it’ll be over in June. Wonder what they’ll be thinking when they realise the new marshalls are going to be around until at least 2023. My gut tells me things are going to get nasty.

  36. The reports from India are likely exaggerated, incorrectly attributing many deaths to covid that are not. This reminds me of the video from Mr. Reagan, Italy Is Lying. A story that was used to get the lockdowns started.

  37. MSM lies…….media cannot stop lying…. have some indian friends ..they say it’s the gov…

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