BILL GATES RELEASES 1 Billion Franken-Mosquitoes In Florida /Hugo Talks #lockdown

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100 Comments on “BILL GATES RELEASES 1 Billion Franken-Mosquitoes In Florida /Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Bill gates is such a wreckless cunt, what a prick he is, why do he fuck off and leave us all alone, stop profiteering of us!
    The vaccine will probably do the same thing to humans for all we know!
    I fucking hate this satanic worshipping arsehole.
    If I ever see him I promise you all I will knock that cunt out!

  2. Maybe the mozzies are designed to spread the mRNA to non vaxinated people.

  3. He does not want to mess with mother nature she is a clever bird , for millions of years man is still walking the earth .I think Billy boy had been watching too much danger mouse and fancy’s him self as a bit of a Barren Greenback lol

  4. This was done in Central America and Brazil in 2016. This created the Zika virus which affected pregnant woman and childbearing age woman iand as consequence children were born with disabilities.

  5. Little known fact. Mosquitoes are one of the biggest pollinators of fruits and vegetables! ….. So they are killing them off! A change in the food supply will follow shortly .. Secondly, Florida doesn’t have a problem with yellow fever.

  6. This story is likely much more insidious, since Gates and his team (and he’s not the only one, there are others in Japan for example) have been working on development of GMO mosquitos as “flying vaccinators”. I suspect that this is what’s happening in Florida. No proof of course, but there are reputable peer reviewed science papers published over the last 10 years or so, developing this GMO technology, in order to get those ‘difficult to reach’ people. No one has mentioned this for COVID vaccine, but its an obvious strategy. Just to be clear: this technology has already been successfully developed. Mosquitos CAN transmit vaccines to humans.

  7. stock up on roundup spray , gates is evil and has to be terminated as he plays no part in the real world

  8. It’s a waste of technology, you’d get the same result if you castrated the.existing male mosquitos.

  9. Funny….twenty plus years ago Bill was the Devil Incarnate… twenty plus years later he is seen by many as the savior of humanity. Shows you what short memories and good PR can do for you in this screwed up world of ours. Jeez.

  10. DDT was the original mosquito control. That went well.

    The “kill gene” in these offspring has already been tried and failed in GMO crops. The male mosquito is a vegetarian and pollinates plants. They are an important part of the ecology.

  11. I know exactly what I’d do with Gates if I possessed enough resources and that would be to extract him from the population.

  12. I don’t want to sound extremist but Bill Gates needs to go. Immediately.

  13. Does this not raise alarm for all those who have had the “Vaccine” you know the experimental ones bought and paid for by billionaires. You know the ones that state they are experimental, and that you have to sign a conformance document to say you understand this. You know the one`s where the worlds governments have given a non-liability clause too, so if you grow two heads or drop dead you have no re-course or ability to sue.
    So if Mr Beelzebub Gates can genetically alter mosquito`s to wipe them out, how big a step is it to imagine the same with the jab? Being saying this for the last year…but hey I`m just a conspiracy nutter….

  14. Thought…is the inability to mate one of the things the poison they are putting in people will cause as it seems like this is all in the gates eugenecist mould!!!. Modus Operandi and all that. I personally dont believe that those insects are solely being released for that purpose.

    Also…what would be the chance that they choose Florida eh!!!….

  15. Another episode of black mirror???
    Thanks for your hard work Hugo.. a voice of reason

  16. I noticed on your slide the Gates grant was paid to the company base in Abingdon Oxfordshire UK. These things are often developed by companies based in Abingdon Oxfordshire I have noticed. There is a science park there isn’t there? Wonder what else they are doing there? I used to live near there and it was know for being a hub of scientific experiments but for what is anyones guess often. Personally it sounds like a disaster recipe. What happens to the fish and birds or bats that eat the mosquitos? I hope they’ve looked further along the food chain before doing this. They probably haven’t as thats not important to Gates money-wise is it?

  17. The Oxitec logo is a Saturn Cube btw. Symbol of satan. Seriously, research it.

    • Gates is probably not THE anti-Christ but he’s one of a long line of them anyway, so yes, our only refuge and hope is Christ! We still need to resist though!

  18. Yep, old Billie Boy is at again. He’s been making ‘infected’ mozzies in Cairns 🇦🇺 & releasing them for years. Method used there is to infect only females, that spread dengue, with a modified bacteria (woolbachia) that kills them before they can lay eggs. (Massive income for James Cook Uni (where I used to work & research) & Monash Uni as well. His program was well under way by 2005. He’s such a busy ‘god’ …. I mean … 😈👹

  19. This is an total disaster in the making!! I remember seeing this months ago but at that point it had a temporary ban, I guess that time is over and this time it looks like there’s no stopping it. Gates and co are going to end this planet or rather turn it into a barren wasteland with all thier GM experiments and products!

  20. 2012 oxitec released GMO male mosquitoes in Brazil. – about 3 years later approximately 1,500 babies were being born with brain deformation {zika virus – anyones guess what they will deliver to human population this time.

    • This was a vaccine cover up – nothing to do with mosquitoes and zika virus. Another dodgy vaccine given to pregnant women.

  21. I wonder when the mosquitoes which are GM, bite a human, will it affect the person who has been bitten? That could be a great way to carry bio weapons. Wow my thoughts are going into dark places here, but I wouldn’t put it past the likes of Gates/Schwab/Guterres et al to develop this kind of thing. Btw anybody in Florida – Avon’s Skin So Soft moisturising oil is supposed to be good for keeping away mosquitoes lol!

  22. Hell Gates is signalling what he is doing to the world with the jabs. Weirdos like to show off because they think they are clever. These GM Mozzies are what he is doing with the jabs to people. Think about it. The male injects something into the female which affects reproduction. There are women having miscarriages with the jab. Even women who haven’t had it but are around those who have are having problems with their reproductive system. He is laughing at all the little sheeple in the world that he is getting to play god with.

  23. Here’s an interesting video by GeneWatch UK, dated 29th April 2019 about the issues with GM mosquitoes – The point she makes at the end about the importance of the public gibing their fully informed consent seems to have been ignored by Florida officials. Worrying times.

  24. If it works on mosquitoes… we’re next! He will more than likely be trialling this and if it works, there will be something for humans. BG is evil!

  25. Good job no holidays booked a!! Ffs 🤦‍♀️ he is a space case! Gates u must be gone all of them this is out of control.. Thank you 🙏 Hugo good work as always if I had a computer or know how to work one properly 🙄🙁 I would offer my help truly. Take care fella and ✌️To u all say No keep strong and let’s Fight back

  26. This is coming from the people whom wanted to put vaccinations into GMO mosquitoes 🤔 and now they are releasing a billion mosquitoes in a area where they have dropped all the restrictions and got on with life. Bit of a coincidence if you ask me. They also did this in Africa. Watch the documentary unnatural selection.

  27. You think this is bad, the round up has been in our systems for decades now, causing all sorts of autoimmune problems
    We are being killed off every way possible
    What a some the only people left are the ones destroying it
    Why don’t they all go live on Mars

  28. Maybe this is what the gene therapy injections that their giving the normies will do to them.

  29. This psychopath Gates is involved in absolutely everything and now gmo mosquitoes this is completely insane messing about with Mother Nature like this , don’t be surprised if these mosquitoes are also carrying the virus to infect humans as Florida i think is one of the states that’s completely open with no restrictions , I suppose we’ll see what happens there in the coming weeks/months

  30. When did it become acceptable to allow such an insane psychopath to meddle with nature to such an extent? He must be stopped NOW! You’d think there must be a law to prevent this somewhere. If not, it should be a number ONE priority RIGHT NOW for governments before it is too late. And once they’ve mated they both die. Come on, WAKE UP. Anyone realise this is a perfect trial for humans?? I despair!

  31. Zika virus when they released it last time in South America

  32. Bill master Gates is a psychopath and seems to have a thing about controlling and killing. Bugs and humans.

  33. GE fertility killing mosquitoes? When they bite people, will those ‘fertility killing properties’ be passed onto to humans too?

  34. Perhaps another way of spreading the jab to people who oppose it 😡

    • I expect the vaccine will do the same thing. Cause females to give birth to sterile offspring.

    • I agree with many if the above comments. Foirida is doing really well so interestly they want to do this there. If the genetically modify mosquitos are designed to mate and die how much more can they do to humans with a genetically modified vaccine. And if fish etc eat the mozzies and we or animals eat the fish what then?
      And how can we believe that they won’t bite and transmit something to us!!
      Read Revelation, there will be millions wiped out eventually. Lucifer was thrown down to earth and roams here to kill steal and destroy. These elites are Luciferians and want the earth for themselves. Jesus is the answer. He’s knocking on your doors. Will you open it and invite Him into your heart.

    • And people who love outside the system in remote areas such as the Kalahari Bushmen, various Amazon and Papua New Guinea tribes and the Sentinel Islanders? They’d have a terrible time trying to jab all those people so maybe this is how they plan to do it?

  35. We already losing the bees worldwide if you dont know and as i hope you know…if no bees life is over. This guy seems to be obsessed with destructiveness . Lets depopulate humanity,now mosquitos,sun is on his way….how about getting him out of the way? Somewhere far….like jupiter will do. I can almost imagine disaster….male mosquitos pair with females…then they happen to bite people and suddenly they will die for unknown reasons or……look he happens to have the cure AGAIN. this criminal needs to be stopped before he does more harm

  36. wow… and how about the animals feeding of mosquitos, or their eggs or whatever… and why disturb the nature … besides it is “good” for the climate.

    SO – those animals may die out due to his experiment. There are other ways to deal with mosquitos.

    SO – cows fart and therefore get rid of meat and if you want meat then eat fabricated meat …

    get rid of mosquitos.
    get rid of humans through abortion.
    get rid of elderly …
    get rid of the hcp…

    hey – lets build some dna-designed people

  37. I’m not necessarily opposed. I don’t think it’s a new idea. It would be better than pesticide. However I don’t think they should be released, without a period of time for study and commentary.

  38. A plan like one from DR.EVIL. Best case: Gates doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he will kill a lot of people.
    Worst case: Gates knows exactly what he’s doing, and he will kill a lot of people.

    • The best explanation comes from Bill Cooper’s book ‘Behold a Pale Horse.’ Basically, the world population exploded in the last century. All of man’s obstacles had been overcome, Humanity’s survival had been secured. Then people started breeding like rabbits when they didn’t need to. The leading scientists went to the ‘elites’ and said if this continues, it threatens the whole human race, which shook them to the core. They then decided the answer was massive de-population. Which is where we now find ourselves. And there is a lot of truth in their argument.

      • Utter nonsense. This naive and sophomoric argument has long ago been proved bunkum. Social Darwinism as an excuse for selfishness and greed. There is one sure way to reduce the world’s population… raise the living standards.

      • You sound like a commie. Who proved it ‘bunkum’?

      • This ‘Montana’ character is a joke. The way to reduce the world’s population is by raising living standards.?? It must be me. It must be.

      • ‘Montana’ – answer you punk ass bitch! You won’t because you know I’ll blow you’re shill ass away!

      • People are a resource for labour
        Capitalism is built on the principle of division of labour so for many years increasing the work force by breeding and multiplying was part of the plan the more humans the more livestock

        We now find ourselves in a time where the technology that’s released to the public has reached a level of advancement that renders humans ineffective and unnecessary this trend has been continuously advancing for many years this is because it was always part of the plan

        Boston dynamics style robots will be walking the streets in the not too distant future humans are second class citizens

        I believe people grossly underestimate how dumb the population has been kept to serve the elite as work horses now the shiny new tractors are going to replace these work horses

      • Bob, just say it like it is. Don’t try to pretend you’re a Genius at work.

      • @Montana: Well said, it’s easy to see what the elites have been planning for many many decades:

        DON’T PANIC — Hans Rosling showing the facts about population:

        “Extinction Rebellion co-founder and ex-organic farmer Roger Hallamsparks outrage after calling the Holocaust ‘just another f***ery’”

        “Birth control itself, often denounced as a violation of natural law, is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit, of preventing the birth of defectives or of those who will become defectives… If we are to make racial progress, this development of womanhood must precede motherhood in every individual woman.” — Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood in “Woman and the New Race,” 1920

        Eugenics and the Myth of ‘Overpopulation’

        Yet, some prefer to cultivate a truly fascist hatred of humankind, disguised as “caring for the environment”…

      • You aren’t blowing anyone away other than your Dad. The world is not overpopulated, we can all fit nice and easily into Alaska with space to spare. It is an argument utilised to fool the gullible into believing depopulation is necessary. It is a tool for control, not necessity. Try again.

      • This is a slanted view point. If there was an end to inequality and war there are resources enough for everyone, no need for population reduction. The eugenecists can be very sly and very persuasive.

      • Montana, are you trolling, you sound like the only sane person watching this channel.

  39. How uncaring to do this to mosquitoes! Such experiments need to be performed on humans first, a la mode.

  40. They have to get the case numbers up in non lockdown states. This is one way to do it.

  41. I’ve mentioned this band before: Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards. A lot of their songs tell you what’s coming. It sounds insane. But this song is ‘Ten Plagues of Egypt’

    Then look up Ten Plagues Of Egypt on Wikipedia:

    It sounds insane, but it is called lesser magic. They’re telling you what they’re going to do in entertainment. Whichever form it may take. I just know this from the ‘entertainment’ I used to consume. It’s all in the bible – locusts, etc.

    • Can’t understand a word what they sing. It’s awful. For all we know, gates and the gang may just be following the bible as an instruction rather than the bible being a prophetic writing. In which case, if we had no bible, the world may well be a much nicer place to live. Who knows?!

  42. I think this a case of hidden in plain sight. Mastergates wants to wipe most of us off the planet so who knows what is really going on. NWO want to reduce the global population by the millions over the next 30 years to 2050, so this is probably yet another way to do it!!

    • Well if I’m honest this shit show is nothing less than a distraction from the real truth.
      The earth has tilted on its axis we are at 36.8° the Independent paper even stated this but blamed climate change.
      It has nothing to do with climate change at all.
      Read the bible cannon the original text. We have an incoming planetary system which is causing us to tilt.
      We really only have a short time left before we see strange things in the sky like the moon waxing and waning in one night.
      Try to see the stars and most are missing.
      This agenda is to reset the population before we see the real truth and pass on the real story to our future generations.
      Just watch the weather and earthquakes. Mag 9 and 10 within 3 to 6 months.
      We shall see God bless you all 🙏

    • Love it, but don’t know whether to laugh or cry though, because there is a lot of truth in that – Windows in both senses of the word – computers and things one looks out of!

  43. No lockdowns in Florida and bars open etc oh now we cant have people enjoying themselves, I know let’s unleash a load of genetically fucked up insects that should dampen their ardour.

    • I entirely agree. This is clearly an attempt to punish Ron DeSantis for defying Biden, Harris, Fauci, and the other human refuse in Washington – all champions of the deranged Gates, and his and Schwab’s plan for the enslavement of humanity.

  44. Pingback: BILL GATES RELEASES 1 Billion Franken-Mosquitoes In Florida /Hugo Talks #lockdown - INFOCLASH NEWS

    • FYI people… It’s been done before, years ago with flies that were using cattle as incubators for their lavae… The process produced pathogens that killed them and farmers were losing a lot of animals… Millions of irradiated, sterile flies were released to mate with the wild insects and no offspring were produced. I don’t think it’s been done since as its not widely known about. Maybe the overall impact wasn’t good and was kept quiet…

      • BINGO! That is exactly why he’s doing it, he wants to take over the food supply. Gates has bought a huge portion of farm land and the remaining farmers, he is trying to bankrupt or do things like this to take their animals out! He knows exactly what he is doing! This man literally thinks he is GOD! How he gets away with everything he does, I will never know or understand!

    • It’s just getting worse. My brother and sister in law, who I love dearly, have had the jab and can’t understand my feelings on Bill Gates. I message some of your videos to them Hugo, along with someone else who they follow because he’s a yoga and meditation guru these days, who more of less says the same as yourself. I see Dr Campbell, who have a youtube channel and who has gone along with the MSM narrative so far had the American Doctor Pierre Kory on their channel talking about Ivermectin, I was banned from Twitter for talking about Ivermectin, so was Dan Astin Gregory, he was banned of FB mid conversation with Dr Kory on that subject. So I wonder if policy is changing? Cos I normally sit screaming at Dr Campbell when I listen to him. Looks like Kory has gone a bit soft and said masks are needed inside at high risks times but says they’re absolutely useless outdoors. Kory had a video pleading with government on the usage of ivermectin, went viral. Wonder if things are changing?

      • They only thing that’s changing is they want to kill more of us and quicker .

      • What happens if some of them do actually bite humans. Will the human die ? Or will the genes alter the human s genetics …. mmmm wait a while and Hollywood will make a sci fi film about it and we’ll see what the answer will be . Ha

    • Maybe they are practicing their technology on the mosquitoes first….I’m convinced that the Zika problem was a test ground for gm mosquitoes.

      • You know I think you may be right because the horrible thought occurred to me as I watched this; “What if this is just a trial and they intend to develop it for human beings?”, Every baby girl would die in her mother’s womb until there were no women left to have any more babies and the last generation , except for the 1%, would all be men, lonely and desolate, without hope! A catastrophe! I hope not but do I think they would do it? Yes, if they could create the tech and get away with using it on us, they would!
        It needs to be stopped because every time nature is meddled with, it goes very badly. Sure we all remember B.S.E. caused by cattle, which are herbivores, being fed scrapy-infected sheep-flesh!
        Gates is a danger to humanity at this stage, he belongs on death row for crimes against humanity as it is and if he’s allowed get away with this, I dread to think! He’s an actual anti-Christ!

    • I am very grateful for all you do. Thank you.
      I’m 76 years old and very awake.
      May the dear Lord shower you with his blessings.
      Even my religion (rc) has been hijacked.

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