BILL GATES RELEASES 1 Billion Franken-Mosquitoes In Florida /Hugo Talks #lockdown

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100 Comments on “BILL GATES RELEASES 1 Billion Franken-Mosquitoes In Florida /Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. If a member of the public suggested this, they would’ve been sectioned.

  2. Spot on. Gates does think he is some huge God type figure.and his hanger one do too.. I am sick of him, sick of the pies he has fingers in. He is more devil like in his deceptive ways, yet most people don’t seem to see any of this. All hidden beneath the guise of philanthropic and environmental progress.
    How he gets away with the things he does and tries to do,that is applauded by so many, I honestly do not know…

  3. Seriously, ……we have garbage in the ocean, we have forests being cut down, we have States with bad water supplies, we have children in foster homes, we have a crisis at our border, we have homeless people everywhere, and this man wants to focus on bugs?? Hmmm, if a male bug mates with a female bug and she does, what happens to the venom that she squirts into the victim? Does this transfer? So females of dogs, cats, raccoon, and HUMANS DIE? What is the ultimate goal here? Why is he allowed to experiment like this?!! Wtf people?! Why are they letting him do this???

  4. This isn’t new they were talking about breeding out mosquitoes over 20yrs ago if I remember correctly in Africa and doing the same to the African killer bees.
    I believe these sociopaths have introduced several man made viruses Ebola and Aids was developed to reduce the African population but they shit themselves when they couldn’t localise it to just Africa and I believe event 201 was the realisation they would need to bite the bullet and go for a global attack on de-population.
    I’m probably way off the mark but that’s my immediate take on things

  5. Why is he allowed to do all these unatural experiments, why are prople in this field not raising their concern over this? Why does Gates not care about humanity.He has gone mad.Someone needs to stop him from his crazy dilusional acts.

    • He thinks he is better than everyone and our government has No balls.

    • He is a believer in Malthusian Eugenics, just like his Dad. So killing 90% of everyone is apparently a worthy outcome.

  6. Bill Gates vaccine quote from the movie Plandemic 2 Indoctornation (found on website) while smirking… “We’re injecting them in little kids arms, we just shoot em right into the vein”.

  7. This sounds like it could be a depopulation experiment, that could be used on humans in a different way.

  8. How the feck, do we know that these mosquitoes will not bite humans? If you get bitten they will claim they were real mosquitoes that bit you. What is the real reason for this? Why is he spending his money to kill mosquitoes for our benefit? There will be unintended consequences…the real reason is “Food Control” if cross pollenation stops, food production will stop….Bill Gates is all about FOOD CONTROL!!!!!! Kill Bees, then humans will eventually die, so lets start with the mosquitoes….the guy is EVIL EVIL EVIL

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