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  1. I wonder why they don’t ever talk about how much carbon the super rich use in their private jets, massive mansions, heated pools and hot tubs, super yachts, collection of fast cars and suv’s, huge wardrobes full of clothes, massive shopping lists of expensive foods. Wonder what Bill Gates footprint Is? Wasn’t he buying a private jet company? And what about Harry living in a mansion with 16 bathrooms and being driven around in a huge suv gas guzzler? Maybe he uses energy efficient light bulbs.

    • Because they’re lying, hypocritical scum. And that’s what never ceases to amaze me. This is what these people really are. Bold faced lying, hypocrites. But who would want to be like that? Who would want to spend time with such people? How can you ever possibly trust them?

      • I first heard this story years ago this was being planned. At the time it was called a “flying syringe”.
        Now I wonder if there are other uses Gates has in mind. These guys are flat out demonic.

    • I heard that the rich continued to holiday while the minions were on lockdown! A guy who makes all the arrangements for them said he was busy as normal while we were confined to barracks.

    • It’s the biggest load of s**t ave ever heard
      Utter lunacy

  2. Great spot Hugo. It’s just a scripted narrative being played out. They say cow farts cause ‘climate change’, so we need to get rid of cows. That’s the narrative. The real reason is they want us not eating meat, but insects. They want us consuming vastly less protein in order to weaken us.

    And I’ve no doubt that ‘Extinction Rebellion’ is satanic. They held a ‘Declaration of Rebellion’ thing on Oct.31 2018 in London. I have a list of the satanic ritual agenda in a book: ‘Oct. 23-30 – October Feast – The dead return to earth this night.’
    ‘Oct. 29-31 – All Hallows -kidnapping and blood rituals.’ Then look at the images in the video and some of these from wikipedia:

    The good thing is the people involved with pushing all of this are exposing themselves to be who they really are. I’ve always had really bad vibes from that Julia Bradbury. Never knew why, she just goes through me so to speak. Now I know.

    • I presume most people involved with it are not actual satanists, just useful idiots, but I reckon the people behind it are.

    • They also want you to eat their fake meat, which could contain goodness knows what (apart from making them a huge profit!) – soylent green?

  3. Even Hitler and Stalin didn’t threaten to kill animals. It shows you how evil and dark these entities are !!

  4. Hitler actually loved animals, he was a vegetarian. Not saying he’s a hero, just stating a fact. I’ve mentioned this before about Stalin. In front of his Generals ,etc he would grab a chicken, rip it’s feathers and wings off, basically killing it, then throw some food to the poor creature. The chicken would then follow him and eat the food. He’d say basically that’s what people are like, you can abuse and virtually kill them, but if you throw them a few scraps, they’ll still follow you. Which is what Communism is, is it not?

    • That’s very interesting Andy and describes human behaviour to a tee.especially people who have a low self esteem. Good point Andy

    • It’s what’s going on now as well, isn’t it? Basically, the monsters who run this world are abusers who know how to manipulate people to bring them under their thrall! Every tyrant, from Nimrod to Nero, to Hitler and Stalin to the C.C.P. and Kim-Jong un knows how to do this, though rather clumsily. The !% f the 1% have been more sophisticated until now and even more effective but it’s the same tactic as a domestic abuser or child abuser uses on their victim!

  5. wtf ??? the only reason there is climate change is because they have manipulated the weather for there own agenda and nothing to do with the shit show there making up , talking about evil , well i could think of worse language for them . fucking satanic bastards

  6. Timothy 4
    King James Version
    4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    3 Forbidding to marry, AND COMANDING TO ABSTAIN FROM MEATS which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

  7. This is interesting. The former head of the French Foreign Legion has signed a letter, along with many other former Generals in the French Armed Forces, addressed to Macron, stating that France is on the cusp of a Civil War.

  8. This is absolutely outrageous telling us not to have pets and to don’t do this or that I bet all the 1% people will just be living normally with their pets private jets loads of hi performance cars nice food and their piles of fuc*ing cash ….it makes me sick all of this bullshit it really does

    • Time to get rid of the 1%. The planet has plenty to go round, once we hang the luciferians and their lackies.

  9. Wonder how much your yachts is carbon use for one family now you are asking for serious trouble as I’m getting mad…

  10. Pets, to millions of folk, are definitely their best friend and in some they are the only sense of comfort. Pets help physically/mentally disabled humans live better lives and have no agenda.

  11. Just thought. Is the annual flu jab going to change to a mrna ‘vaccine’?

  12. Do study how much your yachts and private jets use per family I can drive my whole year for your yachts start up engine once you Hippocrates I’m getting mad now

  13. Just a thought, as everything revolves around money….
    If people didn’t live as long then pension pots would be bigger especially the government’s own. Where would the unclaimed money go?
    Possibly one reason why they would want to get rid of the older wiser people.
    As for pets I don’t believe that crap!
    They bring so much joy to families and probably save more lives than they get credit for.

  14. This whole covid agenda will morph into the climate agenda. Lockdowns to save the planet population culling to save the planet.

  15. I wonder if it was a experiment see if we can lower global emissions. Mmmm

  16. If these fxxxers came after my dog they will be dead in the water he is my family these bastards will not touch him at all 😡😡

  17. Why don’t the climate change mob kill themselves to reduce their carbon footprint? I mean, they would if they were really serious about it.

  18. That Irish guy in the video looks like a re-animated zombified Danny Murphy – the ex Liverpool footballer, even the teeth are the same. It’s uncanny.

  19. New they’d come for our pets sooner or later, this is the 1 thing people might take notice of and stand up for, then start noticing the rest of what there trying to push through, this could work in our favor for once.

    I agree mostly luxury and very bad CO2 wise, but you just try to take my cats off me!!!

    Atleast Covid is a distant memory, 100% Green Focus, odd as 18months ago they wasn’t really interested in it at all, these days 100% GREEN!!!! Carbon Zero!! Bla Bla Bla!!

    Warmer Summers in the UK, works for me 🙂

  20. Hi Hugo,

    Thank you for another great video.

    Yes, I suspect you are right about the depopulation theory, however I think there might be something more to it.

    I am not sure if you have heard of Eliphas Levi (he is the one who created the image of Baphomet). He was a notorious occultist and practised Kabbalah. He was also a socialist and wanted to create a socialist utopia where the elites were the only ones allowed to practice occult techniques and “magic”. He also studied magnetism.

    I am not sure if you have heard of Robert Sepehr (he has a couple of YouTube channels- Robert Sepehr and Atlantean Gardens). He is an anthropologist and has made some videos on bio-magnetism and in one of them he showed a man appearing to create fire out of nowhere and another man healing someone with his hands (similar to Reiki). He has also made a lot of videos about Vril/ Prana etc. energy and Rh- blood. I am not sure if you are aware that all of the descendants of the European royal families have Rh- blood.

    My theory is that the real goal of the Great Reset is the NWO/ Black Nobility’s creation of Levi’s socialist utopia, where they are the sole users of this Vril/ Prana energy. I know some people have speculated that the vaccine is designed to destroy the pineal gland (third eye) but I think it is more likely that it severs your connection to Vril/ Prana. Someone in the vaccine trials even mentioned that they felt like they had lost their soul after taking the vaccine.

    It would make sense that, if something like Vril/ Prana really does exist, those in power would want to control who gets to use it and I could see them using the vaccine to do that.

    • Well, here’s a truth bomb for you: UTOPIA does not/cannot exist: “Utopia” comes from Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) which translates as “no-place” and literally means any non-existent society, when ‘described in considerable detail’ So, when anybody says they are trying to create a ‘utopia’, they’re lying shills/scum. They’re trying to create a ‘non-existent society’.

      • There will never be a human-created paradise because none of us are perfect in virtue enough to make it work. Yet, we being far less imperfect than the monsters who want their man-made “utopia”, would sill create a far better society than the one they have planned for us! I just wish they would leave us the feck alone so we could get on with it! With LIFE!!!

  21. Whether they are domesticated or wild they still poop,eat and will actually reproduce more in the wild. So are they saying we should all kill our pets.

  22. I expect the elites will be snuffing out their pets as we speak to, you know, save the planet.
    Farewell furry friends:
    Beast (Mark Zuckerberg)
    Marvin (Elon Musk)
    Oreo & Nilla (Bill Gates)
    Kamala (Jeff Bezos)
    Hercules (Matt Hancock)
    Let me know when theyre dead.

    Or… just feck off with your stupidness.

  23. Amidst apocalyptic scenes in India ,just down down the road they are still playing premier league cricket ,if anyone needed any more proof that these Govts dont give a fuck this has to be the icing on the cake ,dont waste my fucking time .

    • LOL. I can just imagine the Aussies; the wicket keeper, banging his gloves together, whilst this fake ass shit goes on , saying: “Played Warner!”

  24. I’ve been saying this was going to happen to all the XR numpties I know for over a year now. Predictably, they all gave me looks like I was some kind of conspiracy loon and most of them told me ‘they’d never do that’. Well guess what…

  25. Has anyone considered that if people do start dropping like flies because of the vax, then you’d have packs of dogs roaming the streets. Maybe that’s why they want rid of them.

  26. Can’t be much of a carbon expert if he only heard about this from a study in 2019 as Stephen Fry covered it on a QI Episode about ten years ago

  27. I’d much prefer to keep all the animals and do away with all the so called elite and their hangers on ! Thanks Hugo for all your hard work

  28. It’s all designed to enter the mass consciousness, presented as progressive compassionate politics. The young, and those needy of a cause bigger than themselves, get recruited into the ideology of things like Extinction Rebellion, seemingly a continuation from the sixties. It’s an insidious message incrementally conditioning public attitudes to making anything sacrificial for the collective good; first it will be you pets and then your elderly relatives (that is already happening with the vaccines with about 1 in 3 dying from the jab in the care homes)

    Your pet dog probably has more love in it than these husks of people who should be taken to the vet and put down themselves for trying to pervert our sense of right and wrong. The amount of CO2 their wind and bs makes is more than all the cows in the world.

  29. I read on another site that Russia is developing a vaccine for cats dogs and all mammals . On completely spurious research. They intend that every breathing creature will be jabbed. for Russia, read WORLD. As I said in a previous post I will kill anyone who lays a finger on my family of rescue animals. I have studied the occult for 35 years and know the frequency used by this cult of satanists for evil and harm. I have never used it. Now I will. In a long life I have never been so angry. Here we go………..

    • Please don’t descend to their level,I’m angry too, raging sometimes to the point I can feel genuine hatred creeping Into my heart but I can’t let it- hatred is of death! Righteous anger is just, but hatred is not! We can only fight evil with good! Fighting back with more evil just causes more spiritual pollution! They WILL get their just deserts, trust!

    • I know a lot of people who don’t believe in the occult and black magic for many reasons. Doesn’t magic require the planets to be in certain positions and such?

      But why would you say it’s real?

      And hasn’t the devil number and name changed many time the light the years, and the Bible didn’t mention him until many years later.
      Why not from the start?

  30. What there people have failed to realise is that atmospheric carbon dioxide is around 400 parts per million, also human produced CO2 is a tiny tiny fraction of that. Greenhouse gases comprise 2% of the total atmosphere, 4% of which is CO2 and 3.4% of that CO2 is produced by humans so the very notion that human activity is resposible for any amount of global warming/climate change is just utter nonsense.

    What they also fail to realise is that CO2 is absolutely essential for life on earth and if it were to fall below 150-200 PPM then all vegetation on earth would cease to be.

    Temperatures have been much hotter in human history and not only did we survive, we thrived as there is close correlation between advances in human culture and civilisation and rises in temperature as presumably we were freer to make art, literature and inventing things rather than trying to stay alive.

  31. If it was for them it will be a genocide of animals; pigs, chickens, cows, dogs and cats will cease to exist. We will end up eating ground insects and fermented fungi or Bill Gates’ synthetic meat. Then they are going after your kids. You watch. Have you seen the movie “children of men”? Have you noticed they all use that circle of colours pin? Definitely they are cabal.

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