Alcohol MASSIVE Price Increase / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Bollocks..the government don’t give a flying fk about our health..if they did they wouldn’t be poisoning the population with that shite vaccine….DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP..ITS EASY..SWITCH OFF THAT FFIN BBC AND JUST DO NOT CONCEDE TO ANYTHING ELSE THE GOV.UK SAY…F OFF BORIS YOUR A CLOWN

    • Mind ya fuckin language c&$t. And you have used ‘your’ wrongly. It should have been ‘you’re’.

  2. governments aren’t bothered they have a free bar in parliaments and meetings all at your expense oh and no limit on the tabs. Nice. and you still vote?

  3. This might wake the Irish people up because one thing that will unite the Irish is having a good time and plenty of alcohol. If this doesn’t stir them nothing will!!

  4. ‘The Decade of Health’ looming on the Horizon under the Guise of ‘The Great Reset’

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  6. not had a drink since the plandemic, i’m not bothered if the pubs open again or not, the spirit has gone, saved a fortune, the powers that be have destroyed it like many other things. it would’nt surprise me if the pints go up to a tenner. think they are trying to keep us away from the pubs. my health has improved ten fold. this plandemic has got rid of a lot of bad habits, alcohol is bad for you anyway. you have to look after yourself in case the shit hits the fan and prepare

    • I don’t drink much nor often any more either but t’s not that that bothers me, it’s the way it’s intended to stop people getting together to have a bit of craic at home or in a sibin/sheebeen ( illegitimate drinking establishments, once all over Ireland and coming back!)! Even more it is to prevent anyone gathering in groups of like minded and saying what they really think to each other-in vino veritas- because this is how many an uprising was born!
      They will have sucked all the fun out of the pubs too and though I wasn’t a regular pub-goer for years before the scamdemic, I still liked to be able to go for a birthday or Christening, even if just for a dinner and a couple of drinks in the afternoon. It’s the young who will miss out really and them I feel sorry for! I’ve had my youth and it’s adventures but theirs are being stolen from them!

  7. I don’t drink so they can stick the high price alcohol. If this is happening to get the people to go to the pub with their jib jab passport I hope they are not that desperate

  8. Ray Dallio, a US financier got it right when he said that as the divide between rich and poor widens, once the poor begin to starve, you have all the ingredients for a civil war / revolution. It’s coming folks….make no mistake.

  9. Interesting that Tesco discouraged shopping for booze in their stores when pub gardens were opened. It said they were supporting the livelihood of local pubs. Possibly easing the way towards intentions?

  10. Good I stopped drinking 7 year’s ago 😎 it will have to be moonshine for the molotov cocktails 🀣🀣

  11. They’re pretty fucking concerned about our health all of a sudden,,, well I suppose they have to drag the rest of people’s dosh out of their pockets before the mercury and other healthy poisions kill them all off,,,,,,,, it’s just all so pathetically sad,,,,, it’s high time we carried on with guy falks weekend project

  12. and all because of a false flag covid 19 bull shit hoax


  14. 200 people a day die from smoking related diseases. If governments actually cared about health they’d ban smoking instantly. Again, like covid, this is not about health it’s about control and dictatorships. Welcome to communism and full state control under the guidance of gates, blair, shleb, charles, zuckerberg and dorsey.

  15. Martin doesn’t face another general election until February 2025, so the people of Ireland are probably stuck with the bastard until then, barring an unexpected political calamity.

    • Oh it’s worse than that! Varadker has told us that HE is going to be our Taoiseach from 2022-24, even though he has no mandate! I can’t believe how placid we have been that we didn’t demand a re-election last year when every party got less than 25% of the vote! Oh no, we put up with them forming a coalition! A cabal of bought-and-paid-for traitors! I sometimes think there’s no hope for us as a nation but I have to hope that it’s just the darkness before the dawn!

  16. “Now is good time to brew your own…!” I would say so! I have not made so much homebrew than in the past year, and I am not going to stop now!

    • I can see the illegal distilleries being set up all over Ireland again now too! Where there’s spuds there poitin, hahaha!

  17. Expensive alcohol? Everyday thing in Finland! πŸ˜€ Stronger drinks can only be sold in the state-owned monopoly store Alko, and there are time limits for selling alcohol in all shops, it is between 9 in the morning and 21 in the evening. Only beer and cider can be sold in grocery stores, stronger drinks like vodka only in the state-owned monopoly store. They told today in Finnish news that they are going to implement vaccine certification in traveling and also the EU vaccine passport is going to be implemented in the summer. Luckily I don’t need to travel anymore outside of my home country. Of course I’m not happy about this thing at all, but if vaccine passports are required only in international travelling, then I could live with that. At least they are not implementing vaccine passports in Finland like in Israel, where you can’t go anywhere without it, at least not for now! (and I surely hope it stays like that!) And also globalist-feminist government of Finland is in crisis, there is a real chance of government collapsing! That could mean that we actually could get a conservative government in Finland, or alternatively even early parlamentary elections, where most probably nationalists would easily win!

    • Gently, gently, catchee monkey. It will start first with international travel, then be widened to entertainment “due to public demand” then to shopping, then to leaving your house. Say no to all of it. It’s the death of a thousand cuts.

      • I hope that we could avoid the worst case scenario with the vaccine passports. I also hope that people would avoid the vaccine as much as possible and would resist vaccine passports as much as they can! And as Michael Yeadon has said, it would be stupid to take the experimental jab only to be able to go to the pub or travelling! It’s not worth the risk! Unfortunately at this moment vaccine passports in international travelling seem inevitable, because masses want to travel to Canary islands and Thailand! And for what reason, only to party and drink beer! The conditions they are setting are not acceptable! But it looks like the carrot-strategy will be most effective with majority of people, and I find this very troubling!

  18. Alcohol is a dis-inhibitor. Of course they will want to control it. Guaranteed they will be watching markets to see what happens. I think they should triple the price of chocolate and see how many people revolt then. Hell hath no fury like a woman deprived of chocolate!

  19. I kid you not I remember saying in the middle of last year that they will tax booze like mad ,citing the increased consumption in off sales through lockdown ,total bastards one of many peoples small pleasure in life is having a few cans after work . I am sick of being micro managed by the Govt when I know they dont give a fuck if I dropped dead tomorrow. All they are interested in is money horrible greedy evil bastards . Tbh i was gob smacked sunak did not do it in the last budget .

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking too Tommy. About the ‘govt’, media, etc – Just get the hell out of my life!

  20. Manipulation and reverse phsycology. These words are well known to those who are skilled in the subtle tacticts of seduction. However in this case the people employing these tactics have no tact. It is straight up against the wall for an introduction to the firing squad. This is a good reason for all bootlegers to unite. Time to brew up a storm. This message is written by an avid vintner. Let’s go for shaken not stirred

  21. Before uk does this get yo N.I for chewp booze plus prohibition never worked so start brewing at home

  22. If alcohol prices are high it is because Boris and Matt care about the state of your liver. They are there to look after you.

  23. I used to enjoy going to the pub years ago. If I went to the pub regularly now as I did back then, I’d be bankrupt. Pub = ‘public house’. I remember the days you could just walk into a pub, pay a couple of quid at most for a pint of lager or bitter, and sit where you liked, or just prop up the bar, and end up having conversations with random strangers. No wonder so many people are building their own bars at home or in their gardens.

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