Hyde Park Was VERY CONVENIENT / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The rally was all over by then…..these guys were just chilling out in the park when the police launched an unprovoked attack

    • They don’t like it when we put the kettle on them. Caught in a classic pincer movement they are powerless. We are many, they are few.

    • correct seen the video they were a band jammin in the park till the police turned up and caused it

    • Miss Pretty was quick to comment on alleged trouble- just shows who’s watching doesn’t it- strange how the old prime minister or his deciples have said nothing- about one of the biggest events ever seen in the capital- anyone with half a brain might like to think about that- As for MSM – who are they? No bona fide journalist that’s for sure

    • with a few stage blood bags. Gotten a small blood sample analysed, all would have been known as seen and known to be staged 100%

    • Yep that’s true I watched it on ruptly but msm British press never gave it a look only reporting negatives

    • They always report around our Planet otherwise there would be near silence for many happenings

  2. The thing is this. People will either get a jab or not. They will either go to a concert and follow all the crap or not. I’m sure there will be concerts by lesser known artists, or even maybe festivals, where people will police the events themselves, not letting the police anywhere near the field or event where it is happening. This divide in society has already taken place. Enough people have said enough is enough. If you want to live in fear, then keep listening to your corrupt, lying politicians….whores like Pritti Patel and Hancock. For us others, all we have to do is go about our business like we used to. No masks. No tests. No jabs. No compliance. No consent. They can hand their little trinkets out for the children. We are not playing their game.

    • That is exactly right. I walk around as if my life is normal, I may or may not contract COVID, but im prepared to let my own antibodies to do their thang!!

      I am always being asked, with a smile , have i had the jab, to which i now answer “of course” which reassures these sheeple. I know the actuall efficacy of these vaccines is not 95% as Moderna claim (that is the Estimated Efficacy Rate – EER) it is actually 1% (AER – Actual Efficacy Rate) I have the Moderna Test Results to prove this. So my immune system is just as good as a poisonous test drug (It is not a vaccine)

      • Why would you say you have had the jab when you haven’t? Lots of people are not sure whether to have the jab and gain the confidence to refuse it by knowing there are others that have said “no”, believe in their convictions enough to say it out loud and defend there stance if confronted. Just be truthful and stand by your decision

      • The best thing we can do is to refuse the tests and the vaccines!
        Those who have taken the vaccine are already dead! They just don’t know it yet! Come the flu season this winter, they will find out!

  3. it was very quiet before the protest on the Media and the Government so I am assuming that this was all being prepared and orcestrated during that time.
    It stinks of corrupt political Media control,this is a War of words and media unlike other Wars fought in the past, whoever controls MSM controls what they want the Public to see ( and not ), and we alll know who that is don’t we !

  4. Wow we all new that would be the only thing they would mention. Your right they love it . It’s a shame really . X

  5. HUGO Want to see why they have completely destroyed our life’s in glorious 3D. why they have destroyed or economy and businesses, why they destroyed our farming and fishing, travel industry pub restaurants cafes retail. Why the depopulation of the old and the sick mentally challenged and obese. Why now loads of miscarriages and won’t be able to reproduce in the future due to the poison or being round someone whom had it and are now shedding it. It’s all adding up now and they are nt even hiding it. They are literally rubbing it in our faces this is how all us O- are going to live once you are all gone. When are people going to wake up. Oh and guess whom just happens to be a corporate member of this institution. Yes you guessed it billy hitler gates.

  6. There are lots of videos out showing police firming 2 squares and charging the peaceful crowds who were just singing and dancing.

    There are also videos of people forming a chain with their backs towards the police as if shielding them from the crowd… Most of who were just ignoring the police and calling for calm.

    From what I have seen on Telegram and BNT the crowd was peaceful and the police were not. They should be ashamed.

    • Police attacking the peaceful people all the time, their badge numbers need to be remembered and reported as these people will face charges or imprisonment at the New Neurenburg Court.
      There is a group who are standing to protect the protesters now thats why they were forming a chain at the front, but I cant remember what they are called

  7. You always see the same faces instigating trouble and chances are there are actors present!

  8. F the MSM. The next one on 15th May will be even bigger and they’ll continue to grow as people get more organised. The next step will be to organise the occupation of Westminster and Downing Street in order to remove our invalid and undemocratic government.

  9. actors involved again as british bull shit company always ridicules people at protests and makes the peaceful ones look violent , fucking script monkeys as usual and liars

  10. I was at the very peaceful freedom march and don’t know where they found these people as they weren’t part of the march I attended. I was handing out Gospel tracts at Marble arch and it took at least 45 mins for the participants to pass and the breadth was across the street and seemed like a party atmosphere.
    Shocked at main stream media non reporting of this.

  11. Canada hasn’t covered anything about the London rally that I have seen

  12. How about u concentrate on the Illegal immigrants flooding across the water rather than law abiding citizens protesting against tyrannical law

  13. Hi Hugo
    yeah…saw this supposid police intervention. I noted odd behaviour too. There looked like there were agitators at work and not just during the police incident. Where did all the smoke and fire crackers suddenly come from that was been thrown at the keystone cops? Hmmm…and those cops…I cant recall seeing police ever walk in to a crowd the way those cops did…it looked sus to me. Arent the police meant to de-esculate a situation???? I think the TELL-LIE vision news media clearly were only interested in the incident to try to muddy the event but you know what people are not being fooled anymore and the masses of people at that protest clearly demonstrates that fact. For me the old addage ” a picture paints a thousand words” is what cannot be ignored in this case when you look at the numbers of people…the fact there was no trouble all day till the police caused it and the images of the PEOPLE forcing the keystone cops back out of the area.. That image will im sure make its way to other countries and for many it will show that the strength belongs to the people if we stick together. I did note a sky News Austrailia clip which actually gave an a fairer report on the protest which I attach here https://youtu.be/U-5F2twDSgk

  14. 🧐could be Hugo fella? Who knows these days? as you say MSM only show what they want to the ‘Unsuccessful ones’ who in seeing this hole ‘idiotic affair & agenda’ for mass destruction to humanity as bloody normal 🙄 they don’t get the picture and Needs to!!! So cheers for you Hugo 👍✌️

  15. I did notice the officer with the fake blood in his face was being pushed to the front and I found it funny how the blood did not irritate his eyes ???

  16. This may seem unconnected but it’s very important to show what’s going on in this world. I’ve just read a chapter in the book I’m reading about Josef Mengele and Monarch Mind Control. This paragraph really stood out for me:

    “In addition, there are also generational Satanic families. They have been sold to Satan and their children, therefore, belong to the devil in a very special way. The fetuses of children from such families undergo demonization during special rituals. These kinds of rituals in which demonizations take place are also called “moonchild rituals” Creating these moonchildren is the greatest achievement in the sphere of magic these devil artists carry out. The thought behind creating a moonchild is that a perfect and clean soul is captured. This emotionally charged ritual is always accompanied by blood or even human sacrifice.”

    I used to like the band Iron Maiden. They had a song from ’88 called ‘Moonchild’ about this very thing: “Be the mother of a birth strangled babe, Be the devil’s own, Lucifer’s my name. Moonchild”. Also, the films ‘To The Devil a Daughter’ starring Christopher Lee and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ are about this. Anton LeVey, founder of the Church of Satan, had a cameo in it. He introduced Marilyn Monroe into it that church. She was a victim of Monarch Mind Control, as was Jimi Hendrix.

  17. It was completely staged. An agent provocateur came up to me and said something like “do you think there will be any trouble” he didn’t look right, he looked like something out of antifa from the States. I told him that it was just some people playing music and having a good time and we didn’t want any trouble here. Then they sent in about 20 police, quite a few of them were women and middle aged men. None were wearing helmets or any body protection assistant a couple of hundred party goers. The 20 police got pushed back and from around the corner where they must have been waiting came around 10 riot police vans at the scene within a couple of minutes. I’ve got a video of the agent provocateur I spoke to attempting to rile the crowd up by attacking the police. He was a young lad, wearing all black and he had a scarf around his chin. As I say it was completely staged no doubt.

    • Good work mate. Keep it up. You’re on the right side of history.

  18. I think there were plants (crisis actors) who infiltrated the group of people who were merely chilling listening to music. I suspect it was these plants who were throwing bottles etc. I watched a video clip yesterday that captured one of these crisis actors on camera, he was provoking a police officer but one woman saw what he was doing and told him to stop. If I can find the clip, I’ll try and post it here.

    • This is what they do and always have. They pay people to show up, cause trouble, get it on camera, and then blame it all on the protestors. The sheeple then believe the protestors are trouble makers, don’t want them in their town, etc. They’ve always done it, especially with Nationalist parties. So for example, the BNP would have had a meeting, the paid ‘antifa’ shills would show up, create violence, the ‘media’ would film it and blame it on the Nationalists. The sheeple will then believe anything the ‘media’ tells them – here’s the narrative, here’s some pictures backing it up, here’s some copper backing it up, here’s a politician backing it up. And the sheeple will yet again do as they’re told. And the sheeple police other sheeple too. People are getting wise to it now though.

  19. Checkout their MINDSPACE – one of the letters represents people being more inclined to following others. So, ignore the huge numbers of people at the march (otherwise people might follow them), and make out it’s a small number of people “attacking the police” and that will hopefully stop people siding with them. Sadly for them, people have seen through it all and it will not work.

  20. I’ve heard on the unity news a woman who was there had said the police just charged at the protesters for no reason they were peacefully protesting so seems it wasn’t the protesters who weren’t at fault. Sandra

  21. I believe Sky in australia covered the March. Saw a video somewhere.

  22. Just another show, at least they got their footage without having to go to Bristol this time. Insane, what sort of creatures take part in these staged events they are either pure demons, paid a lot of money or they have got something serious on them? But the media not reporting fairly is the biggest crime.

  23. As i said in previous clips about MSM people was happy singing and dancing in Hyde park then police attack them they fighten back police run out of the park stood there and then left funny that, as the Metro had front page headline of female copper with cuts bleeding and on 2 pages calling anti protest thugs blaming Laurence Fox for being there as he candidate for Mayor of London.

    Also reporting the protesters was spreading covid like India.
    Patel opening her mouth attacking normal people for this is the biggest set up in front of our eyes.

    Beverley Turner was on Jeremy Vine as she was there and told them on show the MSM are not reporting the peaceful protest for our right’s and children’s future.
    Good for her she also attack celebrity Doctor Jarvis on the show

    • Yep, it’s just our scripted reality created by the ‘media’. They lie about literally everything. They’re not reporting facts, they’re pushing a narrative the ‘elites’ want pushing, that’s all.

    • I saw that too.
      Beverly is always shouted down and ridiculed by the other speakers.
      The face of that so called doctor says it all.
      She is absolutely paid to misinform and berate those that speak against her.
      That show is a highlight on how the MSM corrupt the actual truth and people fall for it.
      Vine has been pushing a narrative of “ban this, ban that” since he took over that show.
      The calls are heavy screened to favour a very socialist stasi bent.
      Vine and Jarvis are completely controlled.
      Jarvis has done very well for herself over this so called pandemic.
      Being paid by media every week since it began.
      Regards and keep seeing the truth above the lies.

  24. The video you watched didn’t show the full events, the clip had been edited & didn’t show the policy enforcers attempt to stop a band from playing.

  25. I went to one protest in Liestal, Switzerland.
    There were about 3 or 4 young masked people standing OUTSIDE the rally holding posters FOR the use of masks.
    They were guarded by paid security forces.

    No one went there to physically attack them.
    It was a very peaceful protest, not even music, no people screaming, nothing.

    Just a walk through the tiny town, people holding posters, that was all.

    Well, surprise: next day, the same 3-4 boys were seen with blood on their faces in the newspapers.

    As I said, they were heavily guarded and this march was absolutely silent, peaceful.
    Someone is paying for the staging of violence in EVERY anti corona measure protests.

  26. From what was said on UK column the police vehicles do not have to have MOT’S so please Hugo make sure that you check your facts before you Speak.
    My wife has said that she does not trust Hugo. Anybody opposing the mainstream narrative should always make sure of their facts because the mainstream will relish shooting them down and damage the whole movement. Also we need more facts and less comment.

    • You are correct in what you say, but maybe we’ve reached a Rubicon. IE people, even sheeple, do not trust MSM. Most people are at least sceptical. Ex CIA Director William Casey said: “We’ll know our plan has been successful, when the American people won’t believe anything until they see it on Television.” Well, the opposite is happening.

      Your wife is right in terms of being sceptical and on guard at all times.

  27. I think the Hyde Park thing was.a set up to make the freedom March look bad. The media and the government are always working together to make us have these vaccine passports. We are way to smart for these liars.

  28. Definitely a set up, the police weren’t police. It was like watching a comedy show with the way they acted. Antifa definitely there to provoke the peaceful protesters who were chilling, happily singing and dancing. The exact same situation will happen at the next one.

    • Yeah and the London bus we were to burn hahahahahah. I was there when the bus driver did it. No reason and no comment. Who was responsible

  29. This is such an old trick. And its obvious here. A small band of police – no shields, no helmets – suddenly deciding to take action like that and a few individuals taking the bait, throwing bottles and whatnot. Did you notice the folks who formed a human barrier between the thugs and the police, begging the mob to back off? THOSE are our people, because rule number one: keep it peaceful.
    Im so proud of the UK citizens at this most impressive gathering of, im sure, a million souls.

    Love from Canada

  30. Hi,

    the tactics are the same everywhere. Don’t report on the main event (oh, well, people marching together peacefully, that’s good news, we don’t want THAT), but blow out “incidents” when a few “missiles” are sent (and if sent by one irate “true” protester, which, let’s be honest, can always happen, then this also should be condemned).

    Exactly the same thing happened in Stuttgart a few weeks ago. Same pattern, and when the missiles fly, the MSM happens to be there…

    Let’s keep our cool, Boys and Girls, the Truth will prevail (“You cannot lie to a great number of people all of the time”, or similar from Jefferson…)

    Love from Germany

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