David Beckham Peek A Boo Club / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. There’s going to be a whole lot of souls pretty fucking gutted when they get back to spirit and see what damage they caused or allowed to be caused. Not good juju David….silly robot boy!

  2. The red tongue is horrible; definitely a satanic symbol.
    I guess they feel that they don’t have to hide it any more.

  3. People do not understand that BIG PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES do not and never have cared about people. Ask a company called PERDUE that last Novembe settled a class suit action for $8.4BN for knowingly producing OPIOIDS that were highly addictive and caused over 600,000 deaths in the last 6 years. Think about that, over 600,000 Deaths from a prescription drug….

    • (Sorry it’s not a reply to the previous message but I don’t see where I can leave a comment and for once I don’t have much time, sorry…)
      Hi.Thanks for the video and a short comment: I don’t even go into possible “masonic symbolism” and other stuff just because out of thousands of pics these celebs have made we can find one or two which fit the narrative. I am not saying the narrative is wrong, either. I am just saying that people (famous ones at that) who use their fame to promote a product they don’t even believe in, possibly, and in addition instrumentalise children (good comment here by auberyboyce) do not deserve any respect. It is just a shame and a scandal and of course David Beckham is not a unique case…
      Let’s stay united, non violent and critical! The house of cards is tumbling…
      Thanks for the site!

  4. I see the devil in the pic with the red tongue…look how the light forms horns on his cheekbones..just an observation

  5. Any parent who thinks that giving a perfectly healthy child, any experimental gene therapy. Needs to have their children taken to safety.

    • Nowhere is safe social workers, police all work for the mind controlling government. If they take your kids it will be over

      • That’s the worrying thing about all this! Those parents good enough to try to protect their children from being used as lab-rats may risk loosing their children to dangerous people. I used to work as a nurse in Child and Family Mental Health and at that time, I would say most of us genuinely cared about and liked children and our main aim was to help families stay together by supporting parents as well as children, except in extreme cases. I’m not so sure that is the case nowadays! I know I would not trust UNICEF as the UN is run by Luciferians. We also know OXFAM volunteers have been accused of grooming children and abusing them. We know of other so-called charities who are accused of human trafficking. Since watching Shaun Attwood’s interviews with John Wedger and Wilfrid Wong, then following up about these 2 good men, I have found out that organised trafficking of children and vulnerable adults is far bigger than I ever imagined and now makes more money than the drug business.
        When we were training to be psychiatric nurses years ago , our tutor said something that has stuck in mind” Be aware, that psychiatric nursing attracts a lot of psychopaths, because of the power they can wield over vulnerable people!” I found this to be true in a few cases back then but far from the norm but these days? I would be worried!. It also applies to any job in any organisation where one can wield power over the vulnerable! I am sad to say then, that this would also apply to Social Workers and charities too and the celebs who tout them. We need to be very wary of the big charities these days! Psychopaths also like to hide behind masks of philanthropy! Beckham is either a monster in disguise or a useful idiot, just like most celebrities!

    • I agree, no one will be putting anything into my childrens arms.

  6. Why should we listen to a multimillionaire ex footballer ??
    Where are the experts ???
    Beckham is Bought and paid for.

  7. It was mainly better health conditions such as clean running water that was responsible for brining down deaths and infections from chronic diseases. Vaccines were a tiny part.

  8. I just don’t get it if children cant die from this why vaccinate them? Smallpox I get this not. and thank you for your efforts on this channel in a world of insanity, community keeps you sane.

    • That’s why we are being duped into thinking the new vax is as safe as the ones we give to babies, when it is nothing alike. It’s not even a vaccine. Evil!

      • Its only just for a while. It will soon disappear the same way to started….this isn’t the devil’s time. We are praying 🙏❤.

    • They want to make the children infertile then humans become extinct. Watch Alex Jones on Brighteon enormous amounts of reports on 2021-2030 agenda

  9. We have been waiting for HIM ! We KNEW he would be involved ! So he thinks he and his family have the ‘Golden Ticket’ to freedom !
    So he thinks he has impunity ? !? (Probably compromised himself as well) !
    We the people, must ensure David beckham will be held to account for this, along with all the others. !
    Well done Hugo! Please carry on – Naming and shaming the celebs who think they have the “Golden Ticket ” not that the likes of any of them would feel shame especially Eckhams they wouldn’t feel shame, they’re a long way down that road.
    UNICEF !!!! confirms everything !

  10. The Beckhams are Satanic Freemasons: He is just serving his masters…

  11. Maybe, just maybe, if I wanted any advice on how to take a free kick in a game of football, I might just take that advice from David Beckham ….. anything else ? Nah, he’s not, exactly, an authority on anything is he ?. I wouldn’t even ask him to help with a 5 year old child’s maths homework lol

  12. His wife is doing the uttarabodhi mudra, used in the occult to indicate that they’re “supremely enlightened”. So not just 1 eye symbolism. I just wanted to add that we DO need a saviour. His name is Jesus Christ.

  13. He seems to have less brain cells everytime I hear him, what an idiot!

  14. Hey Hugo “ I’ve noticed since the Freedom Rally “ two prominent UK Freedom YouTube channels closed overnight “and they were avidly following the Freedom Campaign “ do you think there’s a move to silence Freedom supporters on YouTube and more? to try and quell the numbers down for the next Freedom Rally?

    • I have noticed that the AI censorship on YouTube went into overdrive recently
      I made a random comment which was removed in 20 seconds
      Intrigued by this I started to test the filters
      I found some interesting sentences that the filter was unable to censor because AI doesn’t understand(inference/implications)
      About a week after my testing my ID was banned on YouTube for hate speech
      Which was interesting
      My YouTube ID had no channel only comments
      I was given no warning just instant ban 😂
      Never knew I was so good at hate speech

      • The machine most likely treated you like a threat as could not box you

      • I have tried the AI on the daily mail websites for comments. If you mention David Icke or the vaccine odds are they pull your comment, usually stating many complaints were received. They never tell you how many or why anyone complained, but If anyone did actually complain I strongly suspect it is a 77 brigade member. They are monitoring all social media by their thousands and looking for content against the agenda that AI does not pick up.

      • Same with me, I was banned from you tube, because I was only speaking the truth on certain subjects, the snowflakes were offended, obviously reported me. I am glad I came across this site. Where you write what you think.

  15. NHS Vaccines are running ads on some of the Freesat channels on exactly the same theme. No Beckham or mention of Covid but all the other diseases get a shoe in.

  16. Can I punch his lights out or has that happened already via a fourth dimension takeover? Too farfetched for you. Time will see. How come all the paid actors are collaborators?. Much more to this than some over paid pratt talking the narrative

  17. How dare he tell us to put an experiment vaccine into our children!!! He must be thick as far as what this vaccine is really all about..give them to our children!!!!! Shame on you for encouraging children to be a lab rat!!!!!!

  18. 100% 👏 Freemasons=Satanists

    It’s a sick global sex cult involving our Royal family, world leaders, celebrities, etc., hiding in plain sight. Each member throwing a masonic/satanic symbol at every opportunity, some even publicly thanking Satan for achievements. Imagine what they’ve done to get to where they are 🤮 where do all the missing children disappear too every year?? 💔

    Their favourite saying – “Do what thou wilt.” And they do. However, London’s Freedom March on Saturday was EPIC and proves the masses are waking up to their witchcraft 🎉

    • They are the ones behind the human trafficking business too! They need victims for their rituals as well as slaves apparently! True horror!

      • Absolutely and they’ve turned it into a $TRILLION business, using these innocent children for all sorts, not just for sacrifice 💔

  19. Beckhams best mate is that weird nonce elton John, he’s got the brain power of a plankton. The fact they need to get celebrities on board to promote vaccines speaks volumes, and if anyone is stupid enough and pathetic enough to listen to a footballer who can barely speak let alone read or understand science they deserve to die from the jab for fucks sake

  20. Hugo, thank you for your videos! You’re like one sentence away from declaring who the real savior is, Jesus Christ, in your videos :). I pray the living God gets a hold of you. 😉

    • Sorry Brooke to dissapoint you, but Jesus will not be our saviour. YOU are our saviour, as is every other living human being on the planet at this time. We are all Jesus in all but name. Regards.

    • Amen. He’s saving souls and lives. If he was to start a political party I would definitely vote for him

  21. Another cluelessly-ignorant mind-controlled moron traitor to humanity..

  22. These celebrities are muppets!
    They think they are in the enlightened club, but they can’t see they are being used! They have sold their souls to the devil! They will eventually outlive their use and get thrown under the bus like the rest of us! The difference is that when the likes of the beckham’s die, they will burn in hell for all of eternity for their sins against humanity! And our lord and saviour Jesus Christ will take the poor people into his arms and welcome us into heaven! You will reap what you have sewn!

  23. Let’s stop this tyranny and sign the Oath.
    Many people are already taking action right now on Practical Lawful Dissent on Telegram.

  24. Unicef should have wheeled you out instead, Hugo. Much more knowledgeable than this prissy ponce about vaccines…

  25. Well, where do I start?
    Firstly he sounds like a robot reading a prepared speech for him. Secondly, would he give it to Harper?
    Err…Don’t think I do.
    Thirdly, it will not affect him. He IS one of the rich and elite who can continue life as they want.
    Last point…. He is no medic, he does not know what he is talking about. He is a footballer!
    Measles was NOT stopped due to a vaccine, it was because of living conditions, the vaccine came later.
    He has been paid to say what he is saying and there is absolutely NO sincerity in his voice or eyes.

  26. He also has 6 6 6 tattoo you can see it in that vid, when he is leaning on his arm

  27. Utter bollocks, its a scam, do you think this mother fucker is getting his kids vaccinated with a Gates WEF Poison, this is a different story this time around and it wont end well !! Wake up, read up and don’t put up !!! Time to tool up and do something very soon

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