MSM COMPLETELY IGNORE London March To Freedom / Hugo Talks #lockdown

64 Comments on “MSM COMPLETELY IGNORE London March To Freedom / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. They only ever mention these protests in a ‘negative’ way, like reporting on police being attacked.

    • This is what i said in Hugo’s previous clip the police went in and attack people dancing and singing enjoying themselves this was a set up for MSM to report and lying politicians to said it was violent.

      They are all bent and corrupt the lot we are all fighting back Fuck there rules, stuff there poison and passports where the sun don’t shine.

      • Ive complained to bbc not that itll do any good but flood the fukkers with complaints. Biased cunts Gates yes men

  2. This will grow, their scam is running out of steam. People are waking up…… at last.

  3. Easier to cover it up than let the news out their all full off Sh!

  4. That’s a hell of a gathering. Hats off to each and everyone of you who went. They now see we have the numbers, hence the MSM blackout.

  5. Great turn out. Hats off to everyone who attended. They now see we have the numbers, hence the MSM blackout.

  6. Certainly more attended the protest I would say then Diana’s funeral and the Royal wedding ,or am I wrong? 2.5 Billion worldwide and 31 million watched on the TV, but not on the streets i am sure.Brilliant turn out fo r the Peaceful protest.

    • Well, only 30 people attended the old Nazi Phillip’s funeral 😉

  7. This smacks of arrogance of the highest order. Complete insult to the people. Open warfare on the people.
    Check out youtube channel truthforfreedom7 and The Great Controversy by E G White for info on what the Bible says is coming. Remember ALL mainstream denominations have been infiltrated so you have to go alternative to find the truth.
    You are welcome to contact me at if you would like more information.
    Many many thanks to you Hugo.

  8. The MSM lower ranks, who are fully complicit in this denial of truth, are surrendering their families, grandchildren and great grandchildren to slavery in perpetuity if the globalists pull this one off. How sick is that?
    The good news is that Martin Armstrongs (true) artificial intelligence computer program, Socrates, the ONLY A.I. program in the world, forecasts that Klaus Schwab of the W.E.F. WILL FAIL!! However, we must endure some incredibly difficult times first, including famine and monetary collapse. International war will come also between 2025/7 leaving China as the undisputed world military and financial power on the other side of 2032.

  9. I have to correct you Hugo!! Sky news Radio did mention it this morning…… By saying ” many arrests were made as right wing conspiracy theorists marched on anti lockdown protests yesterday”

    This, straight after more government radio adverts advising warning signs for strokes…… Caused by blood clots……..
    Caused by vaccines?

    Or is that a conspiracy theory too?

  10. No, Hugo. The biggest political demonstration is the British public saying “NO” to Tony Blair dragging Britain into a war with Iraq that we didn’t want.

  11. Fuck the BBC. Fuck Sky News. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT SCUM TWATS!! That’s what I think.. fuck em all.

    • I’m with you Fuck all of them.
      They are all traitors to the country and normal people.

  12. The MSM along with this & other governments are firmly in the grasp of the cabal, but only by us ALL acting as one can we hope to beat them. Resist the tests, the masks, the jib jab, keep spreading the word about this tyranny.

  13. What a truly bizarre world we live in. I remember Jordan Maxwell would always say: “Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Period. I think the only people who do what they’re supposed to do is firefighters.”

    How can any of this nonsense go on any longer? Seriously, there’s going to be bigger crowds every time, more division between the people and the grifters running this shit show. I’m just left speechless at the sheer idiocy of the whole thing. To the point where part of me thinks it some kind of 4D chess thing, where they’re deliberately behaving like this in order to bring out the best in humanity, to raise us up, if that makes sense. I know they’re not, but it’s so insane you’re just left shaking your head.

    • Well, chess is ‘the game of life’ as they say. You have to keep your material and positional advantage and think many moves ahead of your opponent. Saying that, I am no Grandmaster 😀 Poker is a another game with real-life implications: ‘call your bluff’, ‘going all in’, ‘busted flush’, ‘ace up your sleeve’, ‘up the ante’, ‘under the gun’, oh, and who could forget ♫ ‘you got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table, you wait until the dealings done’ ♫ Saying that, I am no card-sharp 😀

      • Yes, Zbigniew Brezeniski wrote that famous book ‘The Grand Chessboard’. Also, in Bill Cooper’s book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ , he said play 2 full games of chess before reading it, to get an understanding of strategy. Quite an interesting game. I think what we need to do is study military strategy, as it will give us a very clear understanding of what’s going on and how to view things. A good example is divide and conquer. It’s what the ‘elites’ use to such effect. Napoleon and other Roman Generals would use it. Basically, if you had an inferior numbers of soldiers, you would tempt the enemy to attack you, they would think you’d be easy pickings, but then your other soldiers would show up and outnumber the enemy at the point of contact and thus take them out. This is what the coppers do. When they outnumber you, they suddenly think they’re Billy Big Balls and will harass and attack you. They outnumber you at the point of contact. When there’s more of us than them, suddenly they’re not so brave.

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  15. Pretty sure most of the Sunday rags are printed on Saturday so the print workers get a day off. That’s why there’s never much news in them.

    • Saying that, though, not a sausage on the Beeb, which I just forced myself to look at!

    • If they wanted it, it would be in one of them.
      They always add in last min things into print.

    • Let’s hope the Queen does not die on a Saturday.

  16. Well done, what they do here in Netherlands, they have a police team called “romeos” in civil clothes, they come in masked groups into the people who are having marches or even sit downs in park which always also as a march for legal rights. The romeos then storm people and just start hitting them terrorizing then and create chaos and push all closer to each other, then the police come in as you are now illegal marching according to rules then police hit people with battons, if you try stip them they arrest you, and then MSM show that on tv, not the actions of the romeos or the peaceful walk. But how people try cover while being hit making it look like you fight police, but if you look at youtube videos showing it all then it can be seen the romeos create it to be a way to stop and arrest people
    Thats communist totalitarianism

    • Yes, I saw that. The scumbags jump out of a van and start battering people instantly. Demonic filth. The Dutch and German ‘police’ seem to be the worst from the footage I’ve seen. They have an arrogant air about them. Hit the fuckers back, see how tough they really are.

  17. So what’s the solution people??
    I’m sure if all of the protesters used social media to pass on the message to everyone they know. Maybe then the people who are not questioning may realise that there’s something going on?
    If not for any other reason, then maybe just unfair coverage.
    Personally, I don’t think the press are guided by the government. Their funding comes from elsewhere.
    Those are the people who make the rules!
    More power to protests and local gatherings which should definitely increase over the summer.

    • Sheep have already labelled us conspiracy theorists and won’t listen and incapable of changing there mind, the on the fencers are mainly coming over to our side, but won’t be enough and even if 99% did, still wouldn’t get onto MSM and make a difference.

      Civil War time, sheep vs conspiracy theorists fight to the death, I like being out numbered and there sheep so makes it fair, BRING IT!!

      Issue is ofcourse sheep have Army and guns on there side, understanding why the USA doesn’t want to surrender there guns these days.

    • Not sure if the consumerist zombies do still care whether they have freedom or not.

  18. Yup I just checked not one word by the BiasedBroadcastingCorporation . Censorship of the highest order . As Hugo says the MSM are not reporting the news they are government mouthpieces .. well
    Done to everyone who attended 👏

  19. Next time we should descend on the bbc building and westminster, with a couple of million demanding the immediate resignation and arrest of the entire government and the bbc.

    • That would be classed as Civil War, needs doing and SOON!! I’m on point!! ( ie first in )

  20. Have loads more EVERY WERE ..ANYWHERE . Thank you Hugo ✌️To all.

  21. I truly believe that we need to look to vote for other parties to make real change. Watched a YouTube vid for Reform UK and felt connected to how they came across also Laurence Fox talks sense as a London Mayor candidate I feel we really need to embrace total change to move forward

  22. No reporting by the BBC whatsoever, but a little from Sky News here, where I got to say a few words! Ain’t I a lucky bastard? This was my second big protest – the last being the Iraq anti-war protest in 2003 which, I think, was a bit bigger. And can you guess one familiar deluded person behind both issues? Tony Bliar!

  23. the protest is big yes , but it would be better if the protesters marched to 10 downing street and confronted blobby johnson face to face , then the mainstream media would cover it i am sure

  24. What is it the mainstream media so scared about, they need to grow some balls and start doing their Job! Great turnout in London, Respect to all that turned up! Lets put an end to all this Madness!

  25. Of course the government owned mass media ( or whoever owns them) will not mention the people’s protests. People’s will doesn’t fit their agenda.

  26. Yes,next time outside bbc building and lets see. The fact not 1 word on front pages proves they are enemy to english people,this was main event in uk yesterday and not a word

  27. Next anti-lockdown marches in UK and across the world are May 15th. In Bristol its 2pm from College Green. Posters and online links almost ready x

  28. If anyone doesn’t remember or isn’t from the U.K. google “poll tax riots”

    From 1990

    See what happened to London when they last seriously pissed off everyone and they knew it. Once people realise this is another fraud this will happen again.

    Don’t get me wrong the coppers that day were nothing like the cowards we see today and most didn’t deserve the beating they got then, today’s lot, you tell me!

  29. Let’s not forget that for every one person attending, ten more would have liked to join in but couldn’t, so that makes it at least 7.5 million. Take notice UK politicians, and BJ, we are the 99%.

    • Not the 99% at all. The majority still support government action wrt C19.

  30. Surely there was drone footage that would have been more enlightening as to the number of attendees. What is shown here is by no means conclusive.

  31. News round up …Fake Media report
    Police attacked at London protest ……Breathing now a luxury in Delhi amidst covid surge ..Free cancer causing fake virus tests available free to everyone in Scotland .
    When will this BS ever end .

    • Never. It is information/psychological warfare. So, let’s understand that. So, now let’s engage them. Our job is to expose/mock/vilify/laugh at every single thing they say, constantly, non stop. Everything they say, counter it, expose it, mock it – EVERY SINGLE THING! They will never, EVER be able to win that battle, they’re too stupid. And let us enjoy and have fun whilst doing so. Come on people, this is easy.

  32. Daily Mail, two policewomen being attacked by thugs etc. the chap seems normal to me, the policewoman has a baton pointed at his head and appears to be defending himself. Usual MSM crap, pick the photo to suit your agenda and blame it all on thugs while completely ignoring the main story. bigoted government led tossers.

    • That Ginger beard cop wearing a face mask marching with the gang in Hyde park looks familiar I guess I’ve seen him staring in another psyop
      Bit like Australian soap operas they don’t have enough actors so folk keep turning up everywhere

  33. Well done London – keep on marching. The rest of EUrope needs you … again.

  34. The media is so corrupt that I don’t know what to say! I will never believe a word they say again! Real media is from the people, Hugo Talks is a good example!


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