IRELAND Elderly Churchgoers Hassled By 👮‍♂️ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • No we’re not. I’ve become more connected to Christianity now than ever before. And I know I’m not the only one. This bullshit is having the reverse effect.

      • Christianity is no region and we don’t fight for our God because He is alive and fights battles for us….

        Colossians 2:15

        New King James Version

        15 Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

        He never fought a battle and lost…

      • Agreed. I look to my King James Bible for sustenance , hope, and guidance, its the elixir of life!

      • Look, I make no apologies for being atheist, but this video sickens me. Hassling elderly people doing no harm to anyone is sinister and particularly sinister in a place of worship.

    • The disrespect of the police ‘men’ is of particular interest. They are scornful. What this church needed was that great rabbi in Canada, telling the scornful ones exactly what he thinks their ideological leanings are. Disgusted that we appear to have a two tier religious landscape forming within a two tier society, one we learned about in school – the squires and the serfs.

    • One world dominion or blind faith into the the governemt/s induced by brainwash propaganda via the media and social platforms.

  1. This is a blatant attack on Christianity, and it is the work of Satan, the devil is trying to get his foot in the door of that church. The police had absolutely no right whatsoever to be there. I despair, I really do!! These are very frightening times indeed!

    • Satan already has a foot in the door of my most churches – Catholic and otherwise.
      Greatest deception leagues above this virus is that of the churches that deny the Torah instruction..That’s the majority of them.
      Thats why the True Church and true followers of Yahshua are the Temple – Not these buildings bereft of His spirit full of idol worship .

  2. The police will never have a good relationship with the public when they behave like this, picking on vulnerable and elderly folk who are sitting in the Lord’s house, praying and socially distanced! There was hardly anybody in that church so what the hell do those policemen think they are playing at? Utterly sickening to see this!! The police are evil bullies, and their behaviour is absolutely disgusting!

    • Satan and all his followers trying to stop the truth The Lord Jesus Christ is the truth 🙏

    • This is what I keep saying. These ‘police’ will gladly send people off to death camps knowing they were going to be executed. I think that they think they are part of the power structure.

      • Definitely part of the elite. Ready and willing to control the sheeple

    • Its disgusting, haven’t they got anything better they could be doing ? Did you see that poor lady get up and hurry out. These people are feeling lonely and afraid. They can’t even get some peace of mind in an empty church. Shame on them stupid jobs worth police, I think its up to the church to make a stand now. I thought back in th day a church was a place of safety? I could be wrong. Anyway I’m not all that religious, but I belive if you want to pray you can pray to God anywhere. Even in your own head. In these worrying times I have because you just have o believe in your own mind that mayb just mayb it will work. X

  3. All very strange what is happening in Ireland… Stranger that the Irish are putting up with it? A lot of things released is because Ireland has become Psyop central and does show what they want to enforce in the future much like Canada.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • Canada is one of the worst countries for Christian Persecution at this very time, with Churches being raided and barricaded off, looking like Military compounds “ and Street preachers being harassed without warning in their own homes “ anyone who displays the Canadian Flag or recites a Biblical passage faces being Fined and or Arrested “ This persecution is particularly bad in Ontario, where they just enforced the strictest Lock down Laws in all of North America.

  4. Because Christ is the one true Lord. Praise His Holy Name.

  5. You know what you need to do. Go to church in large numbers without fear. Do not recognise their unholy coranovirus laws, nothing is above God’s word! People of all faiths will stand together. It’s everybodies right to practice their faith!

    • I agree. That chuch should be filled next Sunday. See what happens when they need to call re enforcements to remove and arrest Irish Catholics. sadly, the Faith has been watered down so much that catholics no longer know how to distinguish Divine Law from Secular Law. We are setting the stage for further tyranny by backing down to bullies. Ireland has a Constitution which gives us inalienable rights. Check it out!

      • Exactly what we do in Christ Embassy. We were no mask, no social distancing and noone got any of the fake virus

      • Keep filling the Churches on Sundays and they are already marked by the Beast. Yahs word is Eternal. Psalm 119. Shabbat was always on the Fri sunset to Saturday. One has to be simple minded or in direct rebellion, and iniquity to go against the Eternal Torah. It’s time to choose whose mark they have.
        Yahshua was a Hebrew, Hebraic principles. This nonsense of a replacement Jesus is an idolatry a disease of all apostate churches and believers.
        Sin is the virus that leads to death.
        How is sin defined..What is the standard?
        It was eternally through Torah instruction.
        Who is the man of sin..defined as the LAWLESS one.?
        That is whom the Apostate church worships in their buildings, which are powerless and bereft of His Ruach spirit.!!
        Wake up Christians you are utterly deceived.

      • There is a Mark of Yah and a Mark of the Beast.

        The DNA of Shabbat link will help clarify some things. There are three parts.
        Rome changed the days and times..Our entire Calendar is now an apostate mess set up to worship the Beast..

        Thanks Hugo..💗

      • Ahavah fellowship YouTube.
        The DNA of Shabbat.
        Please watch this.It is in 3 parts.
        Rome changed the times and seasons of True faith- Hebraic understanding.
        They have Christians worshipping the Beast, its Calendar and times.
        They put Christians under the mark of the Beast.
        It’s not a vaccine or a chip..It is the opposite of Yahs mark, scripturally.
        Return to the ancient Paths..Yah bless.

  6. Utterly disgraceful, all that’s missing is their jackboots.

  7. Priest should have chucked them out, like the Canadian one.

    • Guess what though? The ‘police’ have just been back to his church, more of them this time and tooled up to the max. It’s on a guy called Ezra Levant’s Twitter page. I don’t have a link.

      • Ezra L. sponsors a bunch of NeoCon clowns in order to discredit opposition to the NWO Agenda. Right wing arguments are often just as useful to the Agenda as Progressive ones. For example: once people are convinced that Islamic schools must be brought under governmental control, then they can do the same to all Catholic education. This particular brand of controlled opposition loves to play identity politics (i.e. divide and conquer) and global warfare (“humanitarian intervention to save women and girls”).

      • I just wanted to show the footage. Hence, why I didn’t link it. I felt nauseous mentioning his name but we have to get the information out all the time.

  8. Maybe they will steam into the crucible in Sheffield and arrest the fans watching snooker next ????

    • Exactly Steve ,this is a blatant attack on Christianty ,they wantbimus out if the way ,I’m totally disgusted by this ,it really has ovver stepped the mark now.

  9. I am thinking there wanting to take every bit of support away. Taking the bit of hope and faith. They want us not to have anything . The weak get weaker. We will have to believe in whatever they want . We can’t possibly be controlled if we are gathering like heathens with others that believe in goodness and kindness. I just cannot believe the police . There must be a fair few that realise they will not be looked after when they are surplus.i can believe really it’s just so wrong and so bloody sad. Xx

  10. This is disgusting. Definitely the beginning of a one world religion and it’s not going to be christianity

      • It a debacle debacle debacle, a fiasco, whatever they are trying is failing. Our God is bigger than a genetically modified virus….watch and see the salvation of the Lord.

      • New God with a small g….there is only one God

  11. Definitely the start of a one world religion and it will not be christianity. Wake up sheeple

  12. They pick on the weak and religions they think they can walk all over without pushback. They must feel soo proud of themselves. This is disgraceful. Fight back Ireland before it’s too late. Maybe it’s time to set up your own separate police force. And seperate everything for that matter, schools, doctors, airline companies, maybe even a different currency.

  13. Don’t they realise how much like the tyrannical regimes of other countries and in the past this is – to be banning religious expression?

  14. It can only be for satanic reasons… they seem to be going after churches and symbols of faith..after people’s belief now… probably cuz they’re so fffing EVIL…people of IRELAND..look at London sat24th…you need to rise up like England.. .THE WORLDS EYES ARE ON US…

    • Look at how many churches have been burnt to the ground in France. It’s basically every week it seems.

  15. Wow, Wow, Catholic myself. Spiritual more than religious. Never walked the party line, so to speak, but huge love and respect for the love and support I have experienced all my life from the catholic community and certain nuns and priests. How despicable of these police targeting such a small congregation. Also, where was the priest? Retreating from the church in haste! Wake up people! Take responsibility for your own lives. Knowledge is power. Do your own research! The peaceful protest, in London, yesterday was truly awesome. Again the British ( BRUTISH) police actions in Hyde Park was absolutely evil. I was going to say disgraceful but ,as always , it’s much worse. Thank you so much for all that you do helping us all feel that we are not alone. LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE. 🌞

  16. Definitely beginning of a one world religion and it won’t be christianity. Wake up sheeple

  17. The anti Christ is no longer trying to hide, he’s fully and unabashedly mocking the Lord right out in the open, goading Him. He’ll be arriving soon enough. Then the real war begins.

  18. Satan and all his followers do not want the Lord God Jesus Christ in our lives pray to God daily Amen the Lord is much stronger 🙏

  19. Tescos, B&M Bargains etc crowded, yet no Mass?
    Are people waking up to Communism yet? By the way the globalists own most these places and have made a lot of money during this yet don’t mind other businesses collapsing .

  20. From the accents this is obviously in Northern Ireland, which is under British rule.
    Dublin is in a Republic, so outside the British Dominion, showing that this directive had to have come from the UK.

    Why, I cannot concieve, except everything since the plandemic has been set up to break down community, leaving people isolated, making them better targets.

    • No, it’s the ‘Garda’ storming the Church, so it is Southern Ireland (Eire).

    • They don’t have the Garda in N Ireland – it could be a border town in the ‘south’ or it could be in Donegal, which is further north than Northern Ireland, although it’s in the Republic!

    • Athlone, though in Ulster, is not one of the Six Counties and is under the juristiction of the Republic.

    • No, it’s in Athlone, in Southern Ireland, which is just about in the centre of the island.

  21. Brain dead police, just following orders regime. The orders of satanic globalists.

  22. There is alot of information in the Bible that can help people alot with Laws and Rights 😉👌

  23. We all know why Christian’s are being targeted, for goodness sake half of the people running the Govt are from other Faith’s, which I have no problem with ,but this direction to the police has come from the top , and that i do have a huge problem with as someone else said on here you can go and watch the snooker but not worship a Christian God in a Christian country…wtf ….we need to get footage if people piling into a mosque and then call the police and see what happens .
    Good for the goose and all that ,time to fight this evil now ,I’m really worried ,good on that gentleman asking questions .
    I lost all respect now for these evil people ,we need to get rid of them
    and fast ,on May polling Day think very carefully what you do .

    • Yeah Don’t vote! I have never voted EVER and I now old lady @49 .. they all scum why vote em?!

      Take care

  24. This is in Athlone which is in the Republic of Ireland. This is exactly as the man said in the video…we are in penal times. Pray people..please pray to God.

  25. The evil ones are using this “pandemic” as an excuse to carry out an attack on Christianity. Such overly strict measures in Churches while places such as shops lack most restrictions.
    People fear the “virus” & “police” more than God, and that my friends is demonic!!!

    • This is part of their ‘New World Order’. They want to get rid of Christianity and establish a one world ‘Humanist’ religion.

  26. I know why Christians are being targeted because Jesus Christ (whom true Christians accept as their Lord and Saviour) said:

    “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 10:22

    “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.” Matthew 24:9

    “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.” John 15:18

    “I have given them Your word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” John 17:14 *them, being all who truly follow Jesus Christ

    Christians are the most persecuted religious group of people in the world today, but our future is bright!

    • As Jesus said: “What they’ve done to me, they’ll do to you!”

  27. Nazi bastards cant wait to see them outnumbered when it eventually kicks off hahaha

  28. This is normal and we expected exactly this behaviour. I don’t want to make you feel afraid, but just to tell you to be prepared, because this is just the beginning. It’s just a proof of what power you really have. The believers are their worst nightmare, because you never would bow down and fear no man but god.

    Satan will be set free from his prison, and will come out again to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth. This is part of the plan of the God to separate the people who have been deceived and surrendered to Satan – from the people who have remained faithful to their creator and refused to obey the satan.

    The beast that became the ruler of this vast empire as having great power given to him by Satan himself having power over every tribe, language and nation – will be so devastating and will create such a monumental global crisis that people will embrace everything and anyone who promises to give them salvation! That’s why be careful not to be deceived – because many false prophets will appear and deceive many people, although the man who endures to the end will be saved.

    Once established in power, the beast (Antichrist) and the power behind it (Satan) will move to establish absolute control over all the nations of the earth, to reach their true end, the worship that Satan has sought since being cast out of heaven. One way to achieve this is by controlling all trade and here comes the idea of ​​a currency for the whole world, one nation and one religion that will worship the beast.

    The Antichrist and the power behind it (Satan) causes all, small and large, rich and poor, free and bound, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, And then no one can buy or sell , except the one who had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name – six hundred and sixty-six. This means that anyone who refuses the mark cannot buy food, travel and work …

    Then comes the time when many will lose their faith and surrender and hate themselves.
    If you remain faithful to the end, all nations will hate you and persecute you they will kill you, because you bear my name.

    But you don’t have to worry, it’s all ok. That’s the prophecy. We already know what’s gonna happen, it’s like if you watch the same football game again and again – the final score always will be the same :))

  29. Very sad and kinda comical at the same time with neither being able to hear each other properly because of the bloody masks! There is a satanic agenda at play: Many police are freemasons, who have sold their soul to lucifer…

  30. At mosque they would be kicked out straight away. Catholic Church rots from the inside. The Pope is in this Rotchild clique as well. I was born and bred in Poland, late 70s. The church was rock for the people during the soviet tyranny, despite the harassment from the government. I can see many similar things now, same method to manipulate and enslave masses but now they have digital tools.

    • It’s not that bad. It’s psychological warfare. They’re trying to break you down mentally. Don’t let them. Mock/laugh at them.

    • Don’t let them break you .. all on here have all different kinds feelings but we refuses to be broken and read comments they brilliant … so hang in there CH 👍✊

  31. Good comment. I think the Poles (and other Eastern Europeans) who have experience of this tyranny need to speak out more and lead the way because they’ve seen it before. Look at how popular and inspirational the Polish Priest in Canada has become worldwide. When the video first came out it was electric, you could feel the power come through him and into us. That’s what it felt like to me. Absolutely electrifying.

  32. Fill up every church in the country its a way of protesting. No filthy masks if people really believe in their religion they will do this or are they waiting for their injection thinking the government cares about them and are worried about their health. For fuck sake wake up and say no.

    • You are right. I do have faith but I never go to church. I might change my mind and start going at least to make a stand. Hugo did post a video about a priest in Canada who ordered the police out of his church in a thundery voice. There was at least 4 or 5 officers and he got them out. This is a spiritual war and it’s only the start. In my country in France, they no longer call the Christmas holiday, instead they call that the Winter holiday since Macron rules like the gestapo. And instead of saying the Easter holidays they now say it’s the Spring holidays. Where are we going with this one.

  33. It’s a deliberate attempt to cause division. It’s weird but proven, if authority targets one faith and exempts another, sooner or later the targeted faith resents the other faiths and calls for the same impositions to be placed upon them. Our anger, frustration and fears paradoxically help create even greater totalitarianism. Try not to fall for it. A ruling 1% can only exist with societal division and in fighting. They’ve played the race card, gender, identity etc now they’ll use religion. If you allow yourself to become divided then you’ll lose, united and you’ll never be defeated. Our forefathers knew and understood this, we must relearn its ethos and be aware of when we are being psychologically manipulated.

  34. Sad that the world is plagued by people with misguided agendas, and who bully with manipulation to accomplish them. Unfortunately, those are the one’s with money as their qualification to call the shots. We’re making graves mistakes of some of mankind’s blinding greed whims.

  35. I’m not allowed to show links on here people, just look up on images snake building/vatican, the sculpture thing in it’s mouth, and the huge painting of ‘Satan Summoning His Legions’.

  36. That just makes my blood boil. Get out, out, out! Gardai have no business going into a church and bullying the people. That elderly man looks bewildered by what is happening. Welcome to fascist, communist Ireland it is downhill all the way….😡 😡😡 THIS IS WHAT THE GOVERNMENT’S AROUND THE WORLD WANT. STAMP OUT RELIGION AND USHER IN THE DEVIL….

    • Thats right , but the devil no this is being done by ordinary jobs worth human beings not the devil. Its like put a uniform on a person and it gos to there heads. Look at what the nazis done ? Hitler new how to work it when it came to giving people that bit of power with a uniform. Them coppers could of turned a blind eye, but they choose not to. Its a church ffs 3 people in there. All distancing? No this is not the devil it the work of human men. Power tripping in the policeman’s uniform. Those poor elderly people most feel so alone in all of this. Bullying the elderly. There was me thinking Ireland was respectful when it came to church’s and places of worship. Shame on them. Shame on the rest of man kind for letting this happen. Time to get up now and REALLY man a nosie. This is going to far to fast. Look at the protest Saturday .its great to show strength in numbers but can anyone tell me what it has achieved? No more walking no more hippy dippy Park nonsense time to get up the men of this world and be counted. Seems to me a game of FOOTBALL is more important that our human rights and our kids futures. Crazy times we r living in. The world has gone nuts. The msm and the government have shown they are ignoring anyone who wants change in the uk. So they won’t listen. Now what lol ? There is no other way .when the next party in the park meet up lol next month. Ffs not enough

  37. As an ex British Army soldier, I have to say that the only hope for Eire now is Sinn Fein. They are the only ones who will stand up to the cabal.

  38. Are they not all in goverment anyway ? I wouldn’t no but a friend of mine told me some of the old school were over there in the Republic of Ireland, I could be wrong ?

  39. Collecting names and addresses of church goers…. what a time to be alive 😞

  40. Corruption -disruption -devastation-dictated to-divided- deranged-.. they are so negative and nasty- may as well start their own feckin disgusting dictionary!!
    queen went church to bury him never see no one making trouble at that!!

    And they had a Pedophile there to!!!!!!

    I can’t spell so don’t judge me.
    Them guard in video …I now pray they will toss and turn in his beds!! And fair play to that man giving it back 👊🏻 Look at that poor child’s face having watch a elder have to do that just at prayer!! To men who proclaim they are law enforcement

    Disgrace on you lads!!

  41. here’s what you all do… I’ve said it from the start.
    say to the goons “you want me to do what?
    blah blah blah… “ok, what’s your name and badge number?” now then, I’m going to sue you personally and you better know what your talking about because I have all the evidence to disprove your covid nonsense beyond doubt!!!
    go away now or ill have your house and car in damages your choice son.
    sue the bastards.

  42. Group of called scientists have wrote an open letter to the Govr asking for a quicker return to normality and the mask mandate etc as covid has now been declared less deadly than seasonal flu.
    Which got me thinking ,the day after the Triffids were destroyed did they allow garden centres to open .

  43. If the priest the representative of god (what a joke ) had behaved like the polish one a couple of weeks ago, things would’ve have been different today.

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