IRELAND Elderly Churchgoers Hassled By 👮‍♂️ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Welcome to the face of the new normal in Ireland – the land of 100,000 “welcomes”. It’s not at all about attacking the weak/old/defenceless. This is about law and order and PC O’Plod doing his job to fight the rising crimewave. Believe that crap and you’ll probably believe anything. It seems to be about the state aiming to send a message to the people. Or perhaps the Irish police have been impressed by videos of their UK counterparts making fools of themselves marching through Hyde Park and arresting elderly people for sitting on park benches. Now the Irish police want to be YouTube stars as well! It would be interesting to see the response if the Irish police got the courage up to do this in a mosque. In the video, notice the tetchiness of the hard of hearing cop in his response to being asked for his name!

  2. There is a plan to completely eradicate all religions and have a single ‘approved’ religion which will of course be created by the rulers. Hence, the stamping on, in this case christianity. They’re coming for them all. This is just the start.

  3. Ok, so even people who say they don’t believe in God, say stuff like all of this is Satanic. It is also Communist. It doesn’t make sense to be Socialist/Communist and be Christian, as Socialism & Communism seek to replace God with the State. Also just as Our Lord Jesus Christ, is the One, True God; Catholicism is the one true Faith, therefore, the devil is having his day, and coming after the Catholic Church especially. But his time is short, for Our Blessed Lady will crush his head. This is the final battle in the only war there has ever been; the war between Good and evil.

    • The Catholic Church is founded by the devil. Murdering, torturing, thieving their way to power. The only thing that rivals the pile of gold in the Vatican is the river of blood that made its acquisition possible.

      • I concur! The only way many religions made it to where they are now has been by bloodlust.

  4. They’re preparing the ground for a new Messiah.

  5. Spiritual war. Why don’t the police go and do something more useful and catch real criminals instead of harassing honest good people worshiping god. Leave them be. The police are actually acting like criminals on a global scale. Only light will stamp out the dark.

    • @Karen you nailed it. Amen. It’s spiritual warfare and Bible says our weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty in pulling down strongholds that exalts themselves against the Word of God. The police have no idea that they are being used. The same Bible Paul says i pray that their eyes of understanding be enlightened. Without their eyes opened they’ll be tossed left right and centre. Look at MSM is doing to India 🇮🇳…just because they declined their jib jab and made their own, now its war….

  6. They want to destroy christian culture, religion had been always a refuge and -at least over here in Germany – churches are a holy ground, no police is allowed to take away the right of asyl. That the pope and other responsible clergyman don’t cry out is outrageuos – we had this during the nationalsicialism, but for all the countries who has liberated the germans in 1945 it is shocking new experience under a sinister cover-up-story…

    • The pope worships lucifer the vatican is ruled by saan

  7. l`d say- population control ,to be succinct ,but in more ways than one .and that may really be something to think on ,and possibly even invoke the ` hamlet question`-whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune..or take up arms against them

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