Biggest Protest SO FAR #London​ #Freedom​ Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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    • Another good one, Hugo. Watching from West Australia (Brit ex-pat) where we are currently in another sham 3 day lockdown. It may be getting extended to 10 WTF.
      Hitler tries to destroy the British spirit but “we fought them on the beaches’. Boris is trying hard to do likewise. He may succeed if we are not careful.
      Reckon you guys will be going back into lockdown once the ‘UK Variant’ returns from India.

    • How do I write a comment? Don’t seems to be able ro

    • The fake stream media are busy reporting in India about new variant which has reached it peak on same day as lockdown protests. Think I can predict date of next new variant.

  1. Awesome people. Best wishes from Portugal! RESPECT!👍

    • Just read about it on the BBC not! 🙁

      Peaceful won’t do it, we need stop the bill damage and more force it onto the news.

      • I’m sorry to agree, peaceful will do nothing, they will simply not report on it, minimise it, and so no one is aware. If the BBC building fell down though, that might get some coverage – although not from the BBC obviously. No change there then.

  2. What an amazing sight . Hats off and thankyou to every one of them .👏

  3. brilliant. Well done London!!!

    Sweden supports YOU.

  4. Finally people are waking up and understanding the seriousness of this organised fraud against our basic human rights and freedoms. A great day indeed. Well done everyone! 👏🏼

  5. There were oceans of people. By far the largest gathering I have ever been too. Was generally a great day out, positive vibes and empowering to see that many like minded people. If you watch at home and feel like you have had enough of the constant BS I highly recommend you attend these events..hope and what a beautiful day. Love to all

  6. God bless every single one of them!!
    No-one seems aware in Northern Ireland WTF??!!

    Keep going Hugo!!!:):):)

  7. This is the way forward with more protests more often! When is the next one? Soon I hope!

    • god help
      California……. If they fall then we are all vulnerable….. EVERYONE watch and Share the above link…

      Hugo, have you watched the
      dundass Video? She is a HUman Rights Lawyer and one hell of a Lady…. I have drawn Courage and Admiration from this Woman….. Everyone watch it:

      This what is happening in California at the moment

    • Very powerful speech, very impressive woman, and completely right. It doesn’t come in an avalanche, it creeps up like a snow drift so you don’t notice it. This is what people are not getting.

  8. Absolutely amazing day a sea of people ! people of all ages all walks of life ! inspiring 🥰

  9. Thank you for not engaging in insulting people that do not understand, but merely highlighting this fact Hugo…even though you used the word ‘normies’, which can be polarizing and off putting to some, I feel that most could hear this simple and inviting message to find out more about what is going on. And your framing of the digital ID aspect was spot on.

    For any that want to get a view on the details of how this is all rolling out, then I HIGHLY recommend getting familiar with Alison McDowell’s research work. Here is her blog:
    A good piece on the ‘open air prison’ being constructed around us through technology:
    Twitter Thread Questioning Blockchain, The Spatial Web, and Digital Health

    A good introductory interview:
    Truthiverse Episode 15 The Fourth Industrial Revolution Revealed with Alison McDowell (42 mins)

    A talk she gave on:
    Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon
    In early November 2020, I presented to a group in upstate New York that has been organizing in opposition to Governor Cuomo’s proposed vaccine mandate for all residents. This talk is about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” and how this agenda is linked to the adoption of CommonPass heath passports and the creation of a global biosecurity state to scale human capital bond markets. These markets are built on manufactured poverty and social impact investing schemes aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


    Many more very informational interviews and videos on her youtube channel under her name.

  10. Yayyyy!! HUGO please check out Rosa Koire and Alison McDowell research on UN Agenda 30 and Human capital Markets

  11. If these globalist criminals running the UK and all other Western countries successfully introduce their ‘Covid passports’, that will be the end: the installation of an irreversible totalitarianism.

    People MUST refuse to cooperate in any way – and must oppose these criminals at every turn.

  12. Just got back from the protest. I was near the front and heard the organisers saying that there were at least 1 million people at the protest.

  13. I actually made it to Oxford Street !
    Slow train … then Rail Replacement Bus … then an incident on the Tube (Suicide ?)
    It was wonderful to be with people who really cared about their Rights and the Freedoms of their children.
    One guy dressed as the Devil with a placard “The Bill Gates Of Hell”
    Keep going Hugo, you do this stuff to keep yourself sane.
    As I travelled out it was sad watching people play football or having a chat at a Cafe , because I thought:
    “If you can’t even say one word in defence of your Freedoms, then why do you deserve any ?”

  14. Awesome turnout!!
    Appreciate every one you being there

  15. I was there today…it was a very proud Time to March with these like minded people!! I feel so passionate about what’s going on & at times feel alone. But today I was part of something that was very true to people’s hearts!! I will never change when it comes to this horrendous plandemic!! It’s a scary future we’re living but I will always fight back! I will never stop!!

  16. So proud Of everyone.. I was there too. Bloody BBC didn’t cover it as usual and sky just mentioned briefly but stating few hundreds.. Ya kidding me? I was near Hyde Park and there were thousands in good mood chanting.. Left at 5 pm no violent events til then. Well organised.. Fucking Covid-19 passport if approved then let get every single MPs who voted in favour slayed on the 6th May election. Let’s get rid of Khan too. Keep resisting people. How beautiful yo see all together with one common goal.. OUR FREEDOM

  17. Nearly a million people marching against government tyranny in central London and according to MSM, ‘what demonstration?’
    We create our own reality out of the information we process, therefore whoever controls information, controls reality. The resistance is growing though, more of us are seeing through this sham every day.Keep protesting, don’t comply with the tyrants, don’t get jabbed. Freedom is boundless and they can’t control that.

    • Totally agreed Mark, watched all MSN news at 19 pm and NONE but NONE Covered nor mentioned but instead ALL IF THEM SPENT TEN MINS SHOWING INDIA CATASTROPHIC SITUATION so we keep brainwashed and more excuses from Boris and Hancock to extend lock down. Feel sorry for those who let themselves being used as guinea pig. Flu season is over now the scientists”Liars” are coming today stating that restrictions should be lifted..there should be a public inquiry including government and scientists ASAP. Let’s start a petition.Great to share same ideas with open minded people

    I could not get there today but was there in spirit every step of the way to FREEDOM.

  19. The mainstream media will play this down yet again. The people that agree with this passport madness are in a coma

  20. They say that God gave man free will. IE freedom. These self-proclaimed ‘elites’ have taken away our freedom, our free will. The puppet ‘politicians’ demand that we take the shot in return for our ‘freedom’ back, which is a complete lie, as we’ll be surveilled 24/7 in real time. And they say they want the world population to be half a billion. But who will be that half a billion? Gates, Fauci, ‘Prince’ Charles, Schwab, Blair, Worzel, Twat Mancock and all of the other lying, demonic, perverse scum. The whole thing is mentally deranged. Who in Hades would want to be on a planet with just these types of people? It’s absolute lunacy. They’re literally creating hell.

    • Great comment Andy 👏🏻🙏Totally agree .. they are perverse and have no intention of giving us Freedom.. Liberty or anything!!! sorry I like your comments so much🤩 but you are funny and talk sense far as I concerned thank you 🙏 take care now

  21. Zero trouble, they all showed up and nobody heard about it, if you wasn’t aware of it anyway, mentioned to someone had zero idea what they where rallying for, like most, no clue what’s going on at all, doubt they’ll notice when NWO is in totally, ohhh what’s on TV later, what shall I have to dinner! 🙁

    Total Waste of 500K+ peoples day, need to start getting messy, put some skin in the game, cause we are losing fast 🙁

    Being Blissfully unaware, might be better than watching it all fall apart 🙁 while being called a conspiracy theorist by sheep 🙁

    • Almost no media coverage. 500k+ described as thousands. No action demo successfully suppressed. Job done.

  22. Went to the protest it was great fantastic people everywhere. Next protest they will be double the amount of people there!!!

  23. How many projected Super-Spreaders have to fizzle before the media stops talking about them.

  24. All these lawmakers are classified as killers,so wonderful to see such demonstration showing the willingness of the people against government plan.

  25. I’m an Aussie male, and I watched on the Internet,the Freedom Rally from the beginning till the end, and my spirit was with the British people, wishing I was walking along side with them “ and when the police tried to incite trouble at Hyde Park, they were pushed back to the road decently and Surely “ by a determined and Brave British Public “ Well Done Everyone “
    This fighting spirit from down under is with you “🇦🇺

  26. This is so encouraging to see more people are waking up and we are not alone in this.

  27. We were somewhere in the middle of the march and when we got to Holborn viaduct we could look down Farringdon Street and see people over a mile ahead walking back along Ludgate/Fleet Street !! When we got to the turn around St Pauls we stopped and watched the rest of the march go past. It took 30 minutes. We reckon about 20 people/sec going past which is over 1000/minute or 30,000+ behind us. With those ahead of us there MUST have been at the very least 60,000 and probably many more as we never saw the front of the march.
    We saw NO TROUBLE WHATSOEVER. No arrests and the police presence was pretty much none existent apart from handfuls of police at Hyde Park, Marble Arch and then a couple of vans and police bikes tagging along at the rear of the march.
    Great effort by all who turned up.

  28. This was brilliant to see this in London, and for the world to see this Massive turnout the scum MSM are covering this freedom march up just saying usual thing police got injured which was a set up the brown shirts went in and attack people enjoying themselves dancing and singing which was lovely to see humans enjoying life with no masks.

    The police are obeying orders of the bent government and evil Khan lets kick him and the Tories out to show them we will not stand for there BS

      • Everything he closed down London
        Call for lockdown of businesses wants everyone wearing face masks even in the street.

        Closed roads down cycle lane everywhere and is woke plus i could go on.
        He destroy London and will be dangerous if he gets back in.

  29. The government and main stream media are doing a great job at dismantling their syste

  30. How does Hugo (or anyone for that matter ) KNOW the format of the “passports?” That they will become a one-stop access to healthcare and G knows what else? Especially since it has now become Impossible to believe a word Boris Johnson+++ says?

    • Hello Andria, the ‘covid digital passports’ are constructed with blockchain technology, and this technology is a major aspect of the 4th industrial revolution and the ‘Great Reset’ put forth by the World Economic Forum for years. They are working to get everyone on the blockchain registrar through ‘digital identity’ usage, that will be the basis for all our transactions in society. I highly recommend the research work of ALison McDowell who has been documenting and reporting on this for years.

      Here is an article that explores the topic and links to an interview with Alison that does as well:

      Trust Codes, Vaccine Passports, and Scannable Humans

      “While food manufacturers desire to prove that their consumables are “trust-worthy,” it seems that human beings are being encouraged (and potentially coerced) to use smartphone apps as reminders to get vaccinated and to present verification (via their smartphones) that they are verifiably “clean” from contagious disease. Concomitantly, the WEF rolled out their version of immune passports, called CommonPass, which entails that vaccine recipients will display a QR code that can be scanned at public events and when using public transportation. Israel has also implemented its QR-coded Green Pass, a digitized permit allowing vaccinated people entry into public establishments. For more detailed information, please see Alison McDowell’s March 2021 analysis on the current roll out of medical status “pass” systems and their implications with regard to human capital impact investing, biometric digital identities, and medical geofencing.”

      The length of the video with Alison that is linked in the article is a bit long, and while worth the viewing for all the other aspects and nuances covered, here is a shorter video that covers enough to get a better idea of what is involved:

      Truthiverse Episode 15 The Fourth Industrial Revolution Revealed with Alison McDowell

      I hope this helps to answer your question and to get a clearer picture of what is going on.

  31. LONDON. 20th of March – round 1 – was beautiful. 24th April – round 2 – was breath taking (over a million people united). 15th May – round 3 – BRING IT ON!!!!!!! We stand together – come and join us!!!!!! Join us there Hugo. We would love to see you

  32. Does anyone know what happened to the young man who was covering the freedom rally, on his YouTube channel, “ The Great reopening “ , after watching his coverage all night, the next day, his channel was deleted and the same with British Lady, Anna Brees”” both channel closed straight after the rally “ seems like they were both shut down?

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