PHE / NHS Whistleblower ‘Something Very Sinister Going On’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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61 Comments on “PHE / NHS Whistleblower ‘Something Very Sinister Going On’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. At the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, we were encouraged to clap for the NHS. Was that to elevate confidence, appreciation and gratitude towards them so as to predispose us against believing they could be capable of such sinister behaviour?

    • Protect the ‘NHS’ – it’s all demonic/satanic garbage. Clap, cover your face, gay flag, wear pink, and so on it all goes. Yeah, because all red blooded males want to look like a member of the ‘Village People’! LOL

    • The virus is not the problem. The money making schemes of big pharmas is.

  2. Hope you get many more whistleblowers coming forward. There is no other way to get the truth out.

  3. Mentioned this on another post. But this the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Up to possibly 2 million Christians were slaughtered by the ‘Young Turks.’ Many literally crucified. Who ran this regime – Jews/Freemasons. Who had an ancestor involved? – Worzel himself – BO JO! Point being, they’ve killed millions of Christians in very recent memory, so don’t for one minute think they won’t do it again. It’s the same families/bloodlines. They obviously want to/are doing it again. This is SERIOUS/REAL stuff people. Instead of slaughter, etc its this bullshit vaccine. It was St George’s Day yesterday. What did Tesco have to celebrate 23/24 April? All the staff wearing PINK to ‘celebrate’ their association with a cancer charity. Sounds like trolling to me!

    • Andy, didn’t they use fear and hatred on both sides to create war?
      With them in the middle benefiting from it all. Probably supplying weapons to both sides and paying off leaders to spark the war?

    • Yeah, and Israel denies that genocide. It was those Arab domne Jews involved with that genocide.

    • Andy, to blame “Jews” and Freemasons for this genocide sounds like the old lethal prejudice. You let the Turks and Islam off the hook.
      It is quite possible that there was manipulation behind the scenes, but the perpetrators were likely multinational, if that is the case. The leaders of the Young Turks took refuge in Germany, the ally of Turkey in two world wars, who practiced the same tactics against Jewish People in WW2. The Armenian genocide was the lead up to the Jewish Holocaust of WW2.

  4. The truth always comes out in some way or another. It’s all coming out now, and a lot of dots are being connected.

  5. Thanks Hugo, good video as always!
    This proves from an inside perspective that there is something going on but the full extent is yet to come from more whistleblowers.
    Personally I think there are more people with recent side effects that do not share it and when they do, they are just told it’s not connected to your recent jab.
    From people I know one has developed blood clotting and has severe migraines that they can’t get rid of ( never experienced them before the jab) and the other is more extreme with loss of function in her legs. Again fine beforehand and 3 weeks after the jab slowly lost feeling.
    And all because fake doctors and specialists in the media say it’s ok to have it.

    • Dr Bhakdi interviews are interesting, he predicted clots specifically CVTs being a problem before the officials aknowledged them. They can call him a quack, but since he predicted it before it happened I’ll believe him over them.

  6. It is extremely baffling to me how so many work in the health care field in different capacities and still believe there is a virus 🤔. None of this shit – the test, vaccines, social distancing, blah fucking blah is good for the health. She thinks something sinister is going on – try murder and maiming. I cannot understand why most people do not comprehend that, its been over a fucking yr now for this plannnnnnndemic !!!!!! Wake up 🤬😡😠

    • Absolutely, definitely murder on a grand scale. The psychopaths pushing this poison need stringing up.

    • Like the police they are earning a wage ,they have commitments ,family to consider too , as a human you cant knock that we would anything to protect our family ,they are just foot soldiers , 1st law of human nature is self preservation.
      We need to go after the Big Guns .

  7. Brilliant that you are putting this out there Hugo. I believe that this is the tip of the ice Berg. These evil psychopaths don’t care about you or your family and never have. I believe there will be many people murdered by this experimental lethal injection. If you stop one person from having the lethal injection Hugo, it could be one life saved. Keep up the good work 👍🏻.

  8. Hi hugo
    Ive just watched this and felt compelled to add my account.
    Im a nurse at the manchester foundation trust. At the start of the lock downs in march 2020, i started noticing things out of place! I smoke and while i know this is bad for me, i just do! Anyway where we all go to smoke is right at the back of the hospital. One day before the shit show in march a load of barriors apeared. I was wondering what they were for. Fast forward a little while and those were used to separate the enterences of the hospital…..did they have prior knowledge of this? Also in the 1st lockdown they moved all the wards around and put them all in one place in the hospital so it looked busy. I have photos of ventilaters, which they said they were short of, stashed behind a curtain at the bottom of the recovery bay, where i work. We were all told to stand by as the hospital was full….which was not. And we were all sat around twidling our thumbs doing nothing!
    Roll on to the october where they said its spiking again and it was no more than a normal flu season!
    Im sick of all this shit. I didnt become a nurse for this. I became a nurse to help people in thier time of need and to advocate for them. Im seriously contempating getting out of this shite!
    My name is julie stretton, ive been a nurse for 15 years and for the 1st time in my life im ashamed of saying that.
    Please keep me confidential
    Many thanks brother and keep up you excellent work.

  9. The covid 19 families group hugo posted about has been removed. This is fascism! So they wont let people share their pain. Cyprus will be the new israel from 26 april,they are not allowed to go anywhere… coming here soon too…..i agree its very serious but we still cant organise,cant see powerful people on our side can you?

    • They set up a website before the facebag group was removed, the website is, searx, duckduckgo & google all censor the link in search, I had to use startpage to find it & even then it was on the 3rd page of results.

  10. I think it must be obvious to even the meanest intelligence, that the existence of: ‘Covid-19’ is an utter fiction, and so it must follow that there is no epidemic. Rather, is it only too apparent that the invented story of an epidemic is a prelude to Schwab’s and Gates’s plan (of longstanding) to enslave humanity, and to remove that part of it they deem superfluous. The absurd mandates handed down by most governments are – at this point – a test of the public’s willingness to comply. I do for all that, still believe that there will be a militant resistance to this monstrous scheme.

  11. Its great she’s come out and said this. I no for a fact nhs staff twigged this long before now. Its disgusting more nhs staff are simple going along with this. Who do you trust anymore with your health if your poor.

  12. Same families/bloodlines throughout history against us. 13 bloodlines. It really is a satanic cult. Look into it. It is real. So, we have to reveal these families and every single connection.

    • Thank you Hugo for all your hard work we all need to fight this together with the police with everyone against the globalist billionaires who keep very quiet in the background orchestrating everything quietly from the darkness…

  13. See Hugo your hard work paying off .
    And Well done to that person it’s about time theses people see & speak out about how we are suffering and the tyranny we have been put under for their control! They are going to stop at nothing we no that..but me personally will continue to say NO! So they have to take me a away kicks n punching 🥊 cause that’s what they will get from me! Thank you Hugo

  14. And that 2 bob sack of shit Hancock said in a video that NHS Whistleblowers should be able to come forward without fear of losing their job when they believe there is a danger to the public. These people need to be voted out, Boris, Hancock and Whitty need gone now I’m not necessarily saying Conservatives need to go just certain people. There is no one in the opposition worth a toss so it’s the devil you know.
    I will not have any of the Vaccines regardless of harassment as I am high risk for Blood Clots ( having spent time taking Tinzaparin and Rivarosaban Don’t think I’ve spelt them right ) but you get my point and now take Aspirin every 2 days. Any one in the NHS Who is not coming forward is just as responsible for any deaths as those setting all this up. If the whistleblowers came forward in mass or large groups what are the NHS going to do sack them all what with 90k jobs needing filled I can’t see that happening.
    Nice one Too this person and well done Hugo.

  15. Hi, I’m a nurse (not in the UK) and just wanted to say, not from seeing it but from having general knowledge about the medical workfield: a lot of medics who administer the Corona shot, everywhere in the world, and a lot of nurses too, they really are well-meant, they do inform the patient on possible side effects etc. They are, however, practitioners having to wake up early every day and getting to a full ward and “hit the ground running” cuz of actual work having to be done, so none of your normal medics/nurses have the time to investigate into the hundreds of possible side effects of the shot. Investigating is not their job. Not to mention they having the financial director of the hospital constantly pushing for profit, meaning the patient is to be sent home as soon as possible to make place for the next (profit).
    So practitioners don’t have the time for investigating and so, rely on the public information coming from the medical authority of that country.

    So that’s my point, don’t think your medic/nurse to be dodgy, most of the medics aren’t, and no nurse for sure is dodgy.

    • So hypothetically if your financial director was offered an incentive such as $30 per shot. Would the surgery or hospital be inclined to get as many people in through the door as possible?
      I think if the nurses knew the full extent of the side effects they would not be part of it.
      Also your point of not having a dedicated person to investigate is a poor excuse as people’s lives are at stake. Easily amended by appointing someone!
      So now you know there are issues, what are you and your colleagues going to do about it?
      The general public need help from the inside as they turn up brainwashed and ready to be part of team vaxxed.

    • Harold Shipman and Josef Mengele where well dodgy !

  16. I still can’t get my head around why there’s still so many people who can’t see through all this depopulation experiment on humanity …. it’s so frustrating

    • Me neither! I have been one of Jehovah’s witnesses for the last 35 years trying to “wake” people up as to what is going on behind the scenes, and what the future holds ( an amazing one believe it or not) and very few people listen and want to hear more. It’s apathy, pure apathy..

  17. It feels like Nazi-Germany, but this time in global scale, I’m terrified! We should be able to trust our governments and health care system, but they don’t seem to be trustworthy!

  18. UK Column had a senior whistle blower in the nhs expose this genocide a couple of weeks ago.
    mhra stats are just a fraction of the deaths this has got to stop
    turn your telly off tell employers to fuck right off and take them to court.
    get names and take them to court.. the evidence is overwhelming they know they are fucked.
    they can hide stats on a invisible sickness but not this time.

  19. I only found out I was allergic to polyethylene glycol (PEG) by accident after some research. It is in so many things, soap powder, shower gel, toothpaste, body moisturiser etc. I knew I was allergic to a specific thing, then found out PEG was in it. I then searched for the side effects from polyethylene glycol and they matched what I had been experiencing for years. I think this is why so many are having adverse reactions as they don`t know they are allergic to it.

  20. Not sure if your aware but Anna Breeze is on Twotter saying this video should be removed??? Shes showing her true colours isnt she!! Loads of people have criticized her for this!!

  21. Hey guys! Let’s create Hugo subchannels where his episodes are translated in different languages!

    • Hi, it’s a shame I don’t know a thing about creating websites/channels/subchannels, but I’ve already been translating some topics I came across here, for my parents here in the Netherlands. I’m still trying to comprehend everything myself what’s happening since a year ago, and trying to summarize/formulate it for those I know who don’t take much effort to understand anything on the other side to ‘the news’. Also in choosing my words carefully as to prevent from characterizing myself as just another conspiracy nut, which is difficult among most family members and people in general..

      I read your name and immediately thought of the times I’d watched V for Vendetta with great joy, and with an underlying fear of what parts of the story might turn out non-fictional in the reality of our future..

  22. Pls copy this email to UK Column. They have 100s of NHS staff whistleblowing.

  23. Would it not be funny if it turns out that Klaus Schwab was a love-child between Hitler and Ms. Braun … . He is in that age group.

  24. As “Covid fatigue” sets in with the general population, we are increasingly being bombarded with propaganda about anthropogenic (man made) global warming/climate change. This is yet another control measure that the eugenicists, who are now holding the levers of power, have planned and will use to forward their depopulation agenda. The reality is that we have passed the peak of the cycle that is now being referred to as the modern warming period. Our future is colder, not hotter however; the banksters want countries to borrow fiat money to invest in renewable energy that costs more than non-renewables. CO2 is non-poisonous plant food. Life was never more abundant on earth than when CO2 levels were many times higher than they are today. Our No.1 problem is not CO2 but pollution.

    • I appreciate your comments, however, I disagree with your hypothesis. CO 2 is indeed the key to our existence, however, the thing that keeps the blanket of CO2 wrapped around the earth is the pollution that exists in the stratosphere and that exists initially from volcanic eruptions on the early earth.
      As the earth spins the matter is flung out along the equator latitudes. Our contribution to all this dirt has been replacing the loss of volcanic action worldwide, The evidence for this is now visible in that industrial production has been cut back and the airlines have been grounded, therefore, the skies are too clean and there is a hole above the equator leaking out the CO2 thus causing the temperatures to fall during the nights and rise dramatically during the day. Texas was frozen along with other states around the globe on the same latitudes leading to crop failures in those parts never seeing snow. The warm waters flowing up on the gulf stream cooled and many warm blooded animals like turtles died in the waters – we are are now feeling the same effects since our nights are much colder leading to the unseasonal temperature drops in the UK from the lack of warm water reaching us.

      • Indeed, the whole spinning Earth theory is as preposterous as Einstein’s silly General Theory of Relativity where he states that space and time can be bent in on itself; the so-called space-time continuum. Of course it is all complete and utter nonsense that has been debunked as explained on many internet forums and demonstrated on youtube videos.

  25. Covid is like 9/11 as time goes on you realise it’s not what it seems and the people telling you what to believe are more responsible than the accused. Covid kills but the government measures are killing way more people. Evil Bill has been banging on about his vaccinating the globe project since 2015. Knowing Bill Gates is a satanist I seriously can’t expect any good from such a person. God commands good satan would be opposite right. The virus is real but the source of the virus came from people who are hell bent on preparing the world for their most awaited one. The antichrist. Remember when we used to be called conspiracy theorists when we used to say the illuminati want’s to control the population???

  26. Hugo – keep up the good work. Your videos are always informative and topical. I hope they help some people wake up! Forget about Anna Brees – sour grapes probably because you are getting an audience out there. As for the NHS and Teachers for that matter, they need to wake up too. Do they not realise that in about 5 years time, if these Globalists get control, all their jobs will be replaced by AI? They are being trained for it now if they did but know. School children doing online lessons and doctors doing video consultations and phone appointments! How many will still have a job when they can be replaced by computers and the internet! Wake up and tell the truth then might still have a chance of a real job instead of being prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  27. That thinners does. It cause clots.

    Unless it’s because it’s re clotting after the thinners are given ?

  28. Hi Hugo, I found two pieces of Scientific information interesting – and horrifying. First part; A Professor at at Northeastern University, Prof. Makowski thinks that the spike protein found on the surface of the virus might mimic proteins that regulate blood vessels and control the formation of blood clots, which could explain many of the non-respiratory complications of COVID-19. Makowski, L.; Olson-Sidford, W.; W. Weisel, J. Biological and Clinical Consequences of Integrin Binding via a Rogue RGD Motif in the SARS CoV-2 Spike Protein. Viruses 2021, 13, 146.

    At the tip of the spike protein rests a string of three amino acids called RGD (arginine-glycine-aspartate). This structure is known for connecting cells to each other in the body. Think of it as sticky.
    RGD can contribute to the formation of blood clots and the growth of new blood vessels when it interacts with cell receptors called integrins.
    Other proteins that have RGD are known to cause complications.
    That’s the first thing.

    Now the second part: The ‘vaccine’. Whether DNA or mRNA, Astra Zeneca or Pfizer or other, these ‘vaccines’ (they aren’t vaccines) are made so that a piece of the coronavirus genetic code that makes the spike protein on the coronavirus is modelled and put in the injection to go inside the Recipient.
    Once we’ve had our jab this bit of mRNA or DNA sets forth and makes our body start producing the spike proteins of the corona virus. I don’t know how many people actually know this is what happens.
    So, you have the ‘vaccine’ and the mRNA or DNA causes your body to make many, many of the bits of the coronavirus called the spike protein! You become a bio-reactor, pumping out these infinitesimally small bits of coronavirus which go in your blood stream all over your body.
    The idea is that your body recognises them as pathogens and sets up an immune response – your immune system gets going and kills them. But your body keeps making them. We do not know how long for.

    Now put part One – that the spike protein of the coronavirus has RDG which is sticky and makes blood clots in you, with part Two, the vaccine which is intentionally making your body make lots and lots of these spike proteins with their RDG that is sticky and makes blood clots happen inside you.

    So now, the big question:
    If you were going to make a thing you called a ‘vaccine’ which you said was to reduce the symptom(s) of a disease, would you make it with a piece of artificial mRNA or DNA that leads their body to produce the very thing that causes the most lethal symptom of that disease?

  29. Thank you for another informative video Hugo. If this person stands by what they have told you they should declare themselves a whistleblower and contact the appropriate authorities to speak out. Whistleblowers have legal rights and protections but need the courage of their convictions to take on the establishment otherwise nothing will change. Good luck!

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