Human To Cats TRANSMISSION Claims Scientists / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. And the Narrative moves on but people cannot be told ,I have tried.

    • I know how you feel. there is one answer to this – don’t waste your time anymore. I’ve stopped with family members who still categorise me as a tin foil hatter! Even when I told them that there would be a lockdown and that it was all about a vaccine as soon as i heard about the wuhan outbreak weeks before the lockdown. Viruses are not what they say they are- Ebola etc,etc all lies!- check out germ theory ( Pasteur- a charlatan) and terrain theory ( Beauchamp) Anyone whom refutes the blatant conspiracy at this point cannot be helped and will only drag you down with them. They seem to have the ‘ lemming gene’.
      I know that it is hard where loved ones are concerned. This genocide has been planned for a very long time. Every tiny detail gas been studied. The people ‘ in power ‘ ( puppets )either think that they will be safe by selling out or have been compromised. Hell , Rothschild owns half of the planet. We must unite or perish! Stick with Like minded souls

  2. More bollocks. Anyone comes near my cat I will kill them.

    • Indeed … you watch them use this as an excuse for culling pets … more control … more madness … more quackery. What a bunch of evil ppl we have in Westminster!

  3. It’s straight out of the Simpsons zika virus parody. Imbeciles!

  4. My dog is up to date with all his vaccination records, only because we had no one to look after him if we went away and kennels insist on it. He has had several serious fits since we started paying the vet.. I doubt I will ever go on holiday without him again.

  5. Omg 😆 they finally Loosing the plot whooooooooo! Bunch power freak muppets!!
    Truth this is
    my neighbour has ‘outed’ her beautiful cat ,, o months ago he comes every day to my garden hungry god bless it so I buy box biscuits a week as it’s feckin cruel thank goodness I keep forgetting I got nosing neighbours who are clearly sheep! Now it makes sense why he been coming to me ! and my good old dog knows the score I swear it as she never goes for him. Well that’s my rant but people ain’t nicking cats Hugo people are pushing them out to starve to feckin death …you horrible people! Have more jabs and die you don’t deserve animals ✌️To rest of us who care

    • I have five cats and feed another three that are coming to my garden every day. One of them was a feral kitten when she arrived, rest were abandoned by their former owners. Makes me furious that people do that.

  6. What a load of cat piss & trust me, I’ve smelt a lot of that ! This has been in the pipeline for a long time, no more pets, all grass eating animals gone, the world has gone completely bonkers – if only those that continually tell us how overpopulated the planet is, would just do us all a favour, which anyone would if they truly believed it –

  7. The carbon footprint of all these cats and dogs is too great for our new overlords. I imagine the plan is to “vaccinate” and reduce their numbers.

  8. #Zoonotics the #Nipahvirus possibily next up to continue the destruction of all animal husbandry..

  9. Really ??? I follow you since this shit has starter but you’ve gone crazy now. The damn cats have chips for years way before covid. Im not saying the GOV is good, fuck them. They lie and can not be trusted. I dont pay the shit BBC and I support you to get info thats useful and lately you create a panic that the gov is out to get us and our cats. We all fucking know already, so keep it calm because people think you lost it. They just got the best of you. Maybe you just had too much and your going crazy see how many idiots get jabbed, i see too, i am called a anti vax every day too. Don’t give into panic, we must not show fear ! Ever ! Not to them…. so go fucking panic where nobody sees you.
    Thats what they want, us to panic and be scared. Bloody hell !!! Is like you disregard your own damn advice. Get it together.

  10. People aren’t stealing cats, what a load of bollocks, we are an animal loving country, let them try and come for our pets, they’ll need to go through me 1st, bastards

    • I’ve never heard of a cat being stolen in my life.

  11. The carbon footprint of all these cats and dogs is too great for our new overlords. I imagine the plan is to “vaccinate” and reduce their numbers.

  12. Cats in the animal lab tests all died as did all the animals.
    They were fine at first and then when faced with another variant of covid- all dead.😔😢

  13. If people are that worried, can’t they just get a Bluetooth tag to go on a collar?
    That way it can be tracked without a chip being installed under its skin.
    Surely more humane?

  14. Cats get the flu get the fu×× out if here with that nonsense đ

  15. The only ones stealing your Cats and Dogs will be the Chinese.. they like to eat them…This was always going to come into play and the zombie walked straight in as usual. With all their ways this deadly B/S virus spreads on surfaces, in the air etc, etc but somehow your pets don’t carry it? Maybe the zombie will finally wake up when their cat or dog is ordered to be removed from the family?
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  16. What a load of BOLLOCKS..yet again Boris and the Dickheads scare mongering…I find myself saying time and time again listen Boris…FUCK OFF AND DIE

    • Its all getting way way out of hand now. Lol. Mind you sme people are only just waking up so they don’t no allmthe stuff yet , so people like Hugo and the rest are helping them play catch up. Me personally haven’t got the patience anymore , they will now have to keep up not play catch up. I’m fucking sick of all of this shit pandemic bollocks.

  17. I have rescue cats and dogs that have been tortured by humans – I prefer them to humans, with exceptions. If they come for them, even though I am old I will knife the evil bastards. My cats and dogs are my children. They have souls and I will guard them with my life.

  18. Hi Hugo. It’s no secret that dogs & cats transmit Co Viruses to/from humans.
    I can’t load the image here if all the animals known to transmit these viruses to/from humans. If anyone is interested I’ll load the image on my Telegram channel Vax Facts Chat group.
    I took your advice Hugo & started a channel. About to start a YouTube channel on truth as well (Resonantruth).

  19. We need to ‘TRACK AND TRACE’ the politicians, the police, the army, all Freemasons, Zionists. Do that, you’ll see where the problem really lies.

  20. Quarantine your cat !! LOL How sick.. The Government will now want to confine all cats to indoors.. Poor animals, they’ll probably die of boredom !

  21. Dogs and cats are susceptible to coronaviruses, but when they come into contact with it, it dies as soon as it even touches their hair. They cannot infect humans, neither the other way around!

  22. The pet transmission crap started to creep in quietly on the sidelines 12 months ago during first lockdown. We have the regular vilifying of dog walkers, making them out to be dangerous and destructive troublemakers with regular reports of attacks on other people and farm animals. Also ties in with the big push for reduction in meat production. They ate dropping huge hints that the keeping of pets is not part of the Great Reset.

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