Don’t Get Complacent / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. If people by now can’t tell there’re manipulated by now, they never will be.

    • I watched a video by a KGB agent who said that at least 3 generations (of 10 years per generation) have to be primed before a power control changeover can be administered. Hence the introduction of the primed brain-dead.

  2. Yes, make sure you all turn up tomorrow. We need many hundreds of thousands marching against this Rothschild’s tyranny.

  3. I’m off to London tomorrow for the freedom March hope to see many many more of us there 🙏👍

  4. Be there in central London tomorrow. Show the central bankers you will not be accepting them as leaders.

  5. The scheduled railworks are a dead giveaway they are shitting themselves.

    • Everyone get to central London tomorrow, show the Rothschilds you know they are behind it and you won’t accept it.

    • Good to see you’re back!
      Hope you’re doing well since your last post??

  6. No mention of st georges day on those front pages i see. WANKERS!!!!

    • In Tesco, no mention at all of St George’s Day. No. they had their wearing PINK to celebrate they’re association with a cancer charity. To me, it’s like a troll.

    • I no its disgusting, I’m an English woman my kids are all English generations of my family going way back English and proud to be. Seems we are not allowed to be English in fucking England anymore. Everone in the uk can celebrate what ever they want but say your English and say anything about St George’s day and omg it’s racist, what a load of old BOLLOCKS. I’m sick of this perfection woke shitshow of a so called free country where its own people born and breed are forgotten.

      • Couldn’t agree more ! I feel your ire & very much second it !

  7. rise up I will die for my freedoms… will you?
    this is beyond any unawakened people’s imagination. they want us dead and that’s not bullshit it’s been planned for decades the great cull as they say.
    mass unemployment mass immigration… those immigrants are going to be employed to kick your doors in under the control of disease act why do think they simply escort them in and put them up in hotels?
    I have it from credible sources within the military that that the mod have been training ex forces ex coppers in fire arms and riot control… just like northern Ireland 20 years ago they are ready to go full into tyrant mode get prepped get ready to protect your families

    • The military have sworn a oath to protect Queen and County, so they just going to sit there and do nothing… They are sons and daughters of ordinary people. Let’s hope they will turn up

  8. Coronavirus 19 was predicted in the opening ceremony of the Olympics Games in London 2012. Corona Pro-Vaccine propaganda shown during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olympics.

  9. It will begin in earnest after the may elections carrot +donkey syndrome

  10. I think they’ll stay with Green Agenda Side for the time being, nearly 2 weeks since lockdown ( shop closure ) ended, hospital cases still dropping, deaths not enough to scare the public, so they’ll ignore covid side, they need to cover up this was over late december, the deaths after then where mainly vaccine and the no rise after the lockdown supports this nicely, so time for a change of focus. ie lockdowns where your allowed into Tesco’s don’t do bugger all!

    Until the Vaccine deaths kick in ofcourse, possibly the unvaccinated being killed by the vaccinated then back on the fear and lockdowns.

    Confirm Kenny above, Navy personal being trained in Civil defense, keeping the peace aswell

    • Do you really think the unvaccinated will be harmed or killed by the vaccinated? I think they will be the ones who suffer as their immune system will be gone leaving them open to attack from a new ” variant ” I could be wrong but many have already died and been maimed in this short time so come autumn an onslaught of illness will prevail and they will be too weak to fight it off ..

  11. Great stuff Hugo thank you. I not taking my foot of the pedal! They sneaky, cruel and evil people and I have No intention of changing my mind about them. They are killing us off end of story.
    Thank you again Hugo. Take care ✌️

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  13. It is so funny that the three countries that have been attacked by the press, more than any others have been; Trump’s USA, Modi’s India and Bollsanaro’s Brazil. Three leaders who do not follow the smart suited Davos crew. I’m not saying I like these guys, but the world leaders, big business and the press hate them, because they do not follow the rules. The big push by the media on India this week, just as an election is on. They hate democracy.

    • It’s just a show, they are all owned and do what they are told.
      Is the media more powerful than the governments?
      There in lies the answer.

  14. Hugo,is not quiet …..they preparing the soil mate… see india and today japan lockdown…..soon here too….these lunatics wont stop

  15. I also think it is quiet because of the upcoming elections.

  16. Just so you don’t think the toning down on Covid and rising interest in Global warming is local to the UK, I’m in Australia, and it’s happening here, and I was chatting to an old friend in New Mexico earlier and they’ve got Global Warming on PBS TV every night next week with
    that obnoxious girl Greta on TV every night.
    So the plan seems to be global as we thought.

  17. Welcome to the surveillance state is all I have to say under surveillance 24/7z

  18. Some interesting truth bombs. Today is St George’s Day. It is also the time when the Armenian Genocide was carried out which killed up to 1.2million Christians. Committed by The ‘Young Turks’ who were primarily Jewish and Freemasons. Guess whose ancestor was part of this ‘Young Turk’ regime? Our old friend Boris (Worzel Gummidge) Johnson – real name, Alexander Kamal. (His grandfather changed his name from Kamal to Johnson).

  19. LONDON – 20th of March – round 1 – was beautiful. 24th April – round 2 – was breath taking (over a million people united). 15th May – round 3 – BRING IT ON!!!!!!! We stand together – come and join us!!!!!!

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