SHEDDING / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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132 Comments on “SHEDDING / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Yes yes yes. There must be a site set up for those who have been killed or have had side effects from this lethal injection. Farce Book is a globalist platform. People need a place to log what is happening.
    I believe that this is a population reduction drug being pushed by the psychopaths in positions of power. When the younger people are injected with this poison and start dying and having problems.
    The sheep might actually wake up. Especially when the kids are being murdered by these psychopaths.

    • The Covid Vaccine Victims group have a backup on Telegram there is a website too but not logged onto it yet

    • bio weapon ladies and gents. Mark Steele has the evidence from top generals.

    • Why would they even bother to inject people with a serum to reduce the population when they could just put it in our food, water or even release a deadly virus and just give the vaccine to a select number of people?

      • Makes no sense really. But this is a mind game of gaining compliance, and therefore control over the population, And in gaining compliance peoples data… but the mind is the last weapon… and when you think about the persons who believe that depopulation is the solution to climate change and then the Georgia Guide stones in tandem with UN agendas, it still makes no sense! But then add to the mix the luciferin/satanic occultists you realise they have to give their human sacrifices to their God Maloc/Baal, Consider the Roman Empire and the Crucifixion, Sacrifice or murder of Jesus all the traits of satanic/luciferin worship are there and we are taught Jesus willing sacrificed his life for our sins and then consider that the Christian God does not approve of murder, human sacrifice etc and you will see how the Roman church arose from those early days and used Christianity in the greatest deception of the population! Signs of Satan = manipulation, deception, misleading the people!!! it is all there in 10 drowning street.

      • Because they are fleecing us through Tax payers for money to pay for them all too.

      • Satanists don’t want bad karma, it has to be YOUR choice. All the evidence of what they’re doing and why is out there for people that bother to look, they tell you what they’re going to do so if you choose to go along with it then that’s on you, not them.

      • Directly into the bloodstream is where it is most effective!

      • Paul, I agree with you. I think this genetic therapy is just being used on the population using them as test lab rats. I also think its a way of coercing us into the bio metric control system, that all governments are rushing towards.

    • I agree. I realised it was the most heinous crime when the shedding spike proteins could affect women who had not had their so-called vaccine. This is a concoction designed to kill the human race, by the spontaneous abortion of pregnant foetus’ and by making women find it hard to conceive. There will be other terrible effects in time with neurological disorders, prion diseases and more blood clots, strokes and deaths which will reach very high numbers. In designing this injectable substance these evil people have surpassed their wickedness. They caught the ignorant public who fell for their covid scam and were scared of the virus and now those people actually want their murderous jab. Those of us with insight who see their lies are in danger from all the free-floating spike proteins being shed from the vaccinated and which will be in the water passed through the sewage. The whole plan is so wicked, so cruel, so disgusting. It could only be the work of Satan himself. Do not be pulled into their deceptions.

      • 100% agree! We have to build communities with other awake and un-injected beings. Sadly the time for waking the sleepers has passed. It’s as futile now as running back into a burning building to rescue the dead. 😓

  2. I wonder if the earth knew it was ‘earth day’ yesterday…

    • The earth is happily heading along it’s path to eradicating the virus of humans infecting it’s surface. It cares what we think, not at all.

  3. I think it could well be possible. I heard that people that DON’T get vaccinated can be infected by ther vaccinated. Kinda explains why they are so happy that at least half the population have been jabbed. Every vaxxed can infect at least 1 non vaxxed kind of logic. That way they can infect at a higher faster pace making the non jabbed still suffer. I think that they knew a lot of people would not get the vaccination so they had to target us so we don’t get away lightly. Jab or no jab, they intend to affect us all. In short the VAXXED peoples immune system start deteriorating, bad overall health AND become ‘superspreaders’ to NON VAXXED just in time for a Third Wave they have guaranteed this year.

    • Nothing is spreading!!!! There are no viruses…research more.. Look who “discovered ” the viruses and how long time ago. No virus on this planet is what we’ve been told they are. Nothing is spreading!!! Only toxic substances and only injected can harm you…Your body trying to get rid of them and giving you the symptoms we call “diseases “.. Look why Pasteur “discovered ” the “viruses”.. look for Dr.Stefan Lanka.. research German New Medicine.. to name just few sources..
      No nothing is spreading from human to human. Not even sexual diseases.. Look gnm …google it… it will make more sense than all this “modern medical ” crap…
      Have a lovely day !!!!

    • I can’t say for myself as I cut the ties with any pro-vaxes. let alone vaxed species. That is the time of revelation, when many humans know someone for years and than suddenly see the other side and don’t want that one around. Or you speak to someone for 5 minutes and just know you are of the kind. Lots of people now experience the same. By people I mean humans, not zombies. Cut the last phone contact with a vax zealot. Did you notice one common feature: bring to them hardest proof, and their response is hysterical refusal to discuss it. If they hear a voice from heaven saying “Don’t!” , Their reaction would be the same.
      I am lucky none of my family are zombies. My uncle is 84, he is a doctor in Russia, working at hospital as a head of ward and a consultant. he was offered, declined, signed a paper, and keeps working.. But if I had , I would keep away, Support on the distance but limit communication. Thank God I don’t have to do that/
      I’ve hears something like that but did not see it proved or confirmed by someone with reputation, I wonder what Dolores Carhill thinks .I cab ask Dr Buttar, I am one of his clients. But I I guess he would say what we all think: we cannot know. Dr Yealdon gave 2 years by those stung by Phizer, but nothing about transmitting/ Promoters of poison claim there are no long term side effects, zombies swallow everything, but a human who is sapiens would ask a very reasonable question: how do you know, if time elapsed from the start experiments on humans was a short term?
      They hate us smart Alecs. All restrictions, all terrorism by government is directed against us ,Sheeple are turned on us
      I think it is probable, Because many poisoned by concoction develop that same CV which could be transmitter. But that flu is the least of our worries, homo sheeple who will be bed wetting until they expire in a couple of years. Something with incubation period of 1-2 years can be injected, but we only could know when that time passes. I am sure they will get some lurgy out, but it would be still difficult to know if the vaxes are radiating it or Prince Phillip returned as a deadly virus to clean the earth of filth called humanity, as the reptile promised. But I know what we should do: unite into one front, realize zombies are no longer humans and treat them accordingly. watch what you eat. And fight, resist, do not comply.

  4. Oh Hugo, I felt sick hearing what that vile Frenchman wrote, knowing that so many people I love or care about have had the jab. I’m sure I will be hearing of many of them dying or falling ill in the coming months. I feel so helpless and angry. I so wish that I could meet you and we could be fast friends but I’m in Canada so it won’t happen, but I feel like you speak for me and others who feel the same way about the evil things that are happening. Keep up the good work. I’m listening! Jody from Canada

  5. I have been in close contact with someone who had the moderna first dose and also with people that had pfizer but also astra zeneca at work. No one who was unvaccinated had anything you have described. Also what that so called nurse said is bonkers. in uk most of the people were vaccinated with astra zeneca and this vaccine is based on the clasical principle not the mRNA… and even so, the mRNA vaccines makes cells produce the spike protein not the virus, the protein does nothing except cling to cells but that is it. If they shed as that lady said it may just be a good thing as even unvaccinated people will develop antibodies to the spike protein of the virus. That is if we believe it is just the code for the spike protein un the mRNA vaccine 😊

  6. Please hugo or anyone. Need to find a good lawyer to tell us what can be done. My friend work as a carer and been told by boss new contracts are prepared . Mandatory jab in them. This is against any human rights. So please if anyone know of someone familiar to what can be done let me know,thank you

    • I’m a carer as well. Tell your friend not to sign anything. Its simple. Without you signing anything, theres not much they can do. The company i work for is a national charity, they had a recruitment drive recently. Not a single applicant. It speaks volumes. They wont get rid of staff if nobody can replace them. Tell them to hold out and not accept any of this.

      • Go on legal Redress on telegram. Advice for forced vax

    • They can’t force you to take it. Listen to the Dr Mike Yeadon, James Delingpole podcast. If they say you have to take the shot, then that is called coercion and illegal. And they must know that, which proves what scum they are.

  7. Jacques Attali who is trying to pleases his master but to them he ant shit .

    Some of you believe that vaccinated people are going to die but look at it this way, why suddenly are the mainstream media talking about vaccine reaction and death, which has stop young people taking up vaccine, maybe the non vaccinated people are going to die, if they control the media so why would they talk about it.

    • First thing to note is the mainstream media are funded to relay a certain message. Sometimes it’s pro something and other times it may lean the other way slightly then back on track.
      They are trying to please the people questioning the Vax by giving minimal facts about 1 in 700 people may have an adverse reaction.
      In other words if someone unvaxed says ‘im not taking it’ the person reading the article will automatically think but there’s only a slim chance of an adverse reaction.
      What they won’t give out are the exact figures from yellow card adverse reactions etc. There are other places, you will have to research and stop trusting the media.
      Your point about unvaxed people dying from a virus that’s very flu like. With a 99.7% chance of survival, I’ll take my chances thanks!
      Adverse effects range from death, loss of function in limbs, blood clots, severe rashes etc And these are the short term reported ones.
      God help us when the Vax has a chance to settle in properly. And don’t forget you will need two top ups every year.
      Again I’ll take my chances!
      Hope you research and make the right decision for you.

  8. Was the admin of the Covid Vaccine Victims group Dave Ward – they’re on Telegram although more chat style interactions

  9. The sheep don’t realise the shepherd owns the slaughter house.
    Our controllers have a Agenda and we ain’t included in it.

  10. I’ve heard that French guys quote is actually a misquote. He may have implied something similar but never said there words?

  11. Hugo your only just getting the agenda as it happens. I’ve known this plan for ten years mate.

  12. Would it be a good idea to have chats with each other and maybe share our telephone numbers. Then we could encourage each other and discuss plans for ourselves when things get really tough for us. It would be good to communicate with likeminded people who live near us, we could then help each other practically and prepare for what’s coming. Some of us may have small plots of land, many of us may live alone or have to go it alone. Being off grid in small groups may give us more chance not only of survival, but real living and life. We don’t know how much time we have left in society so we have to prepare now and ready our minds for the possibility of saying goodbye to our homes and previous way of life. They will execute their plans, so it’s only a matter of time, not if but when. We can’t stop this, so we must prepare. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you for reading and may The Creator of Heaven and Earth be with us and guide His people in Jesus name, Emmanuel

    • Good idea to link up, and give each other some support, develop alternative communities. We could then barter and help each other out. Everyone has skills which would be useful to others.

    • yep I saved it I knew the pigs would do this, only proves all that’s been said is true

  13. We need to start talking about solutions, because otherwise we are just stuck in our own echo chamber. Here are some of mine:

    1. Live as normal a life as possible. Ignore all restrictions, politely and be happy. That is the best resistance.
    2. Join a freedom network group ( )
    3. Organise local silent protests in residential areas and parks rather than town centres – people are not going to town so much any more.
    4. Organise Flashmob face-nappyless shopping.
    5.For the last two solutions, have leaflets to distribute that include graphs and information from eminent dissenting scientists to show the lies.

    Please add your own and share them on other platforms

  14. If they were diabolical enough to want to reduce world population they would target the young not old particularly young women and their fertility which is the bottle neck.

    Russia has a vast ghost population of kids and grandchildren who were never born because of the vast numbers of young men killed in the 2nd world war.

    This is 75 years later, the gov there have tried recently to recover pop growth there with limited success.

    So this French Nazi talking about targeting old people doesn’t make logical sense from a population reduction perspective.

    • Have you not heard about them jabbing pregnant women? how about them having miscarriages not long after? Well it’s been happening, they’re now talking about jabbing kids as young as 12 from September here in the UK, is that enough of a clue to say Population reduction is on the menu for these bastards?

      • @Paulm I’m not having a go at you, my reply might read like that but I’m not, I’m frustrated that people aren’t seeing the reality of the situation, they are at war with us & they’re winning thanks to all the sheep lining up for their death jab.

    • I think he started looking at it financially with pension payouts in mind.
      It’s always about money and how it can be saved by getting rid of the over 75s. All schemes are backed by a bank somewhere.
      We all know what they are doing with physical currency don’t we?

      • The older population is also less likelytohe online and get their info from the BBC. They can be manipulated more easily than the younger generation. Then their compliance used to bolster the govt push to have more vaxxed. Sheer eugenics and behavioural science.

  15. I noticed a story in the fakestream about vaccinated folk being allowed to drop the face nappie, perhaps to help them spread whatever’s been injected into them.
    On a separate note I’m not sure any form of march or demonstration will do any good, the only action i choose is to cease using all major corporations for anything…..learn to grow your own food if possible and lets start living as a real community again. It certainly wont be easy but it never was, i am willing to try at least. Peace and positive thoughts will crush this.

    • Devide and conquer is the aim of the game.
      Standing together in numbers will make them take note!

  16. The evil man whose 1981 words are coming true forgets that all through life those people over 60 have been paying into a pension, paying into a health scheme, paying taxes and supporting their country. They now are deserving of receiving their pension. It is what they paid into and saved for. Those not in that position have either been disabled and unable to work or on such a low income they deserve to have some State support. Everybody works. It is a disgusting society that does not cherish, respect and care for its older members. Also those older people still contribute a lot of value to society by their wisdom, love and knowledge.

  17. There is an episode of Star Trek Next Generation called “Half a Life” that basically brings what Jacques Attali said into life. People on a certain planet are ⁣euthanized at a certain age to save family from ⁣unnecessary heartache. Same concept when you think about it.

  18. I don’t think that the emails about the bruises and odd happenings occurring to the unvaccinated are true incidents. Physically impossible. These emails should be ignored. Dont understand why people post these airy fairy stuff. Let us not fall for them.

  19. over a year now and there’s still no evidence of pandemic. I’m starting to think the vax could be the virus. i would like a sample and get it under a microscope and see what’s going on. somethings going on….

  20. What is the Hugo Talks Telegram page and how do I access it? It is mentioned in this video re the nurse speaking.and I wanted to watch it.

    • I’ve found the Telegram page and the post mentioned, but can’t play the video?

      • What do you guys reckon on this?, have received a number of emails from people reporting something similar to this over the last few days.


    • What do you guys reckon on this?, have received a number of emails from people reporting something similar to this over the last few days.


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