GOVT Called A ‘CESSPIT’ By Ex Minister / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I rest my case your Honour! The Ranks breaking away now !!

    • The ranks of the evil will always break because of their self-interests conflicting.

  2. Thanks again Hugo. By speaking out this way, Johnny Mercer is clearly striking a popular note. I wonder if he is positioning himself for a leadership challenge? Never mind, we can go with it for now – but always be wary.

    • Yes about Jonny 🤔🧐 I agree see how it goes?? Take care

  3. Probably not following the narrative as a good brainwashing Minister “ and shunned by the Cesspits for doing so”

  4. a cesspit of tryannical liars and should be all eradicated

  5. The government is nervous and on edge because they know what they are doing is wrong and illegal. Their masters the globalists are pressing them to speed things up but Boris doesn’t have the guts to do it because he knows there will be a backlash. So he is doing everything by stealth and covert operations. WE MUST NEVER ALLOW THEM TO LOCK US DOWN AGAIN. THOSE WHO FEEL INSAFE ARE WELCOME TO ISOLATE AT HOME. THR REST OF US HAVE A LIFE. AND WE DON’T CONSENT TO THE LIES THEY KEEP TELLING US.

    • Exactly!
      No to another lockdown… Even though they are planning more till 2023.
      I guess it gives them time to roll out a few rounds of Vax to the people who are sucked in by it all. And more time to drain the economy so people become more reliable on the government handouts.
      The only way out like other European countries is to protest and have your voice heard.

  6. What is needed is a demonstration in every city and town in the country.

    • Yes that way you’re not relying on public transport so much.

    • Yes yes yes!!! Let’s get that organised. I can’t travel to London but I can travel to Southampton.

  7. could be he is leaving due to the Ukrainian plan? 150000 Russian troops ready to roll. UK frigates moving up to the black sea? what could go wrong?

      • Really?
        Not heard this as I stopped watching the BBC and other mainstream media.

      • Good on you bro “ same with me “ I don’t watch TV or listen to radio at all “ It’s all Indoctrination “

      • Heard it off Syrian Girl. She says they want to appear indestructible. As most are dual citizens, they’ll leave asap. So, Israel has to appear indestructible. They’re called a One Bomb nation – one bomb and they’re gone.

      • From the little I know, Israel is far stronger in firepower than Syria. Plus has the full backing of USA

  8. Hugo, you (and your ‘Tribe’) rock! Thanks for the heads-up on the trains. Kings Cross closed, all weekend?… Oh, really! As you say, what a coincidence! Get the feeling BoJo and his merry band are panicking? Yay! Thanks for all you do. Do you fancy the job as our next PM? LOL!

    • Hopefully he will stay away from politics!
      Unlike Brian, who used to be ok but now just concentrating on being mayor

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  10. Hugo, why don’t you share this on a video…Her majesty’s Government is a Corporation! We do not have a democracy, we have shareholders (banks) creating policies. Treason!

    Securities & exchange commission

    Government on Companies house

    • You are correct, but it’s very complex. There’s only so much you can take in. From my very limited understanding – it is do with Maritime Admiralty Law. As global trade expanded, around the 1700’s, the ‘elites’ were being hindered by the Law of the Land, so they concocted this Maritime Admiralty Law which got around it. The law of the sea. It’s what’s used to this day. I believe, when there’s that gold sash on the US flag, that means they’re operating under Maritime Admiralty Law. People made a big thing last year when Trump was in front of such a flag and said he was on a boat, as the flag kept moving.

  11. If they are shutting railways they will funnel people into cars and disrupt traffic too…. Its a plot.

    • He’s right folks. Jordan Maxwell was always the best regarding this subject. His protege, Jeffrey Matte has the best website regarding all of this stuff. He just shows images. He is cutting edge. That is where I first heard about the Social Credit System 3 years ago. Check out: He doesn’t seem to be really active at the moment, but he’s still way ahead of the game. It’s basically showing you what’s coming, through actual images.

  12. Yeah Spot on what a coincidence. WHO’s pockets have been lined to make that happen?????

  13. I’m sure he wont starve after resigning, he can always go the food bank, he is still a scum Bag, now he is just a scared turn coat scum Bag.

  14. That’s why Gavin Williamson had to be sacked for not going along with 5G (Huawei) under Teresa May Day! They have fully sold out to the Chinese long ago!
    Join the RAF – Use promo videos to wake an injured friend!
    Before they get Shot Again…

  15. The Government’s a cesspit. No! I would say a festering open sewer. And Johnson is the biggest sewer rat of them all. We all know what to do with rats don’t we ?

    • That’s disrespectful to sewer rats. You could say Worzel (Johnson) is lower than shark shit, but that is incredibly disrespectful to shark shit!

  16. Hugo the whole lockdown was so conveinient and easy to obtain obedience and obedience to a purpose?
    Wonder if that purpose was to introduce these passports purely for public acceptance in haviing them as a normal where every individual will comply for the carrot:)! Then when the passports are accepted as they will for foriegn travel, to have them also for home travel. Then tell the public they could br used fraudulently will they suggest the safest way of travel and shopping will be the micro chip like the one Pentagon are creating where every one will need it to shop ir even walk in a park? This could be the whole purpose to id all. Just as in France where they all have to carry id else they can be arrested? The vaccine population control and at the same time create an obedient people who will willingly do what they are told.
    Dear me the prospect of that is truely shocking! It is by stealth they have pushed this agenda and in just over a year too, Not sure if the Chinese are micro chipped too.

  17. The thing is……..ALL PEOPLE IN GOVERNMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT, NHS, POLICE and all the other PUBLIC SECTOR ENVIRONMENTS are nothing more than PARASITES. They feed off good hard working people, creaming as much as they can from their positions and doing as little as they can. I want a NEW NORMAL….where no-one pays taxes and people live or die off their goodwill, hard work and ingenuity. ALL THE REST CAN GO TO HELL!

  18. I listened to the conservative push for voters last night – Build Back Better is the motto – what a load of dilly’s they are – they have e destroyed the economy within 12 months of office and managed to get the support of the opposition to eliminate any choice for change. Now they are going to completely wreck any chance of a revival by following the science on Global Warming – to start with they are going to force all homes to fit a heat pump that is so inefficient it may have to be shut down if it gets to cold and at best will barely keep a standard home warm enough to live in. Climate change is now happening because THEY HAVE CLEARED THE SKIES OF THE PROTECTIVE DUST LAYER that kept the CO2 blanket in place instead of leaking out into space at the equator – this year Texas froze up and all the countries around the same latitude also froze up. The warm gulf stream that keeps us in the UK nice and warm is going cold and warm blooded sea creatures like turtles have been decimated in the gulf. We also have now experienced a change already with very cold nights and hot days because the CO2 levels are falling rapidly thus reducing the insulation just like a greenhouse to cold at night to hot during the day so when they push for the heat pumps we will be unable to grow enough food to feed the country.

  19. Dominic Cummings supposedly leaking texts , alternative media need to get him ‘ On Our Side ‘ that would be a Massive Blow against them . 😀

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