Tony’s NOT HAPPY / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. LOL. Tony (the convicted sex offender – under the name Charles Lynton) Blair is not happy. “Well, imagine my shock”

    • Unjustified…..a bit like starting a war on the basis a country has W.M.D. MR Blair.

    • Huh? what is that all about? regarding Tony/Charles

  2. I wonder just how bad (or good depending on your point of view) things really are?

    Most of us realise that if Tony Blair takes a position, then that isnt something you want to a rule.

    I wonder what he wants Boris to release by way of figures? How many have caught Covid after the jab? We know that figure is higher than zero, but it would be zero if the jab worked which clearly it doesnt.

    Or how about how many have died with 28 days of getting the jab? That will be in the tens of thousands,

    Or how about how many people have really died just of Covid? Nah, they want to cover that up.

    My guess is that Tony is sending a message saying that they need to produce some more scare figures to get the great reset back on track.

    • Good point. We just have to realise they are all working in tandom with each other, whether they realise it or not. “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club!”

  3. I saw him on TV earlier so I turned over immediately. And I only check out the BBC to see what the enemy is saying anyway. It’s obvious they are manipulating the jab uptake, all a plot to encourage others. Why we must ask. All pretty sinister if you ask me. No way I’m having it. Stay strong people. Keep up the good work Hugo.

  4. Screaming 😂😂😂🤣omg Hugo I just saw this as was shutting down to go bed 👍😂 Blair will always be a total Twat! They all are ..everyone one of them Mugs! Ruining lives because we don’t want lethal injections! 👍👍 cheers for share absolutely screaming 😂👍🙋‍♀️

  5. Tony is, and always was a disingenious filthy piece of sh*t. ‘Tis true a leopard never changes its spots.

  6. Tony is a liar which means that vaccine hesitancy is ‘right and justified’.

  7. Obviously their plans are drying up “& it’s expressed through Blair”
    Boycott Blair” and the whole shamozzle “
    If it ever comes to a Nuremberg type trial “ Let’s not forget Tony”

  8. Psy – ops . Jab take up is going better than they could imagine , this is reverse psychology.

    • This is my feeling too. I know a lot of seemingly intelligent people take it with no good reason when questioned.

  9. If there’s one thing the government is good at, it is lying

  10. This evil psychopath will took us into a illegal war killed soliders and innocent people and now’s wants to murder more innocent people is not happy about jab take up ha well Mr Blair i am one of people.
    Fuck your jab and your vaccine’s passports.

    You and gates who burn in hell for your evil crimes against humanity.

    • You forgot to mention the millions of pounds he made from investing in the military industrial complex by starting that war!

  11. We have to understand people. The ‘police’, ‘army’ etc will gleefully kick your door down for worshipping Jesus in your own home. You better believe it. Most coppers are freemasons. When you take the ‘initiation ritual’ in freemasonry a demon is attached to you. The army are under mind control. On basic training, they break you down, then build you back up (Build Back Better!?!) IE you do as you’re told. Go kill those people! “WHY?” Because I told you too! Bang, bang. “Good lad! Here’s a slab of Beck’s, go and get pissed!”

  12. Just another side note. This football bollocks and Gary Neville coming to be the saviour of English football. His father was ‘apparently’ a sex offender called Neville Neville, believe it or not. His brother Phil was the England women’s football manager, his sister was the England’s Netball manger. He’s gets the best jobs going – main Sky sports commentator. They get every plum job going, yet they’re all completely average. They’re part of the scam in other words, part of the big club. Hence, the masonic hand signs constantly.

  13. He’s not happy!!! He should be in jail for War crimes, this evil psychopath is responsible for the deaths and misery of thousands of people.

    • Probably millions of people in reality. Completely destroyed the middle east and unleashed hell on earth. For money – the oil pipelines.

  14. Geert Vanden Bossche virologist has been warning of the more virulent infectious mutations to occur because of mass vaccination during a pandemic with a prophylactic vaccine that does not eliminate infection or transmission . He wants a scientific debate about this and says there is only a narrow window to avert a wave of mutation infections that is a danger to the vaccinated as well as others including young people!

  15. Tony Bliar’s happiness is inversely proportional to everyone else’s. Except maybe that clown from It he’s married to.

  16. Hahaha Hahahahahaha grumpy old man indeed.🤣🤣🤣🤣 I used to respect him but once someone starts lobbying for the jib jab they declare enmity between us. I liked the dwarf/evil look….thats exactly what he is. His true colors are coming out

  17. Who on earth give this perverted, elitist murderer war crimina, more airtime to spout off.? He should be serving a prison sentence, not allowed to dictate his poisonous rhetoric. He is a nobody now. But
    Dangerously still has his evil connections, his investments, his agenda to push. He wants
    Digital passports, mandatory jabs. . Dr Kelly Tony, do you remember him? He, Mr Blair can just go and do one

  18. DEFINITION: Genocide – The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

    1) Revocation of Article IV of the Genocide Act.

    On 01/09/2001, Tony Blair’s New Labour government sponsored the repeal of Article IV of the Genocide Act 1948 which states –
    ARTICLE IV – Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in article III shall be punished, whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

    Ten days later, 9/11 was perpetrated on an unsuspecting public, which was immediately used as a pretext for wars of aggression in Afghanistan and then Iraq. Had Article IV not been repealed, Blair and his cronies may well have been indicted for war crimes by the ICC.

    2) George Bush and Tony Blair were indicted for war crimes by an independent tribunal in Kuala Lumpur.

    3) The Tony Blare institute is bankrolled by Bill & Melinda Gates.

    4) Blair is pushing for vaccination passports.

  19. b liar the shit that won’t flush.
    keep telling you all they are going to push the control of disease act 1984 updated may 20.
    you don’t take the jab? justice of peace will quarantine you and your families in a covid gulag until you submit and take it?
    don’t believe me? go onto scroll down to the section “powers of the justice of peace”.
    mass unemployment shit loads of illegal immigrants… they will line up for a job that entails kicking your door in and ordering you to take it?
    read it that’s the plan ladies and gents. local sustainable development…. get the full copy of your local council. non human areas? I shit you not. I asked for it 7 years ago … they called the police? got it though blacked out comments with a geographical map of the counties they want to pack you into the smart cities get everyone out of the small towns etc. how do you even do that? quite simple when millions start dieing
    this “vaccine” is a bio weapon for mass extermination of the population. they want the UK population down to 15-25 million!!! worzel Johnson’s dad not only wrote books on this but actually bragged on a tv documentary about reducing the UK to an ideal 15 million???
    gates 201 Ted talk… brags about it.
    John Hopkins university sparrs 25-28 pandemic scenario is playing out right now.
    oh and whilst your all distracted wait until the UK gov go on a war footing. then they can do whatever they want with no debate. 150000 Russian troops are on the border of the Ukraine and Crimean has just moved nukes into the area.
    50000 NATO troops in Poland since Feb 20 on op Euro defender? Russian foreign minister says WAR is inevitable if NATO forces enter the black sea. guess where UK frigates are going right now?
    order out of chaos.
    The globalists are just warming up.

  20. I’m not vaccine hesitant, I am totally against taking an experimental gene therapy device that is being tested right now on anyone who takes it, if people want to be used as crash test dummies that’s up to them but I ain’t gonna be one of them.

    • Exactly 💯% why we are on this platform. We all had legit vaccines since birth but this one is poison and satanic

  21. someone give that thing his rattle back ffs!

  22. he looks like he is dying to me , very white and pastie , maybe he had the jab or two ?? i don’t think so

  23. Nearly every fool who wants the kill shot has had it now. But not enough for the plan so they are going to get tough now. Time to polish your guns.

  24. He’s looking good is’nt he?Wonder how many jabs he’s had

  25. Perhaps Billy Goat Gates has been in touch and reminded him about the ‘grants’ and what he promised to provide to prove how grateful he was.

    • Definitely. I think he got a call that grants would be withdrawn and he will just be Tony 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Let’s not forget the decimation of the UK farming community he’s also responsible for with the help of Fuckwit Ferguson. He doesn’t just provide nonsense models for the Tories, you know, he’ll sell that shit to anyone who’ll listen.

  27. Looks like Tony is left with a shelf full of shite that he can’t sell lol. Why does anyone even listen to this bellend? He’s a was criminal for crying out loud. If anything has Tony’s paw prints on it leave it well alone!

  28. Blair should have been not jailed for war crimes but executed!! Should have gone to the electric chair instead of walking free after all the carnage he caused in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East when he was supposedly a Peace Envoy!! Hugo I absolutely love the way you changed Blair’s face to make him even more hideous than he already is! He looks right rough!!!!!!!! As for what he bleats on about the jab, he only wants even more money, despite all the millions that no doubt Gates is paying him already! Greedy, evil, filthy bastard! Well they do say that the love of money is the route of all evil and that power totally corrupts! Blair has sold his soul well and truly to the devil! I would happily give him 20 trillion doses of the killer jab!!!!!!

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