The WAR On PUBS Continues… / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Doesn’t make sense, that girl was abducted by a policeman, and it wasn’t from a pub. So basically they paint a picture of a victim and say they’re doing it to protect “vulnerable” people. What a crock.

  2. I will never ever go into any establishment that requires track and trace, its madness to do it! I’m not that desperate for a pint, that I would give away my fundamental rights as a human being. My dream of living off grid is slowly going to be a reality for me. Thanks Hugo for your daily insights, they keep me going x

    • Sad to say but I think that is the point of track and trace, to discourage you from going to a pub. Same reason they make you wear a mask in places, to stop people going there and to discourage people talking wherever it is if you they do go there. We almost need to ignore the discouragement and go anyway.

      For the time being at least you can buy a bar phone and show that and sign in with a false name. It will be interesting to see how long that is permitted. Failing that there is always the Raven.

      • What’s a bar phone?
        Another new name they take your name and number on paper ?
        I been having dreams of this horrible solution we are in, Hugo hit the nail on the head have track & trace on the entrance then have vaccines passports or cards if not on phone.

        I have been to no pub yet but if I’m asked for my details i say I’m outside and don’t download no government app ?

        No fuck it i will going to a named supermarkets that does not bother you about muzzle’s buy my alcohol get pissed slag w***** Johnson off and all politicians play my music and have people around Fuck them

    • Imagine an off grid community… Free to do what you like
      That would be amazing!
      Definitely the opposite to what government wants.

  3. I agree with all you say there…its all about control and nothing else.

  4. Public houses and taverns served as a venue to meet like-minded individuals functioning as clearinghouses and test beds of revolutionary ideas as well as a brake on tyranny! It may be a good think the police are hanging around as they may learn something like the worms in their masks…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  5. Never before hove the elites and their government stooges exposed themselves so much. I believe we are close to seeing the end of them and their agendas. More and more people everyday are waking up to the dystopian future they have planned for us. They are losing this battle for control. We have never been this close to getting rid of them before. Lets not waste this opportunity.

    • I totally agree they have never ever before been exposed to this extent. The wheels are coming off! – Next BIG protest Sat 24th April 2021 – Enough is enough!

    • I just think, how long do they think they can keep going with this absolute bullshit? They’re incredibly stupid. And this farcical idea of having spies in pubs. What, are they going to have 100000’s of spies on the payroll? Just another scare tactic. Be interesting if people find out who they are and what they’re up to. See how much they think they’re James Bond then! I think we’ve reached an interesting point now. Everybody knows they’re lying, they have an agenda that nobody wants, that’s hurting us all, even killing people, and they keep getting up there on TV and lying through their teeth. They know they’re lying, we do and they know we know they’re lying. SO, how much longer? Just because they’ve read some silly ass books by ‘psychologists’ doesn’t mean shit!

    • Totally agree. The pubs (and in the past) coffee houses and churches (think Samuel Johnson, GB Shaw, CH Spurgeon and others) were the locations for like-minded people to meet and have a free exchange of ideas. With internet censorship of anything approaching a view other than that of the Government, the pubs are now the obvious target to shut down any dissent. We have to keep exposing their lies.

  6. Sarah Everard didn’t get picked up and murdered in a pub, she got picked up by a policeman on the street. So the government wants to put undercover policemen in pubs, because? Logic is not the governments strong point, it sure as shot wouldn’t make me feel safer. What would make me feel safer is a higher then 1.7% conviction rate for rapists (2019), its almost as if violence to women isn’t a priority for the police when you look at a statistic like that. I’d also feel better if they didn’t advocate to allow male serial rapists in women’s prisons because they where ‘woman’,like its a fucking costume, like Karen White did.

    • Quite agree these males who are still male who claim they are female. Should be banned from women’s prison and women’s toilets especially in pub and clubs.

      As a male myself i think this perverted and useless police would do nothing about these would be rapists just chase people for not following covid crap.

  7. They ended the ‘good ald boozer days’ when they INFORCED! non smoking on us .. again no one had a choice! They are a bunch of Muppets but because so many are still ‘brainwashed’ they are continuing to be ridiculous, outrageous and moving towards their agenda to wipe us all out. We need to act and not just keep talking they have driven us into poverty illnesses people suicidal and many caring that through god love them because they loosing everything we need to come together and Act ,at least fight back with their own game because what goes around comes around and how dare they! It’s time as far I feel don’t know about the rest of you but I not going down without a fight back! ✌️To those who seek it

  8. During the war (no I’m not Uncle Albert) the resistance used bars, cafes and restaurants to plan, discuss, meet and plot against the Germans. Closing them has stopped people doing this during this scamdemic. Keeping the closed as long as possible is all part of the plot against freedom. And this is meant to be a CONSERVATIVE government that stands for common sense, freedom of speech and self responsibility. What an utter disgrace to what they are meant to represent..

    • That would be true if you actually believed they were in charge??

  9. The police have always been ‘stationed’ in pubs listening in on conversations, or ‘intelligence gathering’ as they would call it.

    • Yep 👍 the military do to I think they are called Feather men? But it’s a spy really who lives in every village community or places were people regularly meet they blend it but listen in . Someone told me that few years ago so please don’t hate me lol if I have that wrong? as it was just mentioned to me in a conversation with someone about a book they had read. but it’s true the ‘bacon’ been listening in for ..Time! Take care

      • Yes, there was always a copper who we knew as our next door neighbour sat in our local pub 😀 You have to be very careful what you say in pubs. There are always community spies, who seem to get involved with and appear to be everywhere. A lot of them are retired civil servants etc. or it is just a part-time job like how the security services recruit.

      • Thank you I thought there was something in it👍 But I a very independent woman and I don’t believe what people always say in just ‘conversation’ I new the person so thank you for letting me know that they never lied before if you get me👍 It’s bad tho isn’t that we all trying keep some kind ‘trust’ at least we have here cheers to Hugo 💪👍 thank you Trev take care hopefully see u ‘out there’ when we all decided what our move is on this Chessboard they playing with us! ( I don’t play chess unfortunately I watch it over n over but blow me lol I not getting it?)😂👍🙋‍♀️

  10. People talk to each other in pubs, I’ve struck up conversations with total strangers & made life long friends because of pubs, that’s what they are trying to kill by keeping the pubs closed.

  11. and the wheels on the bus go round and round… ooops they just fell off. truth fears no scrutiny. as I’ve said from the start tell the police your council etc to fuck right off see you in court.
    The statistics are overwhelming I’d destroy them in court. fucking jail time people everyone of the lieing genocide bastards.

  12. Hugo, this format you have of a central website that sits above multiple video sites in order to disperse your content in the face of censorship is amazing. For the life of me, I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing this. I always point people here and tell them to run their channels like you do. Bravo.

  13. Bit of a different topic here, but I hope you’ll find it interesting. I’ve been paying attention to Dr Bhakdi, he really knows his stuff, and he pointed out that you should only take a medication or jab if there is a significant upside to the potential outcome of a disease you have contacted, he was arguing that since 99.9% of people recover just fine, it’s madness to jab the world.

    Anyway, Oxford Uni (i.e. Oxford Astra Zeneca ilk) have prodcued the Qcovid calculator, where you enter your age, height weight, illnesses and etc, and it calculates your liklihood of dying or being hospitalised if you contract covid.

    So for me, 50+, bit overweight, I entered my details and I’m in no means low risk, I’m in the top 1/3rd of risk, but even so if you took 10,000 people with my health rating, then less than 1 would die if they caught it, and around 5 would be hospitalised.

    So how can you justify jabbing 10,000 people like me when the number of people who would die would be less than 1 out of that 10,000 people? – how with a not 100% jab can you possibly increase the odds of less than 1 in 10,000? It would have to go to zero, which is impossible because it’s not 100% effective.

    If you think about potential jab side effects, or death, or blood clots, or convulsions, guille barre syndrome, bells palsy, etc, etc, etc – there is nothing but risk with no potential benefit AT ALL – this proves it’s all a crock – stick your own data in and see how low risk you are really at.

  14. I completely understand the want for a return to socialising and my support goes out to pub owners and staff that have suffered due to this control demic but there is a sheeple mentality within this too the outrage of not being able to go and get pissed with your mates or having to wave some BS proof before you can go in is i know unbelievable but it seems like there’s more anger over pub restrictions than anything else.

  15. On another side note. I’ve just watched a few of the clips about this European Super League proposal. It seems to be non-stop On Sky Sports. The whole thing wreaks of a psy-op to me. Anyway, a couple of days ago, they announced it, Gary Neville comes out all guns blazing against the owners (whilst doing the masonic hand signs). The fans got whipped up into a frenzy and protested against it. It’s pretty easy to manipulate football fans it seems. So, now the owners have backed down. Cut to Gary Neville, saying how we need to put rules and regulations in place to ‘safeguard’ football. Hmm, I wonder if that will involve a vaccine passport to “ensure fan’s safety” as one of the rules? And the sheep will be chomping at the bit to get it, as this whole thing has given them a taster of a bit of action for the first time in a year.

  16. there doing everything in there power to try and make people comply to ludicrous rules and there ways. i will never go in any pub to give name and whatever, as its complying like they want you to do , and if everyone said fuck off to them , what could they do , so a polite fuck off to all this bull shit

  17. I 100% agree, the powers that be worldwide want not only to silence those of us who stand against them but gather info on those of us who do – effectively it’s another form of censorship as even suggesting it will make people not trust using PUBLIC house aa a PUBLIC meeting venue!
    As for the ‘make women feel safer’ as not only a woman but a disabled women I can say the thought of an undercover cop in a pub does not in any way shape or form make me ‘safer’!!

    • 👏🏻👍 great comment. I feel sorry for the fellas u know because there are some Spooky women out there to!🥺 but I also don’t feel safer never have the old bill are corrupt! Take care

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