IRELAND / Are 99% Of COVID DEATHS Incorrect? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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44 Comments on “IRELAND / Are 99% Of COVID DEATHS Incorrect? / Hugo Talks #lockdown


    • I live in Ireland. Its too late my friend this plan has been in place for decades they will not fail. Ireland has been a police state for years. I will probably die fighting to resist the tyranny I will never take the jab I’m putting my trust in our creator because this is a totally demonic plan

      • Why waste an opportunity to make money from your public-servants/trustees ?
        Have you found that over the years, the more you did FOR FREE for your trustees, the more ungrateful, thankless and abusive they have become, so may we politely suggest the following good mental health de-escalation-for-remedy?
        Them- `Do what we tell you to do`
        You- `YES, CERTAINLY (this eliminates the controversy*) it`s just that we charge you €999 for our time and also €666 in-the-private to DO that for you and because we have NO CONFIDENCE with you administrating OUR trust, payment must be with us immediately and any further communicating with us, is with you and your supervisor accepting the terms and conditions because notice-to-agent-is-notice-to-principal and also through joinder`
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        Be the BUSINESS-man with your trustees….NOT the victim, because there is nothing wrong with any system… it not our negligence with not using it for OUR benefit?…by COUNTER-charging.
        The secret is just two words…….CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE
        Please remember that EVERYTHING in life is a NEGOTIATION-
        please click link-

        *CONTROVERSY- An actual dispute between individuals who seek judicial resolution of their grievances that have arisen from a conflict of their alleged legal rights. A controversy describes only civil litigation, which is intended to protect and enforce private rights.

    • Living in rural Ireland and my family are one of the very very few awake. People seem to be loving it.

    • All of Irelands public water supply has been flouridated since the last few years. Just sayin’…

    • Where is the fight in the Irish? So tragic it has also raised far too many pussy generations! My Irish ancestors, who fought and died for freedom, are disgusted and rolling over in their graves at how the Irish are nothing but sheep now! You deserve everything you get if you continue to behave as slaves! There are ALWAYS more of you than the government! FIGHT BACK!!! What do you think they could possibly do if EVERYONE opened at the same time and remained open for business as usual? Nothing! It would be too impossible and untenable! Your completely corrupt government is laughing at you! They are NOT FOLLOWING ACCURATE AND PROVEN SCIENCE! FREE IRELAND, AGAIN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! GROW SOME DAMN BALLS AGAIN!!! PLEASE!!!!

  2. Who’d have thought the Irish of all people would become so weak.

    • I’ve been wondering where they’d gone and why they were putting up with it. I’d have thought things would have blown up (no pun intended) there first.

      • No pun intended? Was that statement required? Most of us Irish people understand humour but very few of us found any in the midst of the troubles (civil war). If you are really interested in the reasons for the lack of vaccination’s check out the Irish Times or RTE, The news in the UK has always been different from the Irish news so it panders to whoever is most likely to watch it, this is a worldwide trend and not a localised issue.

  3. Great posts by both fellas ,its all unravelling day by day

    • Same crap when my Dad died of a heart attack. They put covid on his death certificate. I contacted and had to mention legal action against hospital and coronor .they have agreed to change it.not changed yet. Hospital that sounds like Navan but isn’t Navan!

  4. I can’t believe such a tough people put up.with this shite..a people who’s troubles lead to attacks on government agencies ie police etc..not condoning terrorism at all but one has to wonder whether this is what it would take to stop this tyranny continuing

  5. They won’t win. Throughout Irish history, when it looks like all is lost we the people always come through… Always.

  6. I live in northern Ireland and I have enjoyed many trips to the south but I doubt that I’ll be crossing the border now as its becoming such a shit show. I can’t believe the good people of the South are not or don’t appear to be standing up to this, I hope this will change soon.

    • The lying filthy RTE have brainwashed them beyond belief. The same as the BBC in the UK. They pump out covid propaganda 24/7. The S**t has been scared out of the public. They now treat each other like diseased lepers. The face diapers they wear on their faces shows how scared they are.
      They are sleepwalking into a zombified world for them and their kids. Imagine being so scared like that! Why would you want to live a life like that Paul?

  7. US – look at all the evidence & data, what you are asking of us, isn’t humane & doesn’t add up. THEM – so what.
    Normally, when people have been screwed over, they go as mad & dangerous as fuck, when they find out………I wonder, when that latter is going to happen, if ever….

  8. Wasn’t ireland bailed out off total bankruptcy by europe a few years ago which the people are still paying back for. Maybe Ireland is under Europe’s total control and simply following orders to the detriment of its people.

    • Ireland voted to leave the EU, then the vote was retaken and they voted to stay in. The IRA/Sinn Fein are Marxists/commie’s. Same as SNP and Plyd Cymru. They’re pro-open borders and all the rest of it. You’ve no chance with these types pretending to be nationalists.

    • Ireland the UK and all of Europe have been taken over with a coup. The politicians of all those countries have sold their people over to the globalists such as Gates and Schwab. They intend to take total control of the human race, murdering billions which their injected poisons are already doing. They will crash the worlds economy soon, then your savings will be gone, your job will be gone then your life will be taken. Your kids having took the poisons will become very compliant and infertile. Every man woman and child needs to say “No” Stop wearing face diapers, stop doing anything they tell you to do.
      Become free, take back your rights and above all switch off the media especially the lying BBC.

  9. Off Topic, friend care nurse had Pfizer 3 weeks later had Covid, not sure if she’s had 2nd dose don’t think so, but interestingly got Covid again and worse only person I’m aware of getting twice and only 2months after the 1st time, hmmmm not fishy at all.

  10. I’ve watched this on BrandNewTube, but when I tried to go back to have a look, came up with ‘bad gateway’. So couldn’t comment. Brilliant video, and I follow Ivor Cummins, will follow that other fella too.

  11. Am I supposed to be surprised 😮 🤔

    Voting might not be on the top of your agenda. Did you know about the ?
    THIS is what they stand for?
    No more lockdowns
    Medical freedom
    Informed choice
    No vax passports
    We do not consent to being part of medical experiments

    Who from the freedom alliance party is candidate in your area?
    Did you know that out of the 37 regions in Scotland 36 of the freedom alliance candidates are nhs workers prior and present!
    Our reason, our fight to get to parliament is so we can be your voice.

  12. It’s fucking unbelievable, the scale of the lies. We all knew they were lying, but this is on another level. That guy will be dead of a heart attack or some other “natural causes” within a couple of weeks. And if they’re lying on that scale, so are all the rest. We need action, ASAP.

  13. yeah . told as many people as I could when this all started. truth fears no scrutiny they ARE lieing to you I’ve been quietly prepping I know for a fact the British government ARE going to push the control of disease act 1984 oh the ironey updated may 2020. here’s the thing… their own stats ie the mhra yellow card stats don’t lie …. see you in court mother fuckers
    Ireland ffs the coroner is shitting him self now to say that come on people say fuck you see you in court.
    The evidence is overwhelming they can’t hide the truth time to fucking stand up to these pedo satanic bastards

  14. These politicians are head cases .. they were never any good at their job but that should now be obvious to thickest and most intelligent retards out there.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  15. I live in the UK and the shit shower of a political party has just knocked on my door…utter cheek I she asked if I was going to vote I replied you must be joking !
    I then told her to leave my property and not to return or post any more shit through my door I also told her and her accomplices that they are partie to the lie …see ya 👋

  16. I always laughed at the yanks having multiple guns and assault rifles – feck I wish I had some now, we’re going to be fighting these toss pots with bows and arrows while they have machine guns.

  17. Hugo, please put auto generated English Closed Captions in your videos so those of us with hearing challenges can watch them too.

  18. Hugo I am from Mexico, living in the US, and I always listen to your podcasts or videos. Keep up the good work and I would love to buy your merchandise.

  19. Hi Claudia, I’m not being funny or anything, what is wrong with Mexico? It looks pretty good from what I’ve seen. What is your motivation to move to the US? Up until fairly recently, many Central/South American countries were richer than the US – Argentina – Land of Silver, etc.


  21. i cannot understand why the irish people allow this to happen to them ??

    • My dear one you see it happen to one country, its spreading. Its a matter of time. Some countries are more bullying than others

    • They are braindead I spoke to a few people about the vaccinations and its ohh anybody who doesn’t take it should be locked up, not allowed to travel or go to a pub or restaurant, ireland was always a divided country its just more evident now.

  22. My late husband and myself moved to this lovely country 30 years ago to escape what, as we saw then, as the tyranny of the poll tax. We thought that Ireland, because of its history, was a much more free country.HA! How wrong we were. It makes me bloody weep to see the sheep shuffling around and ‘making the best of things’, obeying fascist imposition with not even a bleat, BaBaBa they go. Not all of course. Observe a herd of cattle, there is always the one outsider, the one that tries to run from the abbatoir aware of impending doom. There was a march in my local town last Saturday. I was completely unaware that it had taken place until this morning. If anyone out there is reading this, how the hell can I find out about such things as marches etc? I would have been there waving my stick with the best!

  23. Thailand being done over right now with cases, so the vaxs will be taken. All the same slime balls involved

  24. Thank you for the video Hugo, you’re a legend!
    Hope the good people of Ireland wake up in time to react.
    Delores Cahill is so qualified but gets a bad name in the press for obvious reasons.
    Keep up the good work!

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