BORIS 90,000 NHS STAFFING CRISIS! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. reason 1. not having the jib jab and tests plus masking up all day when they know the truth and are told to shut the fuck up or they will lose their job
    reason 2. most of the doctors and senior nurses know that the jib jabs are a black triangle phase 2 trial jab and have severe reactions including death.
    reason 3. they don’t want to hauled in on a Nuremberg trial for genocide FACTS ladies and gentlemen.

    truth fears no scrutiny
    resist fight back and tell them to fuck right off

    • We know three nurses plus a friend knows two. ALL tell their friends and families that the hospitals are not busy. Don’t forget all the non mainstream videos showing/talking about whole wards and even hospitals been closed apart from accident and emergency (Gloucester hospital for example, directing people to Bristol (40+ miles away) Staff showing up to play scrabble and monopoly. Of course, YouTube quickly took all this down…with great haste.

  2. It’s most likely that they have realised that they are liable for injecting people, not the syringe manufacturer or the vaccine maker?
    Join the RAF – Use promo videos to wake an injured friend!
    Before they get Shot Again…

  3. Sounds like one huge pushback as far as I am concerned. Hopefully soon the world will come to its senses and stop this lunacy. These controls cannot be accepted.

  4. Maybe 100,000 staff have decided that something is going to come out and they don’t want the threats and Backlash from it all.
    After all it will all come out sooner or later.
    Who wants to be complicit to Mass Genocide ?.

    • Some Mengeles are selling their souls for £12.50 per one poisoned person…this is how much the human life is worth for them. Some are bribed for promoting vile concoction. I am glad that many still remember their Hyppocrats Oath…don’t do harm. But now at least we can see whom we could trust. Those who left NHS . Those who are suspended. Those who are banned. Those who do care and do not want to murder people. Not those who “filled” the gaps…

  5. It’s odd and may be a coincidence, but Dr Mike Yeadon, yes the tin foil hat wearing member of the anti vax brigade (i.e. one of us) did an interview maybe 9 or 10 or more months ago where he said a friend of his said a senior NHS manager wanted to talk to him, and he said to MY that the official word coming down from on high was that they had to run the NHS at the minimum possible cost, cut everything they could, and run it on a bare bones basis. That senior NHS bod said that in the winter time normally all beds would be full, and they were only running at something like 71% of occupancy, which was in his experience the lowest he’d seen it in maybe 30 years. You HUGO should talk to Yeadon and Bhakdi and get some science and inside scoops on top of the amazing outside reading between the lines you already do.

  6. It seems to me all these nurses and doctors leaving are the ones that can see through this and it’s a case if they either lose their jobs or carry on working or keep quiet and keep your job. Let them leave and start talking…

  7. Biggest criminal satanic driven scam in history that was easily predicted a year ago ,all of it .depopulation and elitist great reset if we let them ,sadly 70 %of the world is sound asleep ,the same ones that say oh the Nazis were so cruel ,well this will make ww2 look like child’s play,compared to next 10 years .

    • Yes, that genocide is on much bigger scale…95% are surplus to the cabal’s requirement…and the remaining 500 million would be humanoids who own nothing and will be happy in smart cities, eat insects and have chips under command of artificial intelligence etc, according to the WEF clip…We cannot leave it for 10 years, we must act now. 78% are compliant zombies, but we are humans, ffs. 22% is a lot, if we resist, defy, fight, never comply

  8. Trouble is, we can all see what’s coming next. They’ll say we need to hire nurses from abroad to plug the gaps. And they’ll be more than happy to take the shot, I bet. So, you’ve got shit loads more people coming in from God knows where, vaccinated, with their vaccine passports, putting the squeeze on us, who refuse it. Everything they do is orchestrated and ‘war gamed’. Bet those nurses doing those ‘tik-tok’ videos aren’t so smug now?

    • And so the whole thing feeds into itself. So, they’re bringing people from all over the world here en masse, who have no connection to this land. They are alienating us from our own land – “what does it mean to be British?, etc. Having us fighting each other over race, etc. The same model is being applied to every white country. It’s why in America, the Southern Border is open, not the Northern Border (Canada) as that would not work. It’s the ‘New World Order’ – “No borders, no wall, no USA at all!” They want to destroy nation states, countries and have one dumbed down mass of humanity ruled over by a satanic ‘elite’. It is all being rolled out in front of our very eyes.

    • The cabal are importing nurses and doctors in boats. Male, of fighting age, from the third world. Like Blob Johnson promised, now endorsed by him under UN Compact Act. All they need to know is how to force a shot of poison. Treatment of medical conditions is no longer offered anyway, but forced vaxxing is a priority…see Coronavirus Act Part 2, what those NHS doctors, nurses and “commissioners” (who the hell are these?) can do to anyone on suspicion of infection…and the power over our lives, children, property is given by …Shitty Patel, who imports those migrants. My hospital consultant and specialist nurse both resigned, my former GP resigned to become a priest…and those who filled the gaps keep pushing vax on me, which they know would kill me in a week. In Russia people with my condition are turned off even if they want a lethal injection…here they can’t wait for me to bite the dust. I’d rather trust Dr Shipman.

      • LOL, where I live ‘Dr’ Shipman had a surgery. It got pulled down, Was empty for years, now a supermarket. I worked with this lad in Manchester years ago. He was at College with Shipman’s son. They were working on a project together. So this lad had to ring up Shipman’s home, and the man himself answered. The lad goes “Alright mate, is so and so there?” He answers sternly, “I’ll go and get him” and then he heard Shipman in the background saying: “Tell you’re friend to get some manners!”.

  9. Sweden had its first nurse at the “daily” presentation today … telling people to keep the distance to … yeah we all know the stuff.

    SO the politicians are trying to increase the sense of we have to care for the staff working hard to save our lives.

    I think this is part of the schedule in trying to push the lock-down a few more weeks. Spring is hear, heat is hear, sun is hear and summer is close with more heat and sun .. and like last year, the death and sickness numbers were very low.

    • Nothing to do with Summer / Heat, last year dropped as the none shielding had Herd, then the 2nd wave started 4weeks after the shielding program was stopped and exactly the same in sweden a few weeks after, they had Herd mid December, then Vax Death Wave >500 deaths per day basically, so no need for anyone but the still sheilding to have a jab!

  10. You’d be burnt out after spending 8 hours a day killing pensioners with the jib jab followed by 4 hours of choreography lessons!

    • Same thing is going to happen to the ‘police’. They’ll get thrown under the bus pretty soon too. And there will be zero sympathy from the public. This is what happens when you dance with the devil.

      • Army will replace the police on the streets with 10x’s more, they’ve been doing civil duty training all year ready, check point Britian coming soon 🙁 No Jab sorry not allowed into this area! We are all going to have to play the depopulation lottery sadly, but when people start dying atleast if your jabbed you can get to them 🙂 Understand why the Yanks want to keep there guns these days!

      • People may be surprised, but there are genuine psychopaths in the army/police. They enjoy combat/killing, especially people. I was in the TA years ago, trained by an SAS guy covered in tattoo’s of the grim reaper. Every day you’d wake up on the barracks, there’d be dead rabbits everywhere, that had been shot.

      • We no longer have the police. We have gestapo and imported mercenaries to beat the protesters. Who kneel to BLM and attack citizens who dare to walk in groups of 5 or sit on a bench, or just for the hell of it. We are better off without those thugs. We should fight together for ourselves. With axes, sticks and forks.

  11. Totally agree with you Richard. They know exactly what’s going on, that the whole thing is one big lie and a fraud, that there never has been a pandemic, and that the public are being poisoned by the jab, becoming seriously ill and dying. I say let them all fall, may the truth come out and only then will there be justice for the public. So many lies told, so much manipulation of the public it is absolutely sickening!

  12. Nurses doing dance videos on tik-tok make me sick! Makes a whole mockery of “NHS overwhelmed”!

    • That was the idea. It was like a satanic ritual, was it not? Just thinking about some of them makes me feel physically sick to be honest.

      • It is a satanic ritual. All they do is sheer satanism. Although I might argue with you, Andy, about the army. Probably you just got a psycho instructor in TA. I trained for RMC at Limpstone, and we had a sadistic corporal, but the marines were great, they stood for oppos, they were patriots…I was not taken to a front line, women are only offered signals or engineering, and I didn’t last in TA too…but those guys would not go against their unarmed people …like our gestapo and mercenaries. This begs the question: and where is OUR army? Because the barracks are occupied by you know who…and Blob Johnson just got more mercenaries to “help with riots” (that is, peaceful protests, not BLM riots) paid by Soros. WHERE is our army now?

    • NHS as a government body is a participator in culling. Real medics are either suspended or leave. The dancing monkeys are those who would vax people for £12.50 for each victim. If they are really nurses. I avoid NHS as a plague. When in a year or two (Dr Yealdon gives it 2 years) the vaxed start dying in droves, that would be declared as new virus and we would be blamed for spreading it, as we breach the covid “law”. Zombies will attack us en masse, as they already do – I see hatred in their eyes above the muzzles, as I never wear one. You probably noticed it too. We must fight back those zombies, as the cabal rely on them. Use force against their violence. am still waiting for my Karen…Without zombies, the murderers would have no support. Then we can bring those bastards to justice

    • He obeys the orders of his satanic master Kill Bill. Clear as a May day

  13. I’ve walked around the hospitals near ( Ex constant user ) recently and for years before, there empty normally overflowing over the winter, staff are walking around slowly discussing how bored they are, nobody leaves a well paid job ( they want more, but there well paid and not at any increased risk as anyone else ), my nurse friend was a sheep knows the truth and is sure it’s depopulation going on, but needs her income.

    • I can’t stand people who know what’s going on, but are prepared to literally kill people, their OWN people, to line their pockets. This is why the tik-tok videos were so utterly demonic. But they’ll pay the price – they already are!

      • No offence mate, but we’ve just got to call it as we see it. I just find that attitude unforgivable.

  14. I really don’t think the nurses had any idea that the pandemic is a scam, I mean my neighbours all swallowed it hook line and sinker, and for the first 4 months so did I, nurses are just as gullible as the rest of society, they are just as prone to brainwashing as anyone, but yes I think many of them are starting to realise that this is an absolute fraud and this many vacancies is only the start. Please don’t be so hard on nurses and doctors guys, they chose that job because they wanted to help people, they thought the vaccine was the best way to do that, we will only alienate people by being hateful, thats what this sadistic government wants, it wants us to blame some middle aged woman with kids and a mortgage who believed the MSM, instead of blaming the government who are the real culprits, don’t lose sight of who is really pushing this agenda, it takes a huge amount of guts to sacrifice your job and stick up for your beliefs when its seems like so many around you will vilify you for it, I applaud these healthcare workers who are that brave.

  15. It has always been a regular thing for the nursing unions to claim low pay, too much work and not enough staff. Nothing new here.

  16. Its probably a combination of things. Last year May they got rid of a lot of nhs nurses, a relative who is a nurse was distraught after being told that some staff were being selected for redundancy and they would confirm who they were two weeks later.

    I went to my GP last month and I was seen by a clinical pharmacist, I asked why I wasn’t being seen by the doctor that I had booked to see, they said its a new thing being rolled out by the nhs for doctors surgeries that clinical pharmacists will be seeing patients, so that’s also a bit puzzling to me. Does anyone else know what thats all about?

    • I had a very good GP, who cared for patients. He resigned and became a priest even before scamdemic, said he cannot work when told by bureucrats how he must treat patients. A nurse whom I knew for 11 years and trusted, retired at the beginning of madness and said she was happy to leave. My current GP is never around but she called me to incite for vax, she is now vaxing people, so is the other GP from the surgery. They are given £12.50 for each vaxed. Our lives is not even worth 30 pieces of silver…although 10 poisoned people costs £125, who cares of disposable surfs. I am sure they do know what they are doing. And the argument that they need income does not stand with me. A contract killer would get more dosh for one contract and in my books, deserves more respect. I believe those who didn’t know are those who injected themselves. And some died. But others have information about side effects, and can see the contents of poison. And also must realise that covid is just a flu which cannot justify poisoning

    • No my dear but I have had exactly same experience and she then got the medication wrong because she wasn’t able to Order what a gp can?! It was a waste of journey and only because I know the people in my chemist well , they changed the medication to right one. Hopefully you don’t feel so ‘on your own about it’ now my dear it’s all gone to pot!!!🥺✌️Keep strong and say No! 👍✌️

  17. NHS staff have not been tired or busy – virtually every hospital has been empty – all GP surgeries… Empty. My aunt, a London doctor of 30+ years says her surgery has never been so empty…

  18. Hugo, I saw on MSM TV news in Germany 2 weeks ago that the ITALIAN Government made the Corona vaccine A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL EXISTING MEDICAL STAFF in Italy !!… In other words they haven’t made it compulsory to the person, but this law says that no medic or nurse in Italy who want to keep their job can do so without getting the Corona vaccine…
    Please do some research on this piece of news, and tell us in a video whether you found more about it, thanks !!

  19. What the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health assistants don’t understand is that the government has allowed them to be held responsible for injecting an experimental “drug soup” into people who go to them for “help”, NOT to be used as a human lab rat.
    These people understand what they’re doing, and they will all be held accountable for genocide with an untested, unproven, unapproved experimental drug, knowingly given to HEALTHY people.
    Nuremberg 2 trials are about to begin, and I hope every one of these people are sweating hard for their part in intentionally endangering human life, with no reason.

  20. There was a huge staffing deficit way before plandemic. Nurses byrserys stopped. Overworked junior Drs, , Drs unhappy with beaurocracy and how things were run, left to work abroad. It has been eiefulky underfunded for years. Prior to his election Boris said he’d give the nhs more nurses. However, most were the ones he was trying to cajole into staying hence why there was zero staff for Nightingakes. Or fully trained staff to cope with the influx of critical care ,It u cases Like every flu year. The staff still working are indeed burnt out. Not with covid but dealing with extra shifts. No holidays wgen they needed it. Cover g for stressed and colleagues off sick with stress dye to the symbols of u derstaffibg and work conditions in general. Covid was icing on Th at cake. Fewer staff, ensure even more staff. Also seeing how badly treated medical staff have been in years prior to covid put people off going into the health profession. Any one watching hospital documentaries, would be well put off. So we reap what we did Boris The bus is a money out but essential and it should have been given full financial resources in the past to ensure any shortfalls or failing never happen. Especially in a pandemic scenario. This cou try didn’t even heed the 2016 warnings of it not having equipment or staff, for a pandemic or major medical crisis. Should it occur. Had the money tree provided a fully fu xtionibg fit for purpose nhs and care sector constantly and not let it diminish, there wouldn’t have been any issue if it ever being overrun. Staff would not have been overworked, it would be a better place to work and to attract staff. Adding a threat of mandatory jabs, just exacerbates the problem, because health staff who don’t want it, or speak out will just walk…. I don’t blame them.

  21. Thank you Hugo just read some great comments .. be blessed all

  22. I think it’s due to not wanting the jab having seen the consequences and knowing it’s not been tested properly. Also being tired of having to wear ppe all day every day. Listening to fearful people all the time who are scared of even coming to the doctor or the hospital because of covid when they are trying to make them better must be disheartening. Seeing people come in too late as well and then not being able to treat them as they used to. My next ear nose and throat appointment in three months time is on the phone due to covid, how is that going to work? How can see any changes in my face and my nose over the phone? Having to do loads of extra procedures to “protect people” that are unnecessary too. The job probably feels like it’s changed beyond all recognition in many cases.

  23. They’ve left, or in the process of leaving because they don’t want to be the ones potentially responsible for killing someone through the poison jab, or causing any of the number of side effects..and they don’t want to have the poison jab inflicted upon themselves..for the same reasons above.

  24. Has Boris killed all the staff that haven’t quit with vaccines?

  25. Non of this adds up. Over the past few months I’ve had to go in for at least 4 xrays due to one of several ongoing issues my nearest hospital is the main one where each time there has only been a handful of patients wandering around this huge building, the other two times I was sent to two other towns both of these hospitals (although small local ones) I was the only one in the waiting room and on leaving I saw no one waiting either. I worked in a well known hospital years ago and you didn’t have time to dance!

  26. I imagine there is a growing fear of what will be happening this autumn/winter when the ‘new double varient’ prompts a third jab and i can only imagine it may well be carnage!

  27. If any medical staff are reading these comments you best speak up because it’s going to be Nuremberg part 2. Look it up as just following orders will not cut it for you unfortunately.

  28. I would say the jab and being forced to lie, administer fake tests etc etc are the reasons!! The first two two given by fsm can be debunked instantly – if it was about pay they would of quit years ago and we all know they did not have ‘an extra tough year’ in tge sense of work load

    • Totally agree Fiona. I’m living with a really serious illness which needs urgent surgery, but everything has been badly delayed because of lockdown, and I’m absolutely furious about it! The stress that this has caused in over a year has been absolutely unbearable, and who knows how much longer I will have to wait! Could be at least another year, nobody knows! My husband is seriously ill too and also needs treatment which he is waiting for. Bloody hell lockdown totally sucks!!!!! So right now I have a very low opinion of the NHS, and yes it is pretty obvious that nurses are not leaving due to poor pay and conditions, they are panicking at the prospect of having the killer jab, having seen for themselves what it is doing to their patients in A&E! That’s why they are leaving. They are feeling guilty and scared!!! I feel right now complete despair, I really do!

    • The NHS is an absolute disgrace, what with nurses doing dance videos on tik-tok, delays to treatment and GPs doing a complete disappearing act and refusing to see their patients, I have to ask the question, what the devil is going on here??????????!!!!

  29. I am afraid the majority of staff in the NHS is as gullible as the rest of the population; most are testing themselves 2x weekly and had their vaccines already. Before the ‘pandemic’ there was a shortage of 40,000 nurses in England. For years the number of nurses have been reduced, training has been made difficult, pay was frozen for years, etc… has been a slow (but effective) attack on the workforce. Nurses are exhausted, not because of Covid, but because of the increased demand over the years with less and less staff, they were already exhausted before. Wearing masks, visors and all PPE for hours on end is not helping either. Some are leaving because the pressure and conditions are very difficult, they no longer can provide the care they want to give.
    It is true that hospitals have never been as quiet as they’ve been during the pandemic, some wards (even A&E departments) closing, community medical services closing too… has been a disgrace. Other services though have been completely overwhelmed, as had to take on patients no longer seen by GPs or these other closed services. Some nurses have worked flat out looking after patients dying at home, the vast majority WITHOUT Covid symptoms. The vaccination programme is mainly done in GP surgeries and Mass Vaccination Centres, so most NHS staff are not involved in ‘jabbing’ people.
    Some like-minded people work for the NHS, trying to make a stand and change things from within, the same as others out there. Please don’t fall into the trap of blame & hate, that is exactly what they are trying to do……polarise people into ‘ us & them’

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