UK Cashless Society INCOMING #bitcoin​ Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Better start saving some cash for the inevitable crash of their digital systems!!!!

  2. They will make everything digital and when you are a bold boy you will be deleted simple as. All medical educitonal and finical records will disappear so do as yee are told little sheep people

  3. 😂 😂 😂 I couldn’t give two shits about money anyway now the route of all evil has been here along time

    • Actually, the original quote says ” the LOVE of money is the root of evil” Changes the meaning completely.. 👍

      • Was just going to say that. The ‘elites’ and their minions love money above all else.

      • The love of money is the root of ALL evil. 1Timothy 6:10.

    • A squirrel doesn’t pay rent and council tax or work. They spend their days gathering food, raising their young and living free. Not us, we are totally controlled by money with no choice. I don’t care about about the latest iPhone or fashion. Money is shit.

  4. Whoever controls the currency controls the country. Who was it who said that about standing armies and bankers? Anyway, I think the next narrative will be bitcoin etc is being used by criminals and drug dealers and will be banned, they want total control.

    On a side note Russia and China have been buying up huge quantities of physical gold over the last 12 months, like hundreds of billions worth, while we in the west sold ours long ago and print paper money instead.

    Also, in the great depression the US govt pegged the price, made it illegal to own it, bought it all from the public at the knocked down pegged price, then unpegged it once they had it all and basically stole the wealth of the people they took it from.

    I expect the same again this time. I think we’re going to get govt controlled digital currency even if we don’t want it. Unless something dramatic happens to stop it.

  5. Can we have some good news please Hugo talks! I know we need to know what’s coming but we also need a way out.

    • There is a way out, it is by surrender of self to Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. Get your reservation on the Rapture flight 777 outta here by repenting, calling upon the name of Jesus Christ with a sincere and humble heart! All of what we see coming has been prophesied and is now on a warp speed to fulfillment , the Harlot system is setting up the new world order first and then the anti -christ (666 the number of his name/identity) is revealed,he will then become the Global ruler for a period of time before the physical return of Jesus Christ happens at the battle of Armageddon.
      If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”
      Romans 10:9

      • Amen. Isaiah 55:6 ‘Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near’. Proverbs 23:18 ‘There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off’.

    • Bitcoin is the good news. It is one of the ways out. One has to acceot a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it in my opinion.

    • I have been watching the progress of Crypto currencies since it was founded, I know how it works and a lot of the foundation of it, however, I regard it like a piece of cheese first it has a lot of holes in it, second it smells good but it can soon go off. It really has no solid foundation to back it up. I can be likened to Gold and Silver but unlike precious metals it can evaporate into thin air without trace if the majority of users lose confidence in it. It has never been used to buy material things like a meal or a coffee but if you are in at the start it can produce fantastic returns and it is all based around a mathematical model cleverly designed to control the mining of it and the returns to those that have done the work producing the crypto bits. The Central Banks know that this is one way to control the money supply and eliminate the printing/minting of Fiat currencies. They will have full access to all financial aspects of everyone, they can impose whatever penalties or favours to anyone without trace. If people accept this then it will be the end of freedom as we knew it – the Covid 19 farce is only a taste of what is in store and it will make democracy look like a tea party fit for fairy stories.

  6. I have heard that Bill Gates has a lot of bit coin and if he takes his investment out it would cause bit coin to crash. I don’t know if this is true as I know nothing about bit coin at all.

    • There is no way Bill Gates would be stupid enough to buy bitcoin. He would have to be insane to do that. He is also on record as saying that bitcoin is bad and needs to die.

  7. Who wants total financial privacy, freedom and total control over their own investments, with massive future potential gains.. with totally anonymous military-grade encrypted, peer to peer inexpensive transactions (& encrypted messaging) of fungible tokens, instead of total control from the corrupt, surveillance banking system? Invest in your future freedom now..

  8. The Rothschild’s are the owners of the bank of England and more.

    • True. “Today all central banks are privately owned. Without exception all are servants of the Rothschilds! The oldest central bank in the world is the Bank of England……Today, the descendants of the Rothschilds meet twice a day in the ‘City’ to dictate the world gold price……”

      • Do you know the story behind the Federal reserve?
        It’s really sinister the way it was set up.
        There’s a book called The creature from Jekyll Island which explains it.

    • Yeah and they try to tell you BoE is owned by the government what a joke. There is actually legislation which makes divulging the real owners a criminal offence.

      • Hmm… I wonder how that was passed?

    • Bingo!
      There are very few people who know this & still think it’s government owned.
      Once you know this everything falls into place.

  9. If only 25% of the population were to buy into bitcoin and other decentralised coins the government digital currency will fall flat on its face. 25% will very soon after become 40% and before long 55/60%. Transactions through a decentralised cryptocurrency is the elites biggest fear because this will completely destroy their world. The people will have the power and not those evil scumbag bankers. Hugo please do a whole segment on cryptocurrency and help get more awakened to it, its the only way to get and keep our freedoms from the monsters that are out to enslave us all. God bless you Hugo your one of a very few i trust👍

  10. Yep 🥺 they Pushing every angle aren’t they.. incredible how much lying 🤥 they have done and so many have fallen for it. Thank you Hugo

  11. Forget bitcoin its not that private.
    If you want privacy get yourself into monero or the latest pure privacy coin thats taking off at the moment – pirate chain (arrr). Get in now while its roughly £3 a coin because this one is gonna be big.

  12. CBDC’s will work on either Digital Ledger Technology, like Hashgraph, or on Blockchain technology, like Bitcoin. Or a combination of the two. Blockchain, and therefore, Bitcoin, is not entirely anonymous. Transactions are permanently written on the blockchain.

    The digital wallets that store the crypto are reasonably anonymous.

    There are privacy coins out there like Monero which are gaining traction.

    The allegation that crypto is used to launder money etc is a bit of an exaggeration. More fraud/tax evasion occurs with Fiat currency.

    Expect more regulation, for sure.

    Facial recognition technology can be easily defeated with the wearing of a face mask. Play them at their own game.

    Money still to be made in crypto with large institutions coming into the market.

    Mike Maloney, “Hidden Secrets of Money” is worth a watch.

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  14. Total control will happen, it is prophesied to do so, so it will happen! Just make sure you are on the free ride out of here by believing in Jesus.

    Otherwise you will be at the non-existent “mercy” of the anti christ (who will be revealed after millions of people suddenly disappear (likely to be falsely portrayed as an alien abduction – notice how the UFO talk is increasing too?)) and his beast system, which is approaching at warp speed.

  15. I remember Jordan Maxwell saying last year that this ‘disaster’ will go until May 2022, by which time everything will be digital – digital currency, teaching – the Zoom things, you can see that’s where its all going – everything will be digitised and connected – which is The Fourth Industrial Revolution – robotics, digitisation, AI – all connected into each other, including us! It’s been in the planning a long time and is now being rolled out before our very eyes.

  16. They might well try to ban bitcoin but if so, only for small users as many of the elites own very large amounts of bitcoin, especially in the US. But enforcing a ban on bitcoin could prove enormously difficult.

    Some talk about bitcoin values as being a bubble. But bitcoin is the pin, it is the fiat currencies crashing against bitcoin as indeed they’re also crashing against commodities, which is what’s driving this impending large scale inflation.

    You can buy small amounts of bitcoin as it’s extremely scalable, like £50 worth here and there according to your pocket. But do your homework, get a good e-wallet and only buy bitcoin from reputable sources. And don’t keep your e-wallet permanently online. A memory stick is good – but don’t lose it! A mobile phone e-wallet (i.e Edge) is useful but don’t keep large amounts on it.

  17. They might well try to ban bitcoin but if so, only for small users as many of the elites own very large amounts of bitcoin, especially in the US. But enforcing a ban on bitcoin could prove enormously difficult.

    Some talk about bitcoin values as being a bubble. But bitcoin is the pin, it is the fiat currencies crashing against bitcoin as indeed they’re also crashing against commodities, which is what’s driving this impending large scale inflation.

    You can buy small amounts of bitcoin as it’s extremely scalable, like £50 worth here and there according to your pocket. But do your homework, get a good e-wallet and only buy bitcoin from reputable sources. And don’t keep your e-wallet permanently online. A memory stick is good – but don’t lose it! A mobile phone e-wallet (i.e Edge) is useful but don’t keep large amounts on it.

  18. A Brave New Nightmare. Powerful forces are going all in on the new world order.

  19. The rothschilds own most of the central banks
    thats why hitler hated the jews because the rothschilds banking system had everyone in debt and he fought back got everyone out of it thats why he had a 100% approval rating

    • Little known facts that are never mentioned!
      With all the money in the world and the full force of news, radio and print at the time he stood no chance against them.
      Of course any death from war is a tragedy and can be avoided.

  20. Yes I think Bitcoin is the currency of the people and yes the ruling elite are afraid and intimidated by it. But it can’t be stopped BECAUSE it’s decentralised. It has also now likely reached the point of being so well established, to try to ban it would be even more detrimental to the economy as a lot of businesses and institutions are now involved and they will take their money to where it is accepted. CBDC’s won’t stop the devaluing of our currency because of mindless money printing. Bitcoin can only appreciate in value because of its scarcity. And as you say Hugo, YOUR bitcoin is YOUR money. You have control, no-one else!

    Thanks as always for all the good work 🙏

    • So, I don’t understand it either tbh. So for instance could I buy 1000 bitcoins for £1000. Where do I go to buy bitcoin. But then what do I do with it. Eg I can’t go into a supermarket or shop and buy anything with bitcoin can I?

      • @ Lewis Britchford ‘1000 Bitcoins for £1000’ 😀 Bitcoin is currently ‘retailing’ at $55600 (£39800). At the current price you could buy 1/40 of a Bitcoin with £1000.

      • Bitcoin, at the mo, is around £50,000 each. Try and you can actually buy fractions of a bitcoin. It will only appreciate in value.

      • @ geminitrading Yet another bitcoin shill crawls out of the woodwork 😀 “It will only appreciate in value.” Wow, can I borrow your crystal ball 😀 Oh, I see it now – GREED, GREED, GREED. Pump my bags! 😀 Don’t think so.

    • Heidi, I suspect that you one of those bitcoin shills that find their way onto these sort of posts. There is nothing ‘decentralised’ about Bitcoin. Like all ‘cryptos’ Bitcoin is heavily ‘pre-mined’ i;e. someone has a huge chunk from the get-go; most Bitcoin is ‘owned’ by a handful of ‘whales’; Bitcoin is slow, it takes weeks to complete a transaction, the fees are extortionate often running into hundreds of pounds; it is bad for the environment, Bitcoin uses 741 kilo watts of electricity to complete a single transaction, that is like running your electric kettle for 247 hours; the ‘network consists of a handful of ‘miners’ based in Outer Mongolia where electricity is £0.01 a KWH; it is not anonymous, the ‘exchanges’ are in bed with HMRC; it is fully traceable; Bitcoin ‘prints’ something called a ‘tether’ to fraudulently prop up the pride; Bitcoin is awash with ‘wash-trading’ – fake back-and-forth trades between the same parties to increase the price; Bitcoin exchange Kraken has been banned from operating in New York City and Florida; many exchanges have been ‘hacked’ or disappeared overnight, the most famous being Mt Gox; many people have lost their bitcoins through wallet downloaded from Google Play and the Apple store. There is no way that Bitcoin is ever going to be a currency. Bitcoin as with all ‘cryptos’ is for gamblers and speculators. Bitcoin is not the only ‘crypto’ in town, there are literally thousands of them all running on the same code freely available from Github. Anyone can create a cryptocurrency. ‘Crypto’ is all about making a quick buck. The only people who benefit from Bitcoin, any ‘crypto’ are those who got in first, before the ‘pump’, the ‘miners’ with their extortionate fees, and the ‘brokers’, the biggest on of which is Coinbase who only just a few days ago floated on stock market via a dodgy IPO (Initial Public Offering) to hide their dodgy dealings. The CEO’s immediately sold some of their shares for $300 million.
      I am sorry Heidi, but I get the impression that you hold Bitcoin and are looking for suckers to ‘pump your bags’ – ‘to the moon’ as the Bitcoin fan boys ans girls would say. I have researched Bitcoin and ‘crypto’ fully and thoroughly and won’t be frightened into ‘investing’ in Bitcoin. There is no ‘financial freedom’ in Bitcoin unless you are a Coinbase CEO or the like.

  21. And just to add. Bitcoin transactions are ‘reversible’, it is built into the protocol. i.e. if you receive payment you have to wait until it appears on the blockchain to see if you will receive payment, and that could take weeks, months. Would you want to wait around in a shop for weeks, months whilst the shopkeeper waited for ‘confirmation’ of your transaction? Or would you prefer to pay with cash and just leave immediately? There is also something known as a ‘stuck transaction’, this occurs when you don’t pay high enough a fee. The ‘miners’ process the transactions offering the highest fee first, so similar to a social housing waiting list where if you don’t have enough ‘points’, you will be ‘stuck’ there forever. If you want to find our what Bitcoin really is you can download Electrum to free – – this is what you actually use to send and receive Bitcoin. It even has a ‘slider’ to set what you are willing to pay as a fee. See if you can figure it out. Does this look like something you can see yourself using for everyday transactions? Anything built on top, a ‘layer’, ‘off-chain’ isn’t really Bitcoin at all.

    • This is from the Electrum FAQs regarding confirmation of bitcoin fees. Or would you prefer to use cash? 😀

      My transaction has been unconfirmed for a long time. What can I do?

      Bitcoin transactions become “confirmed” when miners accept to write them in the Bitcoin blockchain. In general, the speed of confirmation depends on the fee you attach to your transaction; miners prioritize transactions that pay the highest fees.

      Recent versions of Electrum use “dynamic fees” in order to make sure that the fee you pay with your transaction is adequate. This feature is enabled by default in recent versions of Electrum.

      If you have made a transaction that is unconfirmed, you can:

      Wait for a long time. Eventually, your transaction will either be confirmed or cancelled. This might take several days.
      Increase the transaction fee. This is only possible for “replaceable” transactions. To create this type of transaction, you must have checked “Replaceable” on the send tab before sending the transaction. If you’re not seeing the “Replaceable” option on the send tab go to Tools menu > Preferences > Fees tab and set “Propose Replace-By-Fee” to “Always”. Transactions that are replaceable have the word “Replaceable” in the date column on the history tab. To increase the fee of a replaceable transaction right click on its entry on the history tab and choose “Increase Fee”. Set an appropriate fee and click on “OK”. A window will popup with the unsigned transaction. Click on “Sign” and then “Broadcast”.
      Create a “Child Pays for Parent” transaction. A CPFP is a new transaction that pays a high fee in order to compensate for the small fee of its parent transaction. It can be done by the recipient of the funds, or by the sender, if the transaction has a change output. To create a CPFP transaction right click on the unconfirmed transaction on the history tab and choose “Child pays for parent”. Set an appropriate fee and click on “OK”. A window will popup with the unsigned transaction. Click on “Sign” and then “Broadcast”.

  22. And finally, and just generally. When it comes to your money NEVER make decisions based on emotion. It is FEAR and GREED that rules us as human beings. Those are our biggest driving forces. Nothing can be more apparent in the money/Bitcoin (crypto) markets. Always examine and keep a check on your internal state. Try and think and make your decisions with a clear head.

      • @ guaranteedcarfinancesite What do I think? Hold the fort!!!! To the Moon… and back! *rocket emoji* Destination change – To Mars!!!! *rocket emojii* *trev cashes out* 😀 dollas$$$$ 😀 But seriously, it’s like living in a lunatic asylum. Toilet roll panic-buying, being injected with shots of goodness knows what concoction for a fortnight in Spain, having our kids jabbed with toxic crap so we can get back to the pub, trying to screw each other over by passing around stupid gaming tokens… Either we have gone nuts or were already nuts and now it has been forced to the surface and become apparent. I have always thought that we were akin to chimpanzees; the more I observe human behaviour the more convinced I become of my thesis. And there sure ain’t no ‘Jesus’ going to pop out of a cloud and save a load of dumb monkeys 😀

  23. Looks like the great reset is rolling on as Amazon is going into the hairdressing business… Funny that across the world they’ve had them all shut for months to help them go out of business to give their pals at Amazon a helping hand to get started

  24. All part of the elites master plan to enslave us all. Gates, Schwab, Charles and the rest of the megalomaniacs need removing!

  25. Time to get investigating in gold and silver me thinks

  26. If we all just invest our money into blockchain digital currencies then the government’s digital currency will fail. I’ve seen my own crypto portfolio quadruple in value since November.

    • And your ‘crypto’ portfolio could easily turn to dust tomorrow – and with any luck it will 😀 That is why you are on here trying to shill the gullible into buying your crypto-trash. You greedy *&*(&*&!! Well, I sure as hell aren’t ‘pumping your bags’.

    • And buy the way you don’t ‘invest’ in any of these crypto-trash coins. You gamble, you speculate, you take a punt that some sucker will come along and pay more than you paid. The ‘greater fool’ theory. And don’t try and kid us that you give a hoot about the technology. I notice that you have to slip in the word ‘block chain’. You also describe these trash ‘coins’ as blockchain digital currencies 😀 Wow, that sounds exciting. The ONLY reason anyone is in cryptos is to make dollas $$$$. So don’t give us that guff about fighting the government. You are a greedy $%$%$% pure and simple. I bet you stock-pile toilet rolls and price-gouge on flea-bay. And if you get burnt on your crypto-trash you will no doubt be expecting a government bailout you smug %^$£ Anyway, it must stress you out having to watch the price of your ‘crypto portfolio’ 24/7. It only takes a government announcement, a single tweet and you and the rest of the crypto ‘bag-holders’ will be rushing for the door desperately trying to cash out. Well, good luck with that 😀 Oops, platform down 🙁 can’t logon 🙁 Ha ha 😀

      • So what do you suggest going forward?

      • Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution and even if I did it wouldn’t take long before human nature won out and it turned to dust. I believe we are trapped, a victim of our own human nature, greedy, self-serving exploitative animals; we will truly get what we deserve. I can get a handle on why the ‘elites’ don’t like us and would want to eradicate us or maybe replace us with some sort of cyborgs. As regards, cryptocurrency, or ‘cybermoney’ as Sir William Rees Mogg called it you should read the book ‘The Sovereign Individual’ that he co-wrote. Free to download 😀 PayPal founder Peter Thiel wrote the foreword . It is reportedly his favourite book. This will give you a frightening insight into the minds of the advocates of ‘cybermoney’. The world they envisage is a ‘winner takes all’ Mad Max dystopian nightmare. If you are not a sovereign individual’ you will go to the wall. It would be far, far worse system than what we have at present. As they say: be careful what you wish for, for you might just get it.

      • Not true.

        Not denying greed as a factor, the main part is building community. The value increases as more people become sovereign together.

        In our culture greed and altruism are incompatible. Salvationism is what remains for those in that paradigm. Good luck with that!
        So why don’t you join and prosper at the same time!

      • @ lennartmogren Are you seriously suggesting that we are ALL going to be rich only if we ‘buy a piece of bitcoin’. We are all going to be ‘financially free’? 😀 Pull the other one – its got bells on it 😀 To the Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon rocket emoji rocket emoji rocket emoji rocket emoji rocket emoji rocket emoji ………… and back 😀 Sorry, I ain’t ‘pumping your bags’.

      • And why the focus on Bitcoin? There are literally thousands of crypto-trash coins out there. For example DOGE coin increased 500% in the past few weeks 😀 😀 How’s that for gainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 😀 dollas $$$$$ To da Moooooooooooooooooooon…………… and back 😀 😀

      • And the latest ‘hot-tip’ crtyto-trash coins are PANCAKE, SAFEMOON, and SAFEURANUS. That is how ridiculous this whole crypto trash business is.
        It is nothing to do with ‘community’, ‘sovereigtism – whatever that is – , and all that guff, it is all about gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinz!! Go on admit it, you don’t give a damn about the ‘community’, you are only interested in serving your own interests, you want to be a ‘sovereign individual’ – you want to be RICH 😀 dollas $$$$

  27. The whole reason they’re moving quickly with digital currency is because the masses don’t know about Bitcoin…everyone should own a piece of Bitcoin to secure our future and freedom. Bitcoin will be mass transfer of wealth to the people. To be quite frank Bitcoin makes the elites quiver

    • Nonsense, Bitcoin is a transfer of wealth and assets to the ‘whales’, a handful of Chinamen reportedly, who own the vast majority of bitcoin. Basically, you want to reel in some suckers to ‘pump your bags’ 😀 To the Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooon :D………………….. and back 😀


    This has been worked on since 2017. its not started to be worked on it’s ready to roll out. What they say has just happened was 3 years ago they are creating a central bank digital currency CBDC this will be running on a the currency called XRP on a private ledger and we will use XRP as an open ledger. Green tech 100000% faster than SWIFT IBAN and no closing at weekends to run settlement. Libor is coming to an end which calculates interest rates we will go into negative interest rates. And it will be the end of Nostro Vostro accounts which will free up trillions and will be sold to us on that basis. CV did a great job of making us cashless in order to help bring in the cashless society. Not investment advice might be worth looking into XRP it’s the end game master plan.

    • If banks are not printing actual notes then there is a huge saving for them already in material costs, printing presses and people to make it all.
      That’s all round the world. Making central banks even better off!

  29. BitCoin is fools gold china can 51% attack one mine goes down and the hashrate dropped and fees sky rocketed

    $XRP new gold Standard to bridge all the money in the world from derivatives to cash real estate and signed with nearly every bank in the world

    $XLM New Silver Standard

    $FLR Interledger Decentralized Finance coming in June this is what they are waiting for to bring out the CBDC’s to bridge all surviving digital assets after the culling

  30. XRP the standard forget bitcoin

    Search /Bank of England Ripple proof of concept 2017

  31. Bitccoin reminds me of Maggie Thatcher’s council housing sell-off. A few short-term thinking greedy fuckers desperate to line their pockets whilst destroying our long-term futures.

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