Ethylene Oxide PART 2 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hugo check out Micheal Bernacian and his court case against Matt Hancock, etc.. This needs putting out there, because its the best attempt to bring these crooks to justice.

  2. I’m not a medical expert so I’ll only comment in as far as to say that what you say sounds to me like it makes perfect sense. As for your merchandise, I think it’s a great idea, I’ve been an activist for many years and wearing clothing with the message I wish to get across on it has sparked many conversations and at the very least planted a seed so I will be buying at least one or two items

  3. I listen to your videos everyday. Thanks for leading the way and offering hope. You show us not to trust anybody and research the truth. I suppose the is why people had doubts about the merchandise. Are you a truth finder or in it to make money ! I believe the former. So onwards and upward.

  4. More chemical poison in humans to kill.
    I had a invitation to have a jab sended to me today well guess what? It’s torn up and in my bin with the other rubbish.

    I will always have my principles and never change my mind they want war they have got Fuck there poison.

  5. Anyone else noticed the massive TV and radio advertising campaign going on at the moment, warning of strokes? We know blood clots cause strokes. We also know these vaccines are causing blood clots. So is this a coincidence or is something really sinister going on? What do you think?!!

  6. Just a quick note Hugo
    The government is also not scraping killer smart motorways where there’s been 38 deaths which the cornoners ruling them responsible for all the deaths.

    I thought the government care about saving lifes ha.
    Innocent people being killed by them and shit weasel Grant Shapps the transport Secretary who bought in face muzzle’s on public transport last June
    Abuse this weasel who mp for Welwyn garden city and Hatfield

  7. Hi All,
    I read on a ‘fact checking’ website that the polyethylene glycol in the vaccines, is not the same ingredient as ethylene glycol that is in antifreeze. Then again, who trusts the ‘fact checkers’. Just thought I’d mention. X

  8. Nothing against you putting out merchandise, Hugo. There are many others that do who are, like you, legit.

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