The Great Reset Of Football / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Yet another mentally deranged idea from the ‘elites’. So, it’ll be a ‘European Super League’ made up of teams from England, Spain and Italy? No other European nations involved. No relegation/promotion. So they play the same teams constantly. That’ll be exciting. United are by far the most indebted club in the world. Before the Glazers took over, they were the richest club in the world. They’ve just took billions out of the club – theft on a grand scale. City were in the 3rd tier of English football 20 years ago. I used to like football. I can’t watch it nowadays. Absolutely tedious. In the ’80’s, it was football in winter, cricket in summer. They were similar in size in terms of popularity. If you were a United/City fan you’d go and watch Lancashire in summer. Point being, they’ll just destroy the sport and people will watch something else.

    • F the elites. I support City but I won’t be watching them when they join this.

  2. I don’t watch football either. Don’t like the spitting, diving or cheating but I can see the evil reset plan going on here.

  3. I’ve only ever been to one football match, FA Cup final many years ago, we got caught up in a huge riot which resulted in a woman we were with being beaten half to death by rival “fans”, I vowed that day never to watch another match for as long as I live, I won’t even watch it on TV.

  4. How long before we see amazon utd, wallmart City all the fans have to do to stop this is boycott the whole thing don’t go to it don’t pay to watch it , take away what its all about MONEY

  5. Whats next amazon utd, Wallmart city ,all the fans have to do to stop this is simply boycott it, don’t pay to watch it ,live or on TV, take away what this is all about MONEY

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  7. This should be shunned and ignored “along with everything else they try to manipulate and change “

  8. Hi yes not great football fan myself but when they started letting games go ahead WITHOUT crowds I said to myself mmmm 🤔 seems the poor fans are just being taken for a ride to! Great reset man it should be great are think!! The they are insane greedy and want people dead 💀 how is that a feckin good idea?!! Glad I’m awake lol if I am going to die least I do with some dignity and not laying down like a dog

  9. Why did Boris and the government get involved in this is he worried that fans wont go to matches as there team have joined the super league so they wont need jabs as they wont go to watch . Do you get what I mean . I dunno.

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