Keir Starmer Told ‘GET OUT OF MY PUB’ By Angry Landlord / Hugo Talks #lockdown

68 Comments on “Keir Starmer Told ‘GET OUT OF MY PUB’ By Angry Landlord / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • Don’t let any MP’s do normal things – they can fuck off, they fucked everything up . . they are NOT WELCOME !. #neverforgive #neverforget

      • If they are really voted in by the people, how come they can’t be removed easily?

      • Hi everyone, just wanted to share a link to a free 9 part docuseries about covid. I have already seen every episode when first aired and it is definitely worth watching. It has doctors, scientists, researchers, ppe experts and more! Each episode is live for 24 hours just pop in your name and email.

    • Brilliant I salute you Sir. I’d shake your hand for doing that. It’s about time these bastards were told to fuck off somewhere else. Stamer is a usless cunt and he did go against the British people and he’ll pay for. They just think they can walz about after doing what they have done to the people of this Country. Shame on him the useless bastard. Now FUCK OFF

      • I totally agree he and his Labour party are the same cheek as the Tories.
        Let’s all tell them went they want our vote to go and do one.

        Vote anti lockdown candidate’s across the country and show them we mean business.

      • Well Trev don’t hold back will you ? Your correct of course. Have to ask…….is that really your name quad barrelled, totally OTT.
        Very Establishment sounding , my friends call me ‘ Howie’ for short….HaHaHa Shackleton as well………….He counted them all out and counted them all back, if your need of rescue ‘ Shackleton’s your man ‘. 🙂

        Yes am ‘ takin the piss ‘ 🙂 🙂

  1. This is fantastic. We must spread this far and wide. These politicians do not represent the normal people and have been decimating all the small businesses in the last year. Not to mention all their propoganda and their push for the great reset. We do not consent.

  2. He should be hailed as a national hero! But of course the fucking lame stream media won’t cover this at all!!!!!! WANKERS…….THE WHOLE FUCKING LOT OF EM!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. Was Starmer there to check out the konzentrationslager?

  4. Nice one pub landlord!
    The Dear Supreme Opposition Leader, His Majesty, Baron Sir Kier Saville obviously thought this was a secret meeting venue for the Trilateral Commission

  5. Yes! Seen single celled organisms with more intelligence and balls than this wet muppet

  6. Landlord 100% right. Sir Der Stürmer’s only criticism of Bo Jo’s Covid measures is that they haven’t been sufficiently authoritarian. Speaking of Boris should try waddling down a public street and see how he gets on,

    • You are no doubt aware that Starmer is married to a *** and his children are being raised as ****.

      • Bojo is also of Jewish decent. It’s the mothers that carry the family blood. Look up who is grand parents and great grand parents were.

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  8. Haha no politician will get in a pub hopefully. Wankers.

  9. I have admire that Landlord, he speaks for so many of us. I also admire the fact he knew who he was!!

  10. Everyone in Bath go to this pub.
    We need more of this. Much more.

  11. Will be wearing my Raven of Bath pin badge with pride. Think that was a shock to Starmer System. There so out of touch.

  12. This landlord was epic!!!! And reminds me of when Gordon Brown lied about a woman voter who tackled him – here was Starmer calling the landlord a covid denier after being turfed out of the pub!!! The landlord was interviewed on talk radio just now and was brilliant for common sense to say what we all believe that this lockdown madness has gone too far!!!
    Well done Hugo in sharing this – I applaud this landlord from the Raven Pub in Bath

    • Sorry to break it to you but I think Talk radio is owned by a larger company that may have been paid to offer opposing views. Without giving away too much of course!!
      On the plus side it’s great that he got his message out there. Great point about the schools!

  13. Well done that landlord who speaks for so many! KS has been an absolute disgrace to politics since he took over Labour. How on earth he expects anyone to vote for him beats me, after his continual agreement with BJ and his lack of opposition, and worse, always demanding more and harder of the same!! He is largely responsible for the uk populations nightmare leading to the demise of democracy and rise of totalitarianism which is still rolling on at full speed. More people should voice their opinion when we see them. It’s either that or they should be put under citizens’ arrest for crimes against the people. WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Are they so removed from reality that they don’t realise this landlord shows what many think of him and politics in this country just now? It’s probably they just don’t give a damn about anybody or business and never really did. It’s all been an illusion, a very successful one (for them).

    • Or they are told by someone to do certain things and have to do them otherwise their funding is removed.
      This person or organisation does not care for the average person but will gladly bleed them through taxation and other means.

  14. This is exactly what needs to happen, well done landlord!!

  15. Well done that man.
    To be honest starmer deserves to be served with a shotgun. They are all corrupt and they are all liars. They have bought this country down and deserve nothing but a firing squad or the noose.

    • They definitely are that Pete!
      If we don’t like what they are doing how can we vote them out?
      Will there ever be a party that hasn’t got a hidden agenda?

      • The party system is a perversion of democracy. I found this podcast very enlightening, “A Dissident’s Guide to the Constitution” episode 5 part 2, by UK Column, really stunning insight!

  16. All Publican/Landlords have held the right to expel “Troublemakers “from their premises “and this is no different “ Well done to the Landlord “ he needs our support “

  17. Not only did Starmer allow our children to wear masks, he allowed them to be groomed, trafficked, raped, tortured and in some cases murdered when he was directer of DPP/CPS!

  18. Hold on, I thought we’re only allowed to drink OUTSIDE, in the car parks. So, why was he trying to get inside?

    • That pub doesn’t have a beer garden either, AFAIK, so why was it even open? Couple of tables out front aren’t going to generate a massive amount of trade.

      I have sent him an email to say well done. I’d go buy him a drink but I have a no pub policy which is staying until we’re back in 2019!

    • You forgot.. siting in your own car on your own and wearing two masks.
      Otherwise the deadly south African or Indian sniffles will get you!
      When are people going to wake up??

    • One rule for politicians one rule for us.

      Lets all let them where to go when they come to our homes and cities.

      Vote for Anti lockdown candidate’s across the country and show them we are sick of there lies and control.

  19. Now you know why they are hiding behind body guards. He soon did a runner when he had to face the people. Bloody cowards the lot of them.

  20. Right on that gezza but kier wouldn’t be feck all had he not had ex military with him! 🎼’go on home British soldiers go on home ..or have you got no Fu—ing homes of your own!’🎶 .. and so., labour conservatives raging loony party democrats unions,, let’s say all and any of theses dirty lying rats that are ruling lives just for power and now killing millions in front of our faces… vote for None of them !! Byeee cheers Hugo 👍

  21. The liebour party tried to fob this off as the landlord ‘was spreading misinformation’. Or in other words, the truth.

    • Yes I saw that, anything they don’t want to talk about or that challenges the narrative is immediately “dangerous misinformation” and the person saying it is a covid denying, anti-vaxxer lunatic who should be cancelled and never heard from again.

  22. Fucking hell a humanoid at last they’ll be plenty more reactions like that coming up for our betrayers let’s hope!!!!

  23. Brilliant! We will be seeing more of that I am sure, people need to realise that he’s a GLOBALIST, member of the Trilateral Commission and doesn’t have people’s best interests at heart….

  24. What a hero that landlord is. I hope he gets some badges made – I would wear it with pride (like I am going to wear your t.shirt with pride Hugo.
    I think all pubs should put up a sign at their front door banning those knobs. A chef in Conwy Wales banned Mark Drakeford from his pub for 18months for anti social behaviour – The letter reads:

    “As a result of your behaviour on November 30, 2020 at the Senedd Cymru your actions class as antisocial behaviour for the damage caused to our members premises. The licensees of the West Conwy Pubwatch have jointly decided that in order to discharge their duty as referred to above they are exercising their right not allow you entry to their premises, which are listed on our website…”

    Additionally, the letter includes that police will be called if he ignores the decision and that he will be ejected from the premises with an extra six months added to the ban, which will remain May 30th 2022.

    However, the West Conwy Pub watch will review the ban during the first week of August 2021.

    It’s fab that someone stood up to those tossers and let them know what we think.
    I saw a great placard the other day which said “if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention”
    Come on people, lets give them some shit….

  25. What a PR disaster for Labour – their leader being thrown out of a pub. I can’t help but think that this bears a striking parallel to ex Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray and his infamous “subway moment” in Glasgow.

  26. Excellent must go to bath and shake him by the hand 😊
    Wonder where boris will get chucked out of 🙄

    • Hopefully the country. Or better still, this mortal coil and just go straight to hell, where he is going, sooner or later

      • Brilliant for this landlord to tell Starmer where to go.
        He and Boris have let business’ s suffer owing money losing there businesses and having nosence rules do this do that.

        More businesses and us the real people should tell them the same thing when they come to how homes with there election leaflets
        We all suffered being prisoners, face masks can’t do this do that, mental health.

        Starmer and his party back Johnson on all the above let’s vote for anti lockdown candidate’s in the election’s across the country.
        Especially in London
        David Kurten
        Piers Corbyn
        Laurence Fox
        Kick Khan who wanted Lockdown’s closed pub’s and clubs and wants face nappies to be worn in the street and brags about writing to Johnson about the controlling idea.

    • The landlord was interviewed on talk radio today and said he would also refuse to let Boris into his pub too !!!he is a hero!!!!!

  27. weird i went on youtube and hugo talks some more was in my recommended, i aint subbed to that channel

  28. This landlord of the Raven pub is a hero !!! I would travel to his pub to shake his hand!!!!Starmer a liar and pathetic fool!!!!

    • You should do just that. I would do the same if I was in the UK. Make sure you support his business too.

  29. Your YouTube video about Kier Starmer & the pub landlord is not showing on YouTube… Why?

  30. Every landlord and anyone in the hospitality industry should be bloody fuming after what these criminals have done to them and their business’s in the name of THEIR scam.. Well done to that man. Everyone has been affected by their corrupt system and this hoax and should take a leaf out of his book and fight back.

  31. Landlord should prosecute ‘ knucklehead ‘ for assault 100% bang too rights and on his property, surely would be convicted .
    Starmer dealt with that in a manner of a complete amateur , if you can’t deal with a member of the public No Way should you be leader of any political party. If Starmer and his cronies had any balls would go back and apologise and offer compensation, Gordon Brown apologised after his ‘ Hot Mike ‘ bigoted woman comment.
    Labour must be cringing at their leaders ‘ Total FU PR ‘ exercise , what a prick. Brilliant 🙂 🙂

  32. Why did he go into the pub when we have to stay outside? Apparently the landlord showed him a graph that showed the average age of those dying with Covid is 82, while the average age of death from all causes is 81.

  33. Great what the pub owner did but once he recollected himself it didn’t do much to impact Starmer and he fell into the trap of going on Good Moron Britain; a show I don’t watch except for stumbling on an article which had some video footage. Unless you’re armed to the teeth with enough of your pre-prepared knowledge or research, it’s easy to get ganged up on there and hung out to dry on the gutter show especially by arrogant shits such as the resident doc on there. After all, as they’re so in love with the propaganda, it’s their strategy to go against and try and heavily discredit someone with the opposite POV. Codswallop that he should “stick to pulling pints.” With the amount of info around, anyone with a bit of common sense can work out the facts for themselves.

  34. Some of the antilockdown leaders are controlled opposition. John Overkill is exposing them on his channel.

    • Do you think Tommy Robinson is controlled?
      Don’t know or care what his views are on lockdown but on his hatred for certain religions.


    • Eddie, spot on but you left your caps lock on!!

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