Burger King Want Your Photo ID and Address! / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. I was asked to use track and trace today to sit outside Coffee #1. Outside!! I told them to shove their coffee and left

    • That’s exactly what I will be doing too, well done !!

    • This is no surprise. This happened to me. To eat outside in an italian restaurant. I was not really informed then or else I would have left .

  2. Well never going in bugger king or yuck donalds will be no lose to humanity

  3. Hey Hugo just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me – I listen to you every day – today I took someone to a and e here in paisley – I decided right – no mask I was there for 4 hours saw numerous doctors nurses etc and not one person challenged me – just wanted to share – that’s how easy it was – I was the only person mask less right enough – anyway you keep up the good work – keeping the faith 🙏it’ll all be worth it in the end — ☮️❤️🌞

    • No offence, but the ‘peace’ symbol is a satanic symbol. It’s Nero’s cross: “PEACE SYMBOL – Also known as the Cross of Nero. Many people are not aware of the origins of this symbol or how it became to symbolize peace. This is the cross of Nero, a broken and inverted cross, enclosed in a circle which represents Nero’s vision. Nero believed that there would be world peace without Christianity, thousands of Christians were martyred under the rule of Nero. This is what the “peace symbol” represents regardless of what it means to you.”

      We need to get to the truth here people.


      • Hi I been out today and this the truth I drew cash to use 👍 and I asked for cash back 👍 got ‘can only do £40’ 😂😂 but yea.. I paid with cash your right we need stand up and do the opposite to any of theses insane agendas it’s messed up! And I don’t eat take away because I like to know what’s going in my food!! ✌️To those who seek it ✌️ And use cash!! 👍😁

  4. Burger King can p.o, my homemade burgers taste way better.

    • The stupid thing is no one will give a toss they bin ordering take aways for a year and a half almost. I cant remember the last time I had a take away and wouldnt spend my money on Burger King or any other of these crap places. This country is one step away from being flushed down the bog literally

  5. I will never set foot in any business that requires this.

  6. I went in a chippy today and a costa yesterday both in Wales and despite the nhs sign about track and trace , wasn’t asked to sign in , so I didnt . In fact nobody was using it . Think they just display it because they have to by law but not enforcing it

    • Same for me for the few local businesses I still use. It’s a farce, but I still won’t rest until the rules are abolished permanently.

  7. Well, if this keeps some people out of Burger King, it will be the first Covid measure that will actually improve public health.

  8. Well – No Whoppers anymore 😅.

    Better for my health and figure. 🍋🧅💃

  9. Well just another establishment I will never frequent ever again. Any company or business partaking in this tyranny has lost my patronage forever. I don`t care if I end up never going out, but these places will never get 1 penny out of me for the rest of my life. Not a big deal for them, but I hope others follow suit, if hundreds of thousands do the same then see how they fair.

    • Totally agree, here is another addition to my list of businesses to boycott. I hereby swear to never enter their premises again until they change their policy to pre-scamdemic status, end of.

  10. I remember when I was about 18/19, I was into weights/exercise and I ate really healthy food. I went to McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac Meal thing, the first junk food I’d had in months and I literally started gagging and was nearly throwing up as my body wasn’t used to it. Just shows how unhealthy these places are.

  11. Just like the English couldn’t wait to comply to the imposition and restrictions on their liberty, when it came to going to the pub, they will comply to this imposition also instead of learning how to cook for themselves.

    • Not the English mate…that’s the british…our controllers…see Daddy Dragon on you tube to learn all about the English…we are winning back England!!!

    • Your spot on. A lot of young people dont even no how to boil an egg ffs. Dint give a toss about Burger King. Have anyone seen what is happening around the country to our football clubs ? Smaller clubs are not gonna stand a chance kids will suffer men will suffer. This is disgusting. We can not allowe anything more of what’s British to be taken away. Its almost as tho they want to strip people of the identity football is a grass roots game and even our cricket clubs are going. Now it’s starting on football. They forget it was all the fans that built them up to where they are now. Greed

  12. Just one more establishment to avoid and i’ll do that with pleasure!!


  13. Well.. that’s no more chicken royals n fries ! It got really crap anyways over the years so not missing much now are we😂👍 cheers Hugo, great comments coming on here, been reading by others it’s great having some were with like minded people who see this plandemic as a nasty scam against us ALL .. say no to this BS PEOPLE WE BEING FORCED INTO….And Burger King🖕🏻Feck u🥲

  14. They really have got these idiots in a trap.. and the way its going they will need their passport for a trip to BK, forget about the crappy foreign holiday!
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  15. This was funny. Jack Dee taking the piss out of Burger King from the late ’90’s. “Do you want French fries with that? Excuse me? Do you want fries with that? Yeah, stick a fucking sausage in it too!”

    Check it out from 2.40: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2HVyVGi6ao

  16. Hi Hugo, thanks for all your hard work mate! God bless.

  17. No more cheeseburgers for me then, they can go f*** themselves 😉

  18. I wonder what the directors will think when they view empty seats in their high class establishments week after week hit them were it hurts their pockets boycott them it’s shit food anyway doing everyone a favour!!!

    • As a vegan not a chance I’d go there but 100% agree this is anither step towards absolute tyranny, another step to a world where we’ll have ZERO freedom, far less than we already have – I DO NOT CONSENT I WILL NOT COMPLY ….but how long before my stance will mean I can’t access anything unless we all stand together and say NO – WE ARE THE MANY, THEY ARE THE FEW and it’s past time that we showed them so

    • But if we end up back in lockdown lol which we will people can order it and its delivered to ur door. People love this crap. Most young people cant even boil an egg ffs. That’s the truth iv seen it first hand. Un fucking believable. X

      • Hey caz it seems I’m getting a bit of stick in here about the promotion of merchandise .
        Goodness knows .

  19. It is quite comical really. All of these overpriced companies demanding to see your papers. so you can hand over your hard earned money for utter tat. There’s so many of these companies that are committing suicide in front of us. It just goes to show that most ‘managers’/’directors’ are as thick as pig shit.

  20. Just turn up with bricks and throw them! Cover your face with a nappy like all the other sheep and dont show your id let’s see them take you to court when three quarters of your face is covered and they got bricks stuck in their stupid fooking heads

    • Wrong option. They’ll claim all damages through insurance, and with a whole lot of interest to boot. Boycott is the only way.

  21. Went in costa no track and trace but a woman did dance and limbo to avoid me 😂😂😂as I had no mask on….

  22. I’m a great fan of your channel Hugo ,but extremely disappointed you are now going down the road of selling merchandise .
    17 quid for a t-shirt sounds to me a
    a bit like profiteering .
    I’m gutted it’s like you have sold out and in my eyes have lost some credibility ,although I will still follow your content I will no longer be sharing them

    • Hi Tommy. I know what you’re saying, but people do request this stuff. I like to watch something called the Templar Report, and people love the stuff they sell and like to see it being sold. They genuinely request this kind of thing. My Dad loves watching QVC when they sell the Russian watches. It’s like at Blackpool, when somebody would sell the magic knives/salad cutter things. There’d be 100 people watching a guy chopping up carrots – hypnotised! They couldn’t get enough of it. So, don’t be too hard on Hugo. People will have requested it as a way of supporting him. It doesn’t mean he’s sell out.

    • Hi Tommy the other day you said you were suicidal and apparently wanted to end your life. Hugo legitimately helping to fund his life’s work I would have thought is very insignificant to the problems inside of you that need dealing with I wish you good luck Tommy

      • Hi Tommy Hugo is not sales pitching or trying to make anyone buy anything maybe having a logo idea will help spread the word which we do on here Tom. I hope you find peace and keep your views a view not a confusion to yourself. Good luck with understanding what I trying get across 👍✌️ To those who seek it

      • Hi Steve I was hardly ready to slit my wrists it was just a general mood i was feeling which let’s face it we all face an uphill struggle at the moment ,I did leave a post on here thanking all concerned for their best wishes , but I’m sorry no matter how you dress it up there is definitely a profit being made by someone ,what I’m saying if it was me I would not go down that route I would keep it pure and focused .Carl Vernon does the same and it leaves a bitter taste ,how can I possibly share that video to the sheeple when merchandise is being sold on it ? It makes me look like a right mug pardon the pun .


    • I was only thinking the other day how great it would be to have a Hugo Talks T-shirt. This is a way of spreading the truth and helping to wake people up – a visible alternative to a confrontational conversation. This is also a great way of supporting Hugo, who has been keeping us informed, sane and feeling part of a community for over a year. Helping us not feel so isolated – and I have been suicidal and Hugo has helped me to keep going. For those who are interested it is possibly to support Hugo easily through Paypal on Bitchute. That made me feel I was giving something back and I am looking forward to buying a T-shirt.

  23. As always.. thanks for being you .. I would love a mug from your merch .. have my tea morning cause you keep us sane for the day ..

  24. The jokes on them because the NWO want to get rid of fast food restaurants; there’s no place for places like Burger King in their new world. Can’t have unhealthy slaves using up the resources of the NHS now can they.

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