Australia and France Say NO / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. A lot of Aussies are waking up to the Truths of the Jib jab” but the Prime Minister, only 2 days ago, reinforced why he won’t open International borders, “cause we’ll have the virus flooding in the country if we do” Bullocks “ he’s still carrying on Strong “ with the narrative “

    • It’s a good sign but I would say it’s not enough to make thier politicians stop and think about their decisions.
      Decisions based on how they are funded by big pharma corps and not what’s best for the people.
      There needs to be more protests and the average persons opinions being heard.

      • Don’t be a robot. Think. God gave you a brain so use it. Jab doesn’t mean you will get a holiday abroad.

      • Spot on. I mean it’s good to hear people are now waking up to this jab shit. I still dont think it will just go away. Ur right not enough protests push back from the masses. Here in the uk I’m just feeling quite deflated by it all. It’s ever where u go . I put the radio on this morning after having a shit weekend. Bam there saying on the news that any young people who have tested positive to covid in the uk will be paid 5 grand to be reinfected with covid lol now there paying people to get infected ? With what ?? I surpose looking at it from a different angle they seem desperate if they have to bribe young people . Still think all this is getting way out of hand. Who would of thought this time last year wow. X

  2. Excellent news, hope people are waking up, wish same could be said for uk

    • The only way it’s going to get the media talking is to protest more often
      like Hugo said.

    • France and Australia not as PC programmed as the UK I doubt our younger will reject it as much, Australians aware of the Great Reset aswell and do not want it, UK that’s still conspiracy talk nonesense to most.

      Seems to be most the young wqlking around with masks aswell so there scared.

      Here is hoping, find out soon when offered to lower age grouos, 45s+ can’t get enough of it.

  3. There is possibly so much more going on than is evident to even us who have been doing or own due diligence! Have a read of these 2 articles, they lay out plans that are just mind blowing but I think some of us expected that we who will not take the experimental vaccines will be blamed for the next 3rd wave. Also interesting article that may throw some light on why the money/economic deficit is not being mentioned by the Governments much even though billions are being found weekly as if by magic to fund the pandemic.
    I can’t confirm that either of these articles are true facts you will have to use your own discernment and at least keep them in mind as things unfold.

    Can a virus arrive at the exact moment to be considered a blessing in disguise, It would be almost a heresy to reply by saying yes. Instead, for some financial operators this is thought exactly what happened.

  4. Fuck the ‘vaccines’. What is the fucking point? People still have to wear masks, social distance, and all the other bollocks. GO FUCK YOURSELVES! What do you think about that Worzel? If you punk ass bitches go on for much longer, we’ll be taking you to the fucking pavement!

    • Very true Andy!
      There needs to be more discussions, gatherings anything to get the word out there!!

    • Feel like it might b the only way. If this is such a deadly virus ffs then theres nothing to lose. I’m fucking sick of it. On and on it gos and no ones doing anything just chatting shit. I feel like the time for talking has come to an end and I’m sick of the jabbed up twats looking down there noses at me. I used to telling friends and family they should not take tests jabs blah blah blah I’m sick of being treated like I’m of my nut. So fuckem. The time for talking is over. X

      • Look on the bright side Caz, we have never before been this close to getting rid of the elites and the corrupt politicians, and we get nearer everyday!

  5. This sounds encouraging, It’s taken long enough. The lethal experimental injection does not stop you from getting Coroni nor does it stop you from transmitting it. So what is the point of having it 🤔? People are catching on.

    • It’s taking to long for people to catch on. Some of us have seen the truth since march 2020 and b 4 . Its pissing me right of waiting 4 others to see. Not engough is being done to put the word out. MSM still pumping shit day in and day out. Even bribes now lol. I’m sorry but it’s all getting fucking stupid. If people cant see by now they never will and it needs more protests to make people feel there not alone. X

      • My partner and I both early 50’s were chatting to 4 people yesterday ( not actually about the jib jab at first but about attending an event later in the year ) they were between mid 20’s – late 30’s . one had first dose the others were expecting to hear soon . I said to them “ why are you having it as young healthy people ? You don’t need it “ they honestly didn’t really have an answer they just expected they would “ have to “ to attend big events . think they were genuinely surprised we had refused it .. whether we changed their minds I don’t know . But this is all we can do . Rationally talk to people ! MSM is evil

  6. The vaccine roll out beyond front line staff starts in New Zealand Monday. There is a massive campaign to wake people up coinciding with it and getting an army to push back on it.

    • I’m a kiwi living in new Zealand 96% of people can’t handle the truth 2%awake and the other 2% psychopaths

    • Here in Tasman Dan, Where are you? Did you hear that Medsafe has started vaccine trials on the under 16s?

  7. Call me paranoid but I feel this is going to go one of two ways either it’ll be mandatory or its just a build up to a real problem they’ve got planned. I knew from day one this was just a psycircus.

    • My feeling too. They’ve obviously war gamed this whole thing over decades. It is truly bizarre. We have people at the top that believe they have the right to rule, push us into certain directions, etc. They believe (maybe being charitable) that this is the direction the human race should be going. They believe in science, that mankind cannot improve, so we need science – transhumanism. But doesn’t that just kill humans? Thus – satanic. If there are no humans left – you tell me? We are made in God’s image, are we not? “Come, let us make man in our own image, in our own likeness.”

      • This is all like The man in the high castle meets dadaism. Until the sheep mentality starts to fall off it seems only we who can see will have to stick together the best way we can.

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  9. I do detect a ray of hope in finding so much pushback being reported on internet if you search around. I think the tide may be starting to turn. Thanks Hugo for reporting stories we didn’t see. There’s a lot going on to keep up with. We all need to share as much as possible and spread the encouraging news more.

  10. Apparently half the Australian navy have had severe reactions to the poison. Massive news cover up going on to keep it quiet, but not before the Aussies found out.

  11. A 2 year old has died in the States after taking the Pfizer jab, its on the expose website, it’s listed on vaers. Must be part of the trials they’re running.

    • A fucking 2 year old ?? No way. This is going beholden a joke when parents are letting this happen. Fucking disgusting. I no what I’d like to do with these so called parents, there is so many different types of Child Abuse.

      • They often test vaccines on wards of the state who have no guardian other than the state, no one to defend them.

  12. I’m hearing reports of people having the second dose of the AstraZeneka jab & being knocked off their feet, no-one I know has died so far but it’s only been the first week after the second doses.

  13. At this rate they may have to start shooting people the old fashioned way soon! If there is one YouTube channel that needs taking down fast search ‘Dr. John Campbell’ and watch his disgusting Sunday Update…
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  14. I hear that superglue in locks tends to be a pain in the arse to remove.

  15. Great to hear it too but more need to be done people.petitions for public inquiries have to start right now in UK. Have anyone watched Dr Fauci being roasted last week in front of a senate inquiry by GOP senator Jordan? Fauci was questioned and didn’t answer so he was even told, that he’s the highest paid public servant and was holding back the USA. Fauci was even called a clown for wearing two face masks even though he’s fully vaccinated. He’s got shares in the Moderns company too and Gates friend. Asshole. Why we don’t call public enquiry for HancockWitty,Vance and the other crooks? I truly believe it will be the beginning to fight our freedom back. Hugo and the Gang, does anyone know how to get a petition up and running?

  16. Ffs OT but local tescos express cash point just got pulled, asked remover he’s doing 11 others in my town today removing them all over the country ffs.

    Guess that’s cashless confirmed and being snuck through quitely 🙁

  17. Thanks for that! It really made me lol – that’s the way people show their resistence, I hope it will last and spread!

  18. Why doesn’t this surprise me… the whole world rejects the death jab, but the majority of the British voluntarily line up for it.

    They have yet again proven that intelligence is not a strength of this nation…

    No wonder things are getting worse and worse in the UK, with vaccine passports being required now to get into any shop or public building other than supermarkets (this will come though and in the near future) – they know the stupid sheeple put up with anything and believe anything they get told!

  19. It seems to be don’t take the jib jab and we will curtail your freedoms. There is hope yet in humanity! Good on the French and the Australians in showing way more backbone and common sense than the British. Maybe, they don’t their lives in a fake reality bubble, indoctrinated by the evil poison that is spewed out daily by the mainstream media.

  20. The area I live in is over run with junkies you’d think they’d be the first in line for a free jab.


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