Mastercard Introduce Carbon Footprint Calculator / Hugo Talks #lOCKDOWN

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  1. I couldn’t give a monkey’s fuck about the carbon footprint. The eco nutters drive me insane with all this bullshit.

    • Greta should playing in the park with her buddies.
      Instead, when this BS is over she’ll be swinging by the neck form a tree.

      • Look closer at Greta! She’s a sprog of the Elite!

    • they had the tech to do away with carbon years ago anyway but hold it from us so as to keep making trillions on carbon fuel bills

    • Me neither. Everything they tell us to do, let’s do the exact opposite. #ILoveGlobalWarming. Come on people, let’s increase our bullshit ‘carbon footprints’. CARBON FOOTPRINTS – GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT! All these fuckwits do is pollute the environment – literally, every single decision they make pollutes the environment.

    • I feel sorry for Greta. She’s being used in the same advertisements use animals to seem more friendly and cuddly.

    • Spot on and if this were trie wtf is primark open lol throw away cloths and people lining the streets to buy them. It’s all crap. Cows lol cows farting was the funniest one iv ever heard. Maddness all of it.

  2. I am worried about paying the fecking gas bill and looking at bankruptcy due to being taxed on my very modest income

  3. I will join you in a forest, and live in a tree with my cats and dogs and colloidal silver generator, as far away from these wicked bastards as possible. Damn them to the hell of their own making. For eternity.

    • I hope you have enough space for me2. I am getting nauseous about everything. I wanna live in the middle of nowhere but I guess someone will accuse us of using roo much sun or fresh air and we will be charged to being too natural. I am telling you this new world order hates humans😭😭😭😭

      • It is horrible Jo Gee and the notion of depopulation is a real thing. My husband and I made a decision to use the lockdown to our advantage eg telephone appointments with the GP instead of attending the surgery. When we do, because we cannot have the jab due to nhs documentation of us having multiple allergies, they have to make sure we do not attend at a time when the surgery contains other patients because of our vulnerability to Covid. Making meals at home we would normally have eating out. Travelling on vastly empty trains etc. Our home has become a very pleasant place to reside in currently, I must say.

        I understand the nausea too. The world becoming a threatening place does make one feel queasy. Just remember, there are more of us ‘sane thinkers’ than is yet realised and we need this wonderful site for encouragement.

        Contact me any time for a chat on this site if you feel the need.

      • Thank you very much for the reassurance

      • That is because the energy running through them, is not human!

  4. I have come to a point where nothing in this world surprises me. Some big shot who are so filthy rich with blood money think they can control the world. It BS and I would rather die than comply with all this be. Carbon emissions by foot

  5. They are coming for you, like it or not. Just changed my electricity supplier as theold one had hiked the economy7 unit price from 5p+ to 9p+. My new supplier now emails me that they can do me a new tariff at 4p+; all i have to do is prove I have an electric car to plug in! No electirc car?…no privleges for you then matey!

    • How absurd! What a load of BS what is wrong with choosing what you want….like I said nothing surprises me anymore

      • Don’t let the brain dead beat you down. We the ‘sane thinkers’ need to stay ahead of the game. I totally understand. I seem to be hitting road block after unnecessary road block and after a huge moment of exasperation I have decided to expect it, laugh at the absurdities and then think of ways around the challenges… Thanks for the life story. My husband and I had a good chortle over it!

  6. I can’t stand Looking at this EVIL Little Kunts Face!!!

  7. It’s all bullshit. They can’t milk the covid card any more so the next pandemic will be the climate change. At this point we have nothing to lose. We need to rise up and start hunting them one by one. No point of protests. They don’t work and are target for police. They want to eliminate us we must stop them.
    Look at what Gates is doing. He is buying up millions of acres of land all over the world and spraying them with chemicals so no one can grow anything on them. Then he will push his platic meat and GMO CRAP AND WE WON’T HAVE CHOICE BUT EAT HIS CRAP OR STARVE THIS OS A WAR BETWEEN THE ELITE AND HUMANITY. WE MUST DESTROY THEM BEFORE THEY DESTROY US. REMOVE ANYONE IMPLEMENTING THAT CRAP FROM THEIR position. Vote for decent people into office. People who don’t want to enslave humanity.

  8. The biggest carbon users are the ones pushing this carbon footprint hoax🙄 they can 🤬 off with that shit🙄

  9. Best thing about all these globalist fuck pigs is they drive round in 8 litre cars, fly into Davos on their private jets. They are a bunch of psychopathic totalitarian demons, bill Gates carbon footprint is 6000 times higher than the average person , fuck these wankers, let’s see how long they survive in a boxing ring

  10. Living in a community in a parallel universe may just well be the ultimate option. It requires serious thought as perhaps to be the best option if the majority follow this dogma – and it appears increasingly likely. Whatever the outcome, the Hugo Talks community need to pull weight together when required.

  11. They had it all planned out didn’t they. Gates has been a busy bee since 2009 hasn’t he.
    It’s amazing how they can be more worried about a carbon footprint in the middle of a “pandemic” isn’t it!
    Why don’t they save themselves the time and effort and just come out with it. Carbon=people and we want you gone!

  12. It is surprising how many climate-harming Co2 arise when….living…wtf. I don’t want to harm my environment if i can help it just because I think its not a positive way to live but it would seriously help if the options for reducing carbon footprints were actually affordable options and easily accessible. Sounds like very quickly people will find themselves in the ‘not wanted’ category because they cant afford to change or don’t want to do it the way they say or they don’t want to do it all even.

    • Exactly. There’s a cool T-shirt Mark Dice sells that says: “I Love Global Warming.” This is what we need to do, mock this whole agenda relentlessly and brutally. I’m gonna ramp up my carbon footprint and shove it up Bill Gates’ asshole sideways!

    • Spot on 🤣😅🤣 I stick my carbon footprint right were the sun dont shine. Tossers.

  13. You bunch of conspiracy nutters do realise that by 2100 there will be OMG I can hardly type this, 17 yes 17 entire houses affected by flooding due to global warming in the UK, which is >0 and therefore that’s bad, all we are asking is for 50% of you, just 34Million, to just take the anti covid cyanide pill, wash it down with some bleach maybe ?? and do the right thing to reduce this 17 to maybe 16, maybe even 15, 2 houses could be saved from your sacrifice.

    Take Cyanide today, for the sake of people in the future and win prizes!!

    Covid Officers trying to shut down my gym ( I attend ), Don’t want people staying fit and healthy they live longer and can fight back, asked them when do you get your shiney black uniforms and black truncheons, then gave them a Hile Hilter Salute on the way out.

    p.s. think we’ll let the sheep sacrifice themselves for our good, there just wasting oxygen anyway.

    p.p.s. expect to be locked up soon, BRING IT!!! HAD ENOUGH, I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. When the Rich and Famous (infamous)
    Give up flying the private airlines,.
    Give up their Numerous amount of Cars and Houses they Own.
    Stop buying clothes that would cloth most women a lifetime.
    These people are only rich on the backs of the rest of society.

    They are once again asking the rest of the Population to continue keeping them in the style they do not deserve.

  15. Hugo, I so appreciate your updates you help my sanity in an insane world. You are welcome to share our 6 acres, no one wants to help me with the veg patch so you would be very welcome, love a mad friendless woman from Kent (although I’m beginning to make new friends via A stand in the park)

  16. They want total control, well they are not having it, say no

  17. Humans are a carbon based lifeform. When carbon levels are higher the Earth becomes greener, it increases plant life. The climate change agenda is a war on us and the planet. We need to fight back against these lunatics.

  18. Carbon footprint blah blah sustainability blah blah . What a load of BS !! The climate change eco obsessed knitted lentil tofu brigade do my head in . I shall be driving a petrol car until it’s condemned . These know it all do gooders can do one !!

    • COME ON PEOPLE, lets start ramping up our carbon footprints. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN, LET’S TAKE OUR ‘FOOTPRINTS’ TO A NEW LEVEL!

  19. It’s all part of the great reset.

    Please read the book of Klaus Schwab.

    There are free pdf downloads available

  20. Bollocks..boycott the wankers trying to push this shite…the climate change group altered the figures years ago…people don’t question enuf… see scare mongers in Worcester town centre today chatting complete shite… the rest of the town running round like good little sheep..even 3year olds wearing masks…ill say again…FUCK YOU BORIS

  21. Yes, you can definitely see how their going to introduce your carbon foot print into the equation and how the U.K. 🇬🇧 Track and Trace app will very quickly morph into the Chinese Social Credit System

    As always the problem is we need the mindless fucking sheep 🐑 to wake up but I just can’t see it happening it’s like these face nappy/muzzle wearing filthy disgusting creatures are under some kind of spell

    • Her and Frauci make a nice pair of garden gnomes.

  22. Hugo i appreciate you MAN. This is the only place I see my normality accepted…everyone I know has become a nutter. Thank you very much for your labour of love.

  23. C02 driven climate change is a globalist hoax. Terrify the children over a gas that trees love whilst Mother Earth chokes on plastic? BOLLOCKS.

  24. You would have to be some kind of zombie retard to use the Donation button after they have locked you down into a digital Carbon Credit (33) Credit Card (33) system. Although maybe a way of gaining a few points towards that distant dream holiday or access to a globall ist CONcert…
    Join the Truth Café group/channel or both…
    Channel Group
    We are looking for Truth conscious café owners from Towns, Cities and villages in the UK.
    Help us find café owners –joining details here
    WANTED People that actually DO SOMETHING offline!

  25. I feel isolated with my thoughts and beliefs. I wish I knew who my allies are in every day society. We should wear a distinctive pin badge. So we know.

    • I think that is an excellent idea! I hope others do too and we could get this done. My husband and I would most certainly wear one.

    • What a great idea .said that today don’t know who thinks like us and who is sh*t scared of their own shadow . A woman today virtually limbo’d and swerved out of the way when we walked past her .

  26. 🤦‍♀️🥺 they are Nuts!!! And come on people wake up.. say no to testing, jabs it will never end otherwise and your children and grandchildren will never have freedom.. I have a daughter 23 she works won’t have jab or test but her out look is worrisome for me because this is tough for us all even more for the younger, and anyone who doesn’t believe that then you are Delusional sorry but you are.. theses people are evil and want to enslave us All.. please see the sense of your view about this theses people and their agendas they are going to destroy many of us.. it’s terrible and we must stand together and Wake up, say No!! They are taking our freedom and liberty a bit more day by day now. Thank you Hugo, and ✌️People ..we are going to need it! They are closing in upon us this is serious people

    • I totally agree with you. We need to unite more strongly. I was looking through all the candidates standing for Mayor. If the ones who are standing up to free London joined together they could oust Sadiq Khan.who was a plant and hasTory backing. Laurence’s Reclaim has joined with Reform. I wrote to David Kurten re: the same with Brian Rose way back.
      Its strange that no-one talks about this happening worldwide. Nor about Prince Charles being a member of the World Economic Forum. How much influence is he having over the Tory party I wonder?

      • I don’t understand why people think the mayor of London is a big deal, he ain’t, he has no powers to change laws, he cannot make laws, it means nothing.

      • I love such proposals. How about seeing one of us becoming the mayor of London 💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺

  27. Anyone with a Mastercard, cancel it now if you possibly can. Boycott! Send them a message!
    And most people I know are more worried about where their next job/pay cheque is coming from and keeping a roof over their heads after the destruction of our economy in the last year, than climate footprints!

  28. Is there no end to this relentless rubbish? There’s only one word for all this, BOYCOTT “

  29. New program to be aired.
    The year that changed the world.
    Old David Attenborough involved.
    How nature is thriving under our lockdown.
    This is the real reason.
    Less of us.
    More of them to appreciate the planet.

  30. Come on people, let’s all increase our carbon footprints, let’s put a big fuck off hole in the O-Zone layer, lets get some global warming going on, ‘cos it’s fucking freezing all the time where I live. Let’s make it happen. WE CAN DO THIS!

  31. I always find it remarkable that it is never fully explained how these ‘carbon footprints’ are calculated. And as ever the use of the word ‘offset’ insinuates that there is a way to ‘pay’ (ie with actual money) to reduce your carbon emissions. Didn’t we have this a while back, where Elton John was proudly boasting and virtue-signalling about how they’d ‘paid’ to offset some Royal’s flight on a private jet?

  32. Mastercard is the bank card for many credit unions, this is worrying as credit unions were an alternative to big central banks. Some are now morphing into government spying agencies i.e. London Mutual

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