Pregnant Women / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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106 Comments on “Pregnant Women / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. The government is the biggest virus!
    Thank you for your videos Hugo🙏
    Keep it going!

    • Hi hugo

      Thanking you waking me up
      I am a key worker and can report that i know of a 5 year old who had to respond to her mum who had collapsed in the bathroom ..following hospital intervention she was found to have blood clots as a consequence of the vacine she is 37 and currently in a coma

      • It’s shocking it really is .. now they are going after the social care workers many are young threatening no jab no job it’s so very wrong

    • the government and the elite are like a cancer and need to be eradicated and people must fight against this tyranny , do not comply

      • Yes a cancer indeed, but cancer researcher Thomas Seyfried proposes starving tunours of the glucose they require for growth; it makes them much easier to kill. Here the equivalent is DO NOT COMPLY. Deprive the narrative of the oxygen of conformance then destry it completely with facts and common sense.

  2. I know someone who is carrying a baby and will not risk her and the childs life . Thanks Hugo ! 💕

    • Good for her at least someone is sensible enough for her and her baby

  3. I have seriously had enough just read now they going to make it compulsory to have your cat
    Micro chipped or be fined £500
    I feel so down ,I may just get the jab and hope that it kills me so I do not have to live on this planet anymore .I feel I just cant go on

    • Don’t be daft. That’s what they want, it’s psychological warfare. You need to STAY STRONG! This is all psychological. Maybe do as many things as you can that you find enjoyable. Get out in the Sun, have a drink, listen to music, etc. It’s not that bad really – a lot of it is just in your (and mine, and everybody else’s) head. Watch some old school comedy shows. I always liked Paul Hogan. Remember the Foster’s Adverts? Look at them on youtube, they’re so funny!

      • Agreed. It is what it is. We have to keep our spirits high and not be dragged down; which is what the elites want. We gaze into the abyss but not for too long, or the monsters will infect us with fear.

      • We watched ” Out of Towners” tonight with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn, and laughed thru it!! Very good therapy🤗

      • Thank you for being so thoughtful, and commenting to uplift that lady. The MSM are so strong and negative.
        Here is a podcast from Jerm, a S Africa cartoonist, who also feeels strongly about this psyop. It made me realize that there are people ouy there fighting this… You’d never see this on MSM. Its an interview with a German lawyer who is in a team…..

      • Sorry 🤦‍♀️ I do see now it was a man who commented.

      • Just a point re the double Tika variant, it is worth noting that the government shut the boarded from India and Pakistan but gave them a window to ‘get into the UK’ before they closed it! Thus ensuring that they could blame the new variant for warranty of new jabs and the possibility of further lockdown!

    • Dont do that….thats their aim to destroy people to apoint of despare . Stand fir yourself,be strong.

    • Hi Tommy, I have been suicidal too. It is okay to feel that way, but you are important even if you don’t know it. We need you for the resistance 🙌🏻

      • Yeh, but a pile of corpses would get some attention.

      • Don’t let them do this to you, I said Fuck them i wear no face mask in any shop don’t use transport don’t download no app will not be brainwashed to have a jab by anyone and no to passports, weekends i sit and listen to the music i like to have my cans of beer and say my environment clear off to the morons.
        Let’s keep fighting them no surrender.

    • Hey Tommy

      Come on man, the other readers and I are here with you bruv!! If you live alone and wanna chat, you’re welcome to my number. Just say the word!

    • Hey, don’t let the bastards grind you down, Tommy. Like Andy said, enjoy the little things and know that your on the right side of the track. People are crossing over every day mate. Stay strong, as you are.

    • How will they know it’s your cat if it is not chipped? How will they fine you?

      • Exactly! That made me laugh! Cats tend to go where they like, sometimes wandering in and out of several homes being fed and catching up on their 23hrs a day sleep!

    • And then you find out the planet is really flat! They have lied about everything.

    • There are times when I feel the same, but then I think to myself “Don’t give the Bastards the Satisfaction”, everyone on here knows it would please them to no end to see people like us chucking in the towel & topping ourselves, fuck them, I plan to last as long as I can.

    • Maybe the Hugo fan club could enter into a big suicide pact.

      • Unless you’re immortal, Dave, you too will have a grey day. Let’s hope you are not surrounded by smartarses, eh?

    • Jesus is the only way Tommy he loves you I’ll pray for you l, ask him into your heart and believe, this is all wrote down in the bible the end times the mark of the beast where you can’t buy or sell with a chip inserted in your hand or forehead, give your life to Jesus and repent and find a good Christian not Catholic Church, god bless

    • The government want to de-populate. Please don’t let them win by taking your own life. We gotta fight it together.

    • I understand how you feel but if you have it for that reason you will be just increasing their numbers. In a forced situation, I will be going out on my terms, not theirs

    • I’ve started living my life again, meeting friends, making plans. I feel a whole lot better.
      Stop watching the news. Ban the word in your house. Switch off to the madness and trust in God. He knows what he’s doing.

    • Good video Hugo👍🏻👊, i said it last year, the end game is de population, it has to be done by stealth, vua the vaccine and get the sheep to buy into it, done by conditioning and control, i saw it last April, the signs where there then that the games had just was clear but not for the sheep, well done sheep if you had not been so fucking compliant we would not be in this mess, the govt played it well and gotcha hook line and sinker. Hugos correct we cant reverse it, but we can halt it, but only if we say NO and do not comply with any of their controlling measures and bull shit.

    • Don’t give up Tommy, there are many more of us than them. The governments worldwide are in panic mode, the Satanic globalist’s behind this genocide plan are being exposed daily, thanks to people like Hugo.

    • Reading your post has struck a cord with me. I feel just the same as you do. God help us.

    • Don’t fret Tommy I’ll send you some healing you’ll feel brilliant in a few hours and tomorrow you’ll be sticking two fingers up to the bastards!!

    • I know how you feel but please keep strong. There are lots of us with you fighting this madness, we will win in the end. Lots of love 💖

    • Hey Tommy don’t have the jab tell them your cat ran away! Lie to them as they are us.. keep strong 💪 now we in this together but we need to Stand together and up to theses Tyrants!!!!!

    • Come on Tommy don’t do that! Stand up don’t put ya head down tell them your cat ran away..lie to them as they lie to us .. Tyranny it’s got stop so keep it real Tommy ok 💪

  4. Isaiah 5:20-21
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
    And prudent in their own sight!

    We are living in the perilous times The Bible warns about.

    • Amen that’s all we can do trust in God it’s certainly going to get a lot darker.

  5. Thank you Hugo for all you do!!!!! wishing you well. I dont wear a mask, never have, my child is the only one in her year without a mask and I have been to rallies and tried to resist this. the other day I walked past a pregnant woman when walking the dog and the mother in law shielded her like I was some sort of leper! She was angry I wasn’t wearing a mask whilst passing her on the street! Dr Christiane Northrup said a 5 month old breast fed infant died a day or so after receiving milk from her recently vaccinated mother, the blood congealed and the baby died. take care

    • I’m with you on the same issues i don’t wear a muzzle i saw a baby screaming out loud as the 2 women had masks on i should of said take your muzzle’s off, as this abuse for children.

      As for the clowns who step a mile away as we are lepers i will said something to them.

      As for pregnant women being told to have this poison they should think very carefully for there health and there baby future.

      I fear what this country becoming will these psychopaths in power

  6. Thanks for your videos they are really helpful to keep up to date with what’s going on 👍

  7. So the AZ jibjab is like a Dacia? I won’t be getting either and Dacia should sue

  8. I would sleep with you Hugo and I’m not interested in such an activity nor would you be.

    You speak the truth and I love it but be careful I don’t want you damaged.

    Pretend you are speaking on you tube

    You are a viking

  9. Hey Hugo.
    Your main YT channel is now back up. Can be searched and found and videos play.

  10. Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho US stated last week his wife’s friend took the jab, I think wad 6-7 months pregnant and sadly lost her baby!

    People are falling for the trap

  11. Hi Hugo, Thank you So Much for the adding the sad sad story of Lucy Taberer, i appreciate what you have done to spread the news, my heart goes out to her family.

  12. There are going to be a lot of people murdered by this experimental drug that they are pushing. This has to be stopped before the evil governments target the kids!

  13. The harmful armful is the real pandemic. People of the world have been terrified into risking their lives with an untested so called vaccine to fight a relatively easily treatable virus. (has this virus been properly identified yet?)
    To me this smacks of euthanasia by consent, except the consent has been achieved by foul means!

  14. Have a look at Telegram (like what’s app). Covid Vaccine Injuries and Vacvine Victims. There are many.

  15. Hopefully this may help to give you hope. I have turned back to Jesus Christ to save me from despair, worry and fear. Now I feel more at peace because only Jesus can save me through this crisis because no one else can. I have such a peace in me with doing the right thing by not taking the vaccine and feel alive in Christ. Jesus Christ is the only good news as he takes all your heavy burdens away.

  16. I have been thinking. I will take my 1st vaccine when Tiffany Dover goes for her second shot.

  17. I have watched quite a lot of Hugotalks videos, not all. Of the videos I have seen, this “pregnant women” video is by far the most informative and powerful one to date. In my own way I pass on the facts to many who I come into contact with. Brilliantly explained, I will direct as many asleep people to Hugotalks videos as is possible.

  18. Hi Hugo I would make a video I make no excuses I truly have No clue about technology????? My daughter gave me a phone when she moved out it’s all I have I don’t have laptop or computer cameras or I would do a video every day !!! Thank you for all you do and I every day who I meet or speak with I spread the word to WAKE UP! See what is happening to us ALL AND DON’T BE COMPLYING TO ANY OF THIS HUMAN ASSASSINATION OF US AS A POPULATION… so if anyone reads this PLEASE HELP US HELP YOU TO LIVE AND NOT DIE!! We must stand together and say NO!!!!!! Thank you

  19. Teaka Masala mutant 😂😂 they do come up with bollox.cant wait 4 nxt shit they bring out😂😂


  21. Hugo, this is the UK and not some foreign country where it is easy for the masses to show their displeasure at the government interference in their lives. After many years of allowing themselves to be brain washed by the media, it doesn’t matter how poisonous the so called vaccines are they will line wherever to take their shot. It’s just the way it is in this country.

  22. I’m fuming cause my mother and father in law have now got their 2nd jab, despite my and my partner warning them of the long term consequences and everything that’s going on.

    Their excuse is, we want to be able to go on holidays again cause they go away like 8 times a year. It’s like you say hugo, dangle that carrot infront of the donkey and let it walk itself off a cliff.

    I’m sick and tired of the lies, I’m sick of seeing people without a braincell getting this jab (even if they are family) and believing everything that’s being said. I’m sick of the manipulation and role reversing where bad is good and being the good guy is frowned upon.

    Shall I just be the bad guy and do something nasty? Become a public hero against the establishment?

    There is so much I want to say and do, I also feel like it’s ruining my relationship with my partner and daughter cause I’m just so pissed off all the time. I have days where I try to ignore it all until someone says something or something pops up on TV and it boils my blood again

    Just can’t get away from the shit. All I think about is wanting to go back to being 13 again when I loved life 😩

    Sorry for the rant I just have no one else to talk to about this.

  23. hi Hugo ,
    please check out motogp on reddit,Johann Zarco is against taking the covid vaccine, very interesting the comments have been stop,
    A french rider Johann Zarco one of the top and has been forced to wear a mask.

  24. Like two part adhesive you need both parts mixed to make it work, for some people part one was enough and each successive jab will take more and more until we start to accept death like we do in nature but this is far from natural

  25. Hugo .. best video yet ! Could hear the frustration in your voice , how can any woman want to inject that poison into herself and her unborn child ?! This video needs to be shared widely but as others have already said , a lot of the public are too brainwashed to even watch or listen .. but we have to keep trying !

  26. This is what they are not telling you, the media and government working together it’s happening all over the world. However, they will keep telling you that you should go and get your jab and if you don’t they make try to make you feel bad. One person dying from this jab is one person too much. Think of all the pain one family will go through.

    Just yesterday a doctor said that about forty five thousand people have died because of this jab so far. The doctor stated that a vaccine takes much longer than a year to be used on the public. She also said that we are the test subjects so people will die for sure, think about why there is no liability, no one is responsible. Time to wake up people. The ones who refuse to believe, do you believe now or will it take the death of a loved one to wake you up. Time to start making videos people, that is what I will do. You don’t need to show your face it’s your voice that counts.


  27. Yes I agree we’re in psychological warfare right now and we have to remain strong. But history has taught that the darkness has to have its reign for a while so people have a true understanding of it in order to appreciate the light. But history has also taught that darkness will be defeated. Good will conquer!

  28. There is only one end game here for the;Elite’ World depopulation and soon in the UK I believe we will have a new Royal leader and we know that he is a an avid supporter of the WEF and it’s ‘great reset’ policies alongside giving speeches about it at the conferences.

  29. I believe that everyone has free will and is able to make a choice on having the vaccine either pledging allegiance with the darkness or not have it and embrace the light good forces. However when it comes to children being vaccinated the light forces will not allow this to happen as children have no free will.

  30. Hmm. I wonder where the next variant’s going to come from? Erm, l know…Timbuktu.

    • Probably Tanzania – ooh look these naughty people didn’t lockdown or believe in the virus, and now theres a deadly killer version thanks to those covid-deniers. Etc. (or Sweden).

  31. Hi Hugo the problem isn’t people are not telling F&F. It’s they refuse to listen so basic common sense they’ve bought into the propaganda narrative.
    During the week I met a lady I hadn’t for well over one year. So after the initial pleasantry greetings we got round to chatting about on my part what this scamdemic is all about. As soon as I told her that I thought it was all one big lie she got very offended and wouldn’t even have a debate.

    That’s what’s happening people are clearly divided it’s either black or white with a few in between who are still unsure they’re the ones we need to try and wake up.

    For the ones who have bought into the scamdemic it’s going to take really really drastic measures and even then when most of their family members die from the jab they’re still going to blame those of us who refuse to bow to this nonsense.

    • This happens alot as people are brainwashed with the emotional side that tries to link the virus with so many deaths. Therefore if you don’t believe it then you are a bit heartless. Well some people can easily see through the crap and others struggle.
      To some the facts and figures speak more than emotions.
      Hopefully you’ve made her think more than she has done.

  32. People need to wake up to the fact that there are underlying reasons why they want control and a complying population. Even if your children are home taught, you complain about schools or abuse within the establishment, you will quickly get accused of being mentally ill or incapable of cognitive ability. Trying to ‘work’ with these people only gives them more power to pat themselves on the back and to continue their wicked ways – often with children being neglected and abused by those who don’t stand up for what is right. When the Bible tells us ‘evil will be called good, and good, evil’ listen as we are certainly in these times!

  33. As always Hugo it is a pleasure to listen to your common sense in a world gone crazy. Just this morning on Sky News they said according to John Hopkins Organization 3M people have died. I then checked figures on world stats and the deaths are roughly 127.000. Of these death we already know very many are false positives.
    Imagine the amount of people they have terrified today. This lie has now disappeared from the channel.
    I’m losing the will to carry on.

    • Keep your spirits up…..ring a good friend every day if you have some left, walk in the countryside, the sun is out here, try to block the negativity from your mind, go to a Stand In the Park tomorrow, they are everywhere, you can find them on Telegram. Also on Telegram, Great British Bird, join the Covid Support group there and chat to like minded people, when you don’t feel alone you feel stronger!

      • Thank you Jane, that’s very comforting. I love being in this group.

    • Hi Susan, see comments made to Tommy.
      I would start with the news. If you know they are full of it, why waste your time?

  34. On a positive note, this apparent ‘pandemic’ has given an opportunity for everyone to wake up, in order to wake up, you must have first been asleep, for many years though I was distrustful of authority and was well aware they had an agenda, I still engaged with the story to a certain extent, that has now all gone. We were born free, and life in it’s simplicity is more than enough. Bill Gates, Matt Hancock and all you other poison pushers, stick your dodgy jabs up your arse. I am off for a cup of tea and piece of cake. Love to you all.

  35. There is absolutely evil afoot Keep saying no, no to any of their enslaving systems, stay alert live simply and as independently stay free. If u have to ditch your iphone so be it.

  36. Thank you to everybody on here for
    Your kind words in reply to my comment.

    • You are not alone mate!
      Might not work for everyone but I did this…
      Switch of the news and only watch what you have to. If you can get rid of your license and just watch non live broadcast if you can?
      This has done wonders for anxiety (not that I had any)
      Be mindful that it’s coming from all angles like social media platforms, news, YouTube, adverts and any form of marketing Inc bus station signs etc.
      Find subtle ways to sound people out not the sledgehammer approach.
      You never know who’s on your side.
      Share the things that your wrestling with like you have done here.
      I am more than willing to leave my details with Hugo on his contact section of you or anyone else wants to swap them for a chat.
      I think that would be the safest way.
      All the best!

  37. Hugo. I’m starting a channel! enough is enough. a 24 year old girl has died from a stroke after the jab also here at the queens medical centre in Nottingham Justin Brockway.

    • I fear a lot more are going to die and the people who have had the vaccine are just ticking time bombs! Its all so very sad! Share and Spread the Word, Say no to vaccines! Our Government should be held accountable for all this Madness – Agenda 21 / 30

  38. “Mesmerise the simple minded, propaganda leaves us blinded” – SOAD

  39. Well Said. I don’t know what it is like in any other country but I do know that here in Ireland we have the most tyrannical, communist, evil regime going on right now and it will get a lot worse because just about everybody is as compliant as hell. I’ve seen young people walking out in the open air with masks on. Anybody I speak to are complaining there aren’t enough jabs available the government are not doing it fast enough, it’s just incredible how bad it is here, there will only be a small minority of us left after they have taken their jabs but I will fight to the death if need be and I’ll be taking a few with me.

  40. Thanks for yet another informative video Hugo. I live in a little seaside town and I walked into the town centre this morning. I felt quite sad to see how many people were wearing a mask. Perhaps afraid of a handful of tourists. Sea air is fantastic for health yet people are shuffling around in fear. I had another letter from the local doctor’s surgery today. My health is good. I only have coeliac disease and as long as I avoid gluten my immune system is great. However despite me telling them I don’t want the jab 4 times I get a letter saying they’re now offering the jab to any adult in my household in order to protect me because they could give it to me even if I’ve had the death jab myself. Constant guilt tripping and lies passed on through my doctor’s surgery from the JCVI. Letters like that can cause even more division in some families.

  41. You are right. We all need to find great courage within ourselves. This will be a long and arduous journey. Our grandparents fought hard for our freedoms and rights. We cannot lie down meekly and let it all be taken. Have we become so comfortable with our lives that we can’t be bothered? Are we finding it hard to believe any government could be so devious? Well, wake up. Governments are corrupt and devious worldwide. The UK is no different. There is plenty of hard evidence that this has been talked about and planned for many years. Those who seek shall find. Research and research again. Read between the lines. This is ultimately about total human control across the globe via digital ID. The vaccine is a mere smokescreen. Stand up for yourself and your family, just as your grandparents stood up for you. Strength in numbers.

  42. It’s well known in scientific circles that “immune system events” like gestational diabetes or other things in pregnancy can lead to neuro developmental disorders in the child. This is true look it up.

    So all those temporarily sick after the jab I’m talking the common minor ones that most know about and have because their immune system is responding to it.

    Well neuro developmental disorders usually don’t show up for the first 3-4 years sometimes later so I think things like Intellectual Disorders, Autism and ADHD will explode in numbers in next few years because of this.

    If you know someone who’s pregnant tell them this, tell them to lookup the research themselves

  43. Just heard a friend of the family had a stroke because because he took the jab. Now he can’t work anymore because of this so called pandemic. Before the jab this guy was in incredible shape, a yoga master. Another wake up call people. Please tell all your friends not to poison their bodies.

    • At the age of 60 in stead of looking forward to a calm lazy retirement I am now preparing to be a warrior

      • Teresa you’re a legend!
        Well done for doing your part for your family, friends and community.

  44. I’m planning on Sunday 18 to be outspoken and tell a female friend who’s pregnant not to have the jab.

    Don’t know what response i will get be shame to lose our friendship, as i fear what could happen.

    They divided people i have got to do this for there safely?

    • Don’t fall out with people but make your opinions heard.
      Life I too short for that crap. Yes people will have different views, they always do. But this is huge and won’t go away any time soon.
      I’ve sent some friends videos and links as they are programmed to just say it’s a conspiracy theory. At least that way it opens up a discussion and won’t leave you in an awkward position.
      Just my view, some would take a harsher view and be less forgiving. That just feeds the divide and conquer narrative that always plays out in these situations.

    • We can’t cast off our friendships , and we need to be able , in that friendship, to speak our truth. Otherwise it was always a sham. I think all we can do is hold out a hand to people, persuasion is useless. A hand of information will also work. I hope your friend will listen, and if not, I hope you find the internal strength not to cast her off. For sure, THIS is the division they seek.

    • Hi there.. I have had to do the same in few cases people pregnant, people not, and now even some of my own family but if we don’t ‘Make them Aware’ they are being led ‘down the garden paths’! We won’t get anywhere Hugo is right we can’t let theses evil people ruin millions of people’s lives, our lives or all the others that have finally’WOKEN UP’👍 Cheers and good luck 🤞🏻🍀

  45. Hugo there is nothing ‘ordinary’ about you. Your videos and listening to your voice everyday is part of my life routine now to keep me going because every day I feel like checking out. I am a teacher at a school and a university in Italy and I am surrounded by Covidiots. My daughter is in London. No idea when we will see each other again. I don’t want my daughter to have a test let alone the vaccine to travel – there is scary stuff in the tests, so far I have been forced to have 3. I am sure as a teacher soon it will be law to have the vaccine. No idea if I can stay strong and not have the vaccine, which might kill me if not immediately then probably later, but so worried about having no money, so many days I just think no point staying alive – but you are helping me to carry on taking each day at a time. That is special, that makes you special.

    I donated to Hugo through Paypal on – it is easy to do. I was pleased when you mentioned this option because Patreon seems to take more money for the transaction. So those of you who want to support Hugo in easier way it is possible.

  46. I hope all those who say everyone should be made to have this thing will generously donate to the family who lost their mother. There would be no-one to care for my 2 children if this were to happen to me, I’m going nowhere near it 😔

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