‘Entire STREETS Could Be Locked Down’ / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdowN

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  1. i wonder how much the global elites are paying the governments of the world to treat its citizens like dogs

    • Obviously a lot “ their still carrying on with their crap with a smile on their faces “ sickening “

      • Asymptomatic Coronavirus’s don’t exist.

      • 10 Downing Street should be put in a museum so that the future generations can know what type corrupt people lived in this house and just worked for the Bankers and fooled Thier citizens.

    • The governments are in effect paying the elites with tax breaks and subsidies for their corporations. The elites are the holders of information about those in government and use it to blackmail them. They also help the politicians get elected.

  2. The bullshit just gets deeper and deeper and still the sheep swallow every lying word of it

      • I wouldn’t insult sheep they wouldn’t be so stupid to obey Boris the Bullingdon Buffoon.

    • They’ll keep trying to lock us down to break and divide what’s good, what’s right and our God given right to Life “ their lies don’t carry much strength anymore “and we should all keep seeing this deceit for what it is “ Lies”

    • The original evidence of asymptomatic is based on one hairdresser!!! Who was being treated for flu but that was not disclosed at the time. She allegidly infected a few people whilst hairdressing!!!! Absolute scamdemic!! Hope we don’t end up like n korea!!..

      • I don’t know. I think I’d rather live in North Korea to be honest.

    • Yes, I’d suggest Downing Street be locked down forever and converted into flats. It’d be more productive, that’s for sure. Maybe No. 10 could be an exclusive restaurant.


  4. Close down downing street and give them a lie detector test would be a better idea

  5. Thank you 😊 mr Hugo.. well it’s showing the desperation by theses power freaks.. they will need to break my door down as I won’t be answering it!!! It’s a outrageous situation for us all we must stand up and keep saying NO!!! 💪👍 I am this week starting to stock up on bits may need when‘street lockdown’ comes along the sickos they are!! I also next week am going start a veg patch in back , I never done it before ?? so should be a grin lol but I do love me veg 👍 and they are bound to start stoppages ect so I guess Time get prepared take care all cheers again Hugo ✌️

    • There is no way they are putting that swab in me. You don’t know where it’s been, where it’s going, what they have put on it before they put it in you or where they are doing with it after it’s been in you!

  6. I see that YouTube have taken down the UK Column for a week 🙄. I subscribed on to your channel this week after meaning to do it for ages. You tube hate the truth, they are truth haters.
    We (the non sheep) have to get off of there.

    • I don’t. I used to know half the street at my previous address in a different town.

    • I know at least 8 of my neighbours. Think it depends on how sociable people are. There’s no harm in saying hello to someone, what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe they will actually stop and talk to you?

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  8. I see they have shit down the UK Column for a week on YouTube 🙄.
    They hate free speech on YouTube, it’s great that we have places like here on Hugo Talks where free speech is still a thing!

  9. So now we understand why there are 2 tests at home weekly, to be sent back to government data base. This way, no one will ever know if the lockdown is truthful or correct. This is a police state an authoritarian government. Bill Gates is EVIL…EVIL…EVIL…Hugo…reach out to Gerald Celente on You tube. He produces a weekly trends journal. He is totally on your wavelenget and ask contributors to write columns. He lives in New York state, you should all start pooling knowledge ….. please get it together with him. We are all dispersed, the organisayions behind all this darkness are totally singing from the same hymn sheet

    • I think the American DNA and data is being sent out to China to be logged. Which in turn will have it ready to go when the new social scoring system and credit system kicks in I suppose.
      Really hope I’m wrong on that and people do start to wake up sooner rather than later.

  10. Its just more bullsh*t from the Government to scare people into having the vaccine. How on earth would they be able to Police a street be street lockdown without stopping every person out and about to ask what street they come from, which in itself is illegal.

    • Thinking out loud, in the Greater Manchester area, 1000’s of streets containing terraced houses had ‘security’ gates installed about 5 years ago at the back. I always wondered why. It seemed daft. Real, high, heavy duty ones.

  11. Locking down streets and doing door to door testing will identify who the resistant people are and where they live. Will probably lockdown the whole street untill everyone’s been tested making the people who refuse hated by the community and will put pressure on them to change their mind

    • There not variants there Mutsnts sounds scarier, I don’t believe them for a second, made up to fit the narrative.

      GFs off to get her depopulation lottery jab, easier to conform despite having covid and not a big deal, wants to travel.

      False Flag tomorrow at the funeral maybe failed one nudge us closer to police state.


  13. Havent watched songbird yet but might give it a look now youve mentioned it. Probably will scare me shitless but better to have an idea of whats coming that being a total ignoramus. Theres only one covid paranoid strange man on my street, the rest dont care anymore but it would only take one to report you i suppose if this happened for real. Urghh…its exhausting isnt it?

      • Oh ok, I did looked the trailer just now and it did look a bit over the top and too unrealistically lovey-dovey for me. Thanks for warning me in advance x

  14. Thank you Hugo!!!! We are awake and with you!!!!!! Nigel Moore.

    • There always have been and always will be new variants from the coronavirus family. There are so many variants that affect the body slightly differently than another version. It’s crazy to lockdown countries for it unless authorities have something to gain from it financially. Isn’t everything they do about money?

  15. Thanks for the update Hugo as always. More draconian BS. They are really determined to create a dystopian future for everyone but themselves as they obviously still think they can get away with it. Even more determination here that will NOT comply with any of it EVER. Must pushback at every opportunity. Never forget, WE are the majority. Crossing everything for lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and his team’s legal cases to expose what’s become the biggest fraud of the 21st Century no doubt whatsoever. Searching around t’internet I start to suspect the wheels are coming a little loose. Always a good sign!

  16. The gullibility is astonishing! What is it about people? Do they enjoy the illusion or delusion of being dependent on a pack lying bullshitters? Members of my family, l’m sorry to say, are part of this dependency. If you can get one person, Hugo, to see the light through your videos, you’re doing a good job.

  17. Reiner Fuellmich is a German Lawyer and heads up a Corona investigative committee of Lawyers and sharing information with international Lawyers. They have now prepared evidence to present at the Courts for Class Action Law suits and are aiming to bring about new nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity, the evidence they have is compelling that the Pandemic is a Travesty with ulterior motives. He has made various Video’s on Brighteon and here is one of his updates
    This is his introduction to himself and the aims of the Corona Commitee

  18. Excellent work Hugo bringing these items to our attention. It’s refreshing to see people on the same wavelength. I don’t normally comment but like the fact that We are not alone and together we can csn make a difference

  19. WARNING – Is no one seeing what this is if your not vaccinated you will pretty much be under house arrest we can all see that coming . So what happens if someone’s not vaccinated on your street does the whole street go into lockdown basically they will turn your neighbours against you.

    • And the scary thing is, the sheeple will turn on you and become despotic, vicious rats. That’s one good thing this BS has shown, the true nature of so many people. Orwell wrote about this phenomenon in 1984, so they know how to manipulate expertly.

  20. This is really piss me off now they are pathetic stupid idiots that’s ruling us all I just wish they would just leave us all alone and let us live our lives

  21. hi Hugo intersting video. I’m from the cambs area near the ‘sannger institute’ and quite bizzar to be hearing some things about that place..

  22. Went for a meal and couple of drinks down my local Weatherspoons was pleased how they were doing things you could still just put your name and number in the box So no need for NHS app there will be pubs that you go out and still enjoy your time there without draconian measures 😀

  23. On a side note @hugo – have you seen the “well building intitiative” being promoted by such World reknowned public health experts as Lady Gaga and Robert DeNiro? Their blurb mentioned “stakeholders” and the logo you get to stick on your building (after paying lots of money for “experts” to certify it) is WELL, it just reminded me of…WEF – and guess what, there are links. The WEF tentacles are everywhere.

      • Lady Gaga is a Demon possessed, outright satanist, hence why she gets rolled out to all the big occasions, like the Presidential Inaugeration, wearing her Hunger Games/Mocking Bird broach. I saw Marina Abromovic, saying how impressed she was with her, as she said she was willing to do everything she was told. I saw footage of part of her ‘initiation’, she was forced to wander around a forest, completely naked, with a blindfold on for hours on end. Apparently, she has to have somebody watch over her during the night, as her nightmares are so traumatic, she’s constantly waking up, screaming in outright terror.

  24. At least if it’s done by street, we may have a good idea as to who is going out and getting tested, and then put a bloody brick through their windows. It will be the least of what they deserve!

  25. I watched a movie called Children of men which was basically a broadcast of what is to come just like Contagion filmed in 2011. Both movies can be viewed on Netflix. Check it out brothers and sisters

    • We really, should boycott and avoid watching all Distopian and Indoctrination movies and sideshows” as this is their hope to brainwash us”, return to the old school, and proper way “ in everything “ give no place for Change “ Praise what is decent and good “

    • Yep, just predictive programming. It’s also black magic, they’ve warned you in advance of that they intend to do to you. If you don’t fight or flee, they can proceed.

  26. Sooo sad …
    People are being scared all the time for a “possible if”
    And it works well….in the Netherland most people comply, obey and are either ignorant or scared

    • I just think it’s the same everywhere. It seems, that its just Italy throwing up any serious resistance.

  27. I’m sick of evil Bill Gates and his bitch hope they rot in hell when there time up.
    The government are liars and corrupt like Hancock
    We will never stop this nosence new variants they will lockdown again by June as for shutting down street’s shut Whitehall Downing Street and parliament Chuck all the scrm politicians and civil servants and let normal people take over and stop this nosence.

  28. Find your nearest
    Stand in the park
    I’ll be in Manchester tomorrow

  29. The virus is those people that can see the truth they are telling us. Sometimes I feel as if I’m the same as the enemy I’d like to lock down a few peeps in their streets. Jokingish.

    I am working out how to make a DIY heat pump to save some of the sheeple I’m fond of… But f them lol

    Sorry. Love your stuff Hugo. I’m a Londoner, love your sense and sound. But born in the West Mida so I’m a natural arse… But above Sir Lenny 🙂

    • This might help you out?
      Revolutionary air conditioner

  30. What gets me is that we all know full well the cops, the army, etc will gladly implement everything they’re told to. If they knew people were being carted off to be executed, they’d happily send you off to your death. And if you tried to resist, they’d relish committing violence against you. They’d then go in the canteen and laugh about the trauma they’d just inflicted on innocent people.

  31. They are human and must have family or friends that disagree with this whole situation. I wouldn’t put them all in the same category as you mentioned but I guess it’s going to take time for them to realise what’s really going on!

  32. I know, I’m not arguing. But Stalin was human, he would grab a chicken, rip it’s feathers/wings off, then throw seed on the ground. The chicken would then follow the seed. (The chicken had been killed basically) It was his example to his executioners. You can do anything you want to people, then throw them a few scraps, and they will still follow you! I know its extreme, but this is extreme and I have seen no evidence that the cops will, etc will change course. They just keep getting worse. And up to 66 million people died in the Soviet Union. And nobody seems to give a flying fuck. It’s estimated because so many had to resort to cannibalism. I apologise for being grim or whatever, but these things have happened in the last 100 years!

    • The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn should be mandatory reading for all.

      • Thanks mate, nobody has a clue about it. It’s mental. I don’t even know what else to say.

  33. Better to lock a few streets down the the whole fucking country. Targeted bombing better than carpet bombing.

    • Still under the illusion that covid19 is dangerous them I see Dave.

  34. Variants are still 99.7 % the same as the original sequence,a walk in the park for your immune system ! They are LYING !

  35. Spirit are telling us – something really really big is going down on Monday / Tuesday. Let’s pray it’s Bill Gates being arrested! TRUST IT!

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