Two Tests A Week NOW FOR FREEDOM! 🤦‍♀️ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

47 Comments on “Two Tests A Week NOW FOR FREEDOM! 🤦‍♀️ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I’ll be sending my Covid test kits back to 10 Downing Street!

  2. Just goes to prove yet again that the tests are as lethal as the jabs. Boris can shove them both where the sun don’t shine!

    • Same here and if there forced at my work I will said i do not consent as i have personal views not the government, F Johnson and the lying cabinet they will pay in time.

    • I got one word that sums up how I will act and how I feel

  3. Would that be the totally inaccurate rapid flow test? They are doing at work but I said ‘no thanks’.

  4. Fck them No way I’m doing that Up Yours BJ and all your fcking side kicks.

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  6. They are a joke and they have the front to call themselves right honourable please give us a break all radio
    Station are bombarding the listeners with propaganda

  7. Treasonous murdering fat titted blubbering jellyfish terrorist Boris you can go to hell where you belong and I hope it’s very soon

  8. “Is anyone out there?”….. “Hello… is there anyone out there that’s still alive?”

    The radio crackled, an eerie silence befell as i eagerly awaited a reply to my pleas.

    “Am i the only one that’s survived this v1rus?” i thought loudly.
    i was hungry, having eaten my last block of Soylent Green four weeks ago, and thirsty because i’d drunk my last drop of my own recycled urine four days ago. i am now so dry i cannot pee. “i need supplies”
    As i made my way down the high street to the grocery store, stepping over thousands of dead and rotting bodies on my way, i thanked the Lord that i had worked on my immune system, ate sensibly, exercised regularly, didn’t own let alone watch a TV, or read newspapers to any great depth to avoid fear porn.

    i awoke from my slumber. i peered out of the window.
    “Is that someone walking their dog?”
    i rushed to the door and opened it. i could hear voices in the distance, laughing and joking. i decided to venture out. All the dead bodies had disappeared. One of my neighbours was out in his garden, trimming his hedge with a pair of old fashion shears. “Hello Reg” i shouted. “Hello Richard” he shouted back. “Where have you been this past year?”, “We thought you were dead” he continued…

    My overactive imagination and trust of MSM had taken it’s toll, however, now that i know the truth, my dystopian nightmare has ended.

    “Right,.. let’s off to the pub to celebrate”,… “What, what’s a c0v1d passport?”

  9. I will never have a test or a vaccine. Nobody is ill or dying from covid. Open your eyes and see.

  10. Two Tests a Week for all MP’s to see if they are getting funding from the Chinese and Billy Goats etc
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • LOL, I was going to post that a few days ago, but didn’t think many would understand the reference. Take the shot and you will end up like Zammo, that’s for sure.

  11. No jabs, no masks, no tests or so called vaccine passport for me! Boris you can stick all this garbage up your arse!! This whole thing has got so bad that I don’t go to church anymore as they are all rigidly sticking to these crazy rules with true zeal it is absolutely sickening! I’ve tried repeatedly to speak out about what is going on, but nobody wants to hear it, so they dig their own grave now. I’ve totally given up! The congregation act like frightened rabbits scared of their own shadow, and the service has so many restrictions that it is absolute mental torture, so sadly I have decided to walk away. It breaks my heart because I miss all my dear friends, and I was very involved with leading the music for 16 years there, playing piano and church organ. But while this insanity is going on I’m staying at home. I hate this Government soooooooooooooooooooo much for what they are doing to us, they are a really sick bunch of people, and they should be put up against a wall and shot! They have ruined peoples’ lives and they are certainly destroying mine too! Life really sucks now, and I feel real despair because I cannot see an end to any of this crap! Thank you Hugo for being there for us all, thank you to everyone here. We gotta stick together, it is our only hope! The British public really need to wake up, and we need a revolution!

  12. Swabs with carcenogenic pesticide, DNA harvesting, and getting that nano technology in you…

  13. Everyone in the Government should be given an anal Schwab.

  14. Israel has been behind all of this, it’s more serious than anyone can imagine, we are just goyim, they will let their youth survive and what little remains of us will be their slaves.

  15. Already done one comment but I’m fumeing.. .Boris in his white it only me or does he look like a fffing mad scientist. We are a laughing stock of the world..i mean come on look at the fkin clown..HES IN CHARGE FFSAKE

  16. If you’re handed a test kit, spoil it, wrap it up & send it to Boris the Bastard at 10 Downing Street, if enough of us do it hopefully he’ll be buried under a mountain of the fucking things.

    • Good idea, a practical solution. Maybe stick the schwab in some dog shit and send to Boris aka Wurzell Gummidge himself.

      • No, that would get you arrested, just break the sticks & send the whole lot to Wurzell.

  17. Just a message to all those who ran for their jab so they could go on holiday and go back to the old life….
    DICKHEADS… the only thing you altered is the fact that your future is more uncertain with that poison running through your veins… RIP

    • A sad fact but I’m not wasting my sympathy on them

  18. We have to stay strong and support each other. The worst thing for us is that our anger will consume us. If we try and stay focused on being true to our convictions there will be those around us that we can convince to follow the right path. Negative thoughts will lead to negative actions by those around us. There will be others who who will see through the lies that are being spread. Have faith our numbers will rise ❤️

  19. May get test kit But use it on a dog, any other mammal back of my hand
    False name and address interesting too see those results ?? 😊

  20. A few things I’ve noticed, when Wurzell Gummidge gives his ‘press conferences’, he has 2 Union Jacks behind him – the cross showing – double cross. Also, the ‘government’ website, as well as many others, such as Australia, Gibraltar, Malta, etc have changed their ‘crest’ thing into black and white, from colour. I know Wurzell mentioned something about Gibraltar recently. Anyway, that is a declaration of war. When a ship would attack another in the old days, they would hoist up the Jolly Roger – black and white. SO, by that logic, they’ve declared war upon us. I say: BRING IT ON, you punk motherfuckers!

  21. The sheeple have been double crossed enough to times by now to wake them up but still not a sound apart from snoring I know they’ve been brainwashed but it very much looks like we’re fighting this war on our own let battle commence

  22. Who do we send the declaration of war to boris or his bosses or both?

  23. They’ve declared war upon us. If somebody declares war upon you, you have a God given right to defend yourself, with force, if necessary. We need to say to ourselves: “I am a MAN (or WOMAN), made in the image of God and I deserve dignity.” Also, “Give me Liberty or death.”

  24. Also, on an interesting side note, do you know what ‘punk’ means? In American prisons, a black male prostitute, would perform as a female prostitute, he would pull his pants down half way, showing his ass. He was known as a ‘punk ass bitch’. So, when you see these ‘rapper’s’, and people walking around with their asses showing, it’s mockery. They’re being ‘punked’ so to speak. And then you had ‘punk’ rock – where they would spit at each other and all the rest of it – manufactured mockery of us all.

  25. There is no such thing as Covid-19, and the best place for Johnson and his lying associates, is doubled over in the dustbin (the same applies to Merkel, Macron, Biden, Fauci, Gates, Schwab – pieces of human refuse, waiting to be carted away).

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