Sunday MSM Review / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hi Hugo!!

    Deleted already by YouTube fuckers!!! Publish on alternative channels?

    Best regards from Oslo

    Bjørn A 😊

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  2. No need to apologise for moaning the truth can never be moaning

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  4. Thanks as always Hugo
    The dystopian future is getting closer by the minute and the sheep are lapping it up as you say with the prospect of a week on the costa del sol in a muzzle .

  5. Yes, it is so obvious what they are trying to do, isn’t it? Always knew since this all began that they would try to spin this as a Passport to Freedom, when we should already have freedom and not need permission to be free. The majority of people voted against ID cards, years ago and we should do the same here.

  6. Passport to FREEDOM🙂🙂
    Covid Passports are not a path to FREEDOM they are a path to LOSING your Freedom They are a Passport to losing your freedom of speech,your human rights why cant some people see this
    Covid Passports are the begining of the END of your freedom From one Human to millions of other Humans Do Not Go Along with this it will become a REGRET.

  7. Hi Hugo,

    The point about carbon is that every single human being is regarded as a carbon unit… We are the carbon zero solution and we have to be eliminated to achieve that, even though it is of course an impossible goal.

    In regard to the protests, I have said many times on air that they need to be continuous, day and night until things stop… Clearly the organisers of these ‘protests’ spread weeks apart are part of the agenda working with the government. It’s a way of keeping the public in check by allowing protests every so often to enable the government to move ahead with the agenda whilst the public goes to sleep for another few weeks thinking they’re doing enough. They’re clearly not.

    As to Extinction Rebellion, I’ve yet to witness any of these green zealots stand by their convictions and commit suicide to save the planet… Just another useful idiot shill organisation run by the elite for themselves… It’s a no-brainer

    • Yes, it’s a Satanic organisation. It was set up in the UK on 31st October – a Satanic ‘holiday’. Oct. 29-31 ‘All Hallows’ – kidnapping and blood rituals. Just go on Wikipedia and look at the images of this organisation. The flag looks demonic to me. These people believe in this ‘Gaia’ earth worship. Humans have damaged mother earth and must pay for their sins. There was a Killing Joke song/video from 2015 ‘I am the Virus’. Predictive programming, but point being, we are regarded as the ‘virus’, by this demonic ‘elite’. They can get fu**ed!

  8. Hi Hugo
    Have you seen the latest thing they are now pushing
    Removal of driving rights from 70 year olds
    The government lovey doctor on tv brought it up about a week ago and now the government are talking about over 70 should be tracked and not allowed to drive at night and not go more than 20 minutes from there homes

    • I remember reading long time ago that the long term plans of these elites is to euthanize people over 70.

      • The end-of-life or ‘demise pill’ as it is called. It is already being suggested in the Netherlands.

      • Yep, ‘life on demand’. It was in that film Logan’s Run in one way, as well as many other films. That famous Dr Richard Day speech laid it all out. (But the demonic ‘elites’ want to and believe they will live forever).

  9. Sadly too many people are just to lazy to bother to say NO, Il expect we’ll lose this and much much more over the coming well it’s going so quick months let alone years, with a depopulation event via Vaccines expected end of this / next year, rough decade 🙁

    Only thing they’ll say NO to is regards Pubs, bet that’ll get pushed through by September.

    Thanks for trying Hugo!

    • Not to be despondent 😀 but to be honest I think we have lost. Just too many people are going along with the agenda. It is like almost everyone is on the opposing team. My only hope is that if, although more likely, when we are eventually boxed into a corner and forced to take this ‘vax-ceen’ against our will and better judgement is that it is indeed innocuous and we don’t all end up dropping dead like flies or have out life expectancies severely curtailed . But either way it just goes to show how easy it would be to commit mass genocide on a population. At least the Jews in Hitler’s didn’t have the same historical perspective that we do. History doesn’t repeat. It rhymes. Anyway, got to keep up the good fight. Stay strong! 🙂

      • Don’t give up brother we will beat them just keep saying NO

      • No, I won’t give up until I am rounded up by the police/military and put in the truck and taken to the ‘vax-ceen clinic’ 😀 And did you know NO is the most powerful word in the English language 😉 NO! NO! NO!

      • I’m not despondent at all. The ‘government’ knows full well what the stats are. Basically, 4% of the population will fight, 3% will fight off and on and 3% will know what the crack is but not do anything. So, essentially, only 10% of the population knows the score. But the good news is you only need 4% of the population willing to fight to win a civil war/revolution. I’ve no doubt we have those numbers, so I’m genuinely optimistic. (Note to the ’77th Brigade’ or any other ‘intelligence’ agencies, I’m not referring to violence).

      • That’s certainly true in terms of civil war/revolutions. For example the Bolsheviks who took over the Soviet Union were a tiny minority. But I was thinking more in numerical terms regarding the ‘vax-ceen’. If say, 9/10 take the ‘vaxceen’ a ‘vax-ceen passport’ is inevitable. How can you up end that? I can’t think how you possibly could. It would be like UB40 singing ♫ I am a one in ten. A number of an un-vax-ceened list ♫

      • Listen to this quote: “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, UNITED NATIONS! Is that what taking the shot is? Hasn’t this thing got aborted foetal tissue in it? This is who these people are, orchestrating all this

  10. BBC ignoring Handcox court date on Tuesday…😶

  11. I don’t believe 30m have taken the chimp jizz.

  12. Hugo. You say absolute truth. Love from the midlands. Never stop doing what you’re doing. We won’t either. X

  13. Too Right Hugo.. Was in a ‘News Agents’ today and an old boy was in the que behind me with his copy of the daily propaganda. Reminded him it was all lies, he agreed but still bought it guess its just a bad habit he can’t shake lol
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • Yes, a lot of people just enjoy the crosswords/quizzes, even adverts, believe it or not. They like to see where they can get the comfiest slippers, etc. It is a problem though, because they absorb the lies. Just like my mother, she cannot believe politicians, the ‘media’, etc would lie. And that is from school, work, etc – all your life. It’s understandable to go along with it all when you lead a vaguely decent life.

  14. Reminds me of “Monopoly” and the “Get out of jail free” card, in the game this card was a card you kept and could use when needed. I can see how many people will think the jab is the “card” and will release you from jail.

    Far from releasing you it is marching us all toward communist China.

  15. As Jacques Ellul said in his book ‘Propaganda’ the more you think you are informed the more your head is stuffed full of propaganda.

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