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  1. You hit the nail on the head there Hugo… once they get this phone app(33) going, the story will change to phone theft then they can move to the chip! Crooks could always chop your arm off but that won’t be debated..
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  2. they want us ALL plugged in like a Borg.
    soulless mindless order following slaves on the plantation.

  3. Hugo, the microchip has long been predicted – a solution in search of a problem. Consider this: what if a vaccine passport solely dependent on mobile phone technology was vulnerable to glitches, outages, magnetic pulse damage or whatever. The entire system would then be in disarray. But for the time being, given the ubiquity of these hand held devices, our overlords know that they are the easiest delivery platform for the vaccine certificate.

  4. I saw Boris on the news today being asked questions by MPs. One MP mentioned that he had the vaccine and caught COVID pretty badly 3 days after having the vaccine. The look on Boris’s face was priceless. The MP responded by saying it probably happened due to the vaccine taking a bit longer to get into his system. It was amazing but not surprising how they both tried their best to divert away from that conversation.

  5. He looks fucking happy. More money then sense. So much cash he’s fucking bored. Love to punch him one lol right in the muse.

  6. Please look into passport legislation they’re Trying to rush into Irish law in Ireland tomorrow ( barrister Tracey omahoney YouTube video) would be very grateful If you could spread the word

  7. Hugo…you’ve got to look into this… caught the tail end of ukcolumn news today(Wednesday)…they seem to be indicating that the government as amassing a small private army with an operation room at number 10… might be worth digging and see if you can find out more.

  8. Hugo…you’ve got to look into this… caught the tail end of ukcolumn news today(Wednesday)…they seem to be indicating that the government as amassing a small private army with an operation room at number 10… might be worth digging and see if you can find out more.

  9. Hi Hugo, Love the posts you put up – I’ve shared your details with loads of friends and relatives. Anyway, have you seen this post on urgent meetings re Covid Passports/Certificates?

    Cheers, Eileen


  10. They are really pushing this ‘vax-ceen passport’ crap. It makes me all the more determined not have have the jib jab. But look, there is an option of a negative test.

    “Pub goers could be asked to provide a vaccine certificate, Boris Johnson has told MPs, saying it “may be up to individual publicans”.A review is looking into whether people should have to prove they have been vaccinated, as lockdown measures ease.

    A government source told the BBC that the option of allowing people to show a negative test was also being looked at.

    But Tory MP Steve Baker said it was a “ghastly trap” and unfairly penalised those advised not to have a vaccine.

    Mr Johnson also said it seemed “wholly responsible” for care companies to require their workers to be vaccinated.

    Speaking to the House of Commons Liaison Committee, Mr Johnson added that “the principle is there” in terms of professions requiring certain vaccines when “entrusted with care of a patient”.

    But the idea of asking pub goers to show a vaccine certificate was strongly rejected by Mr Baker.

    “First they said we’ll need them to watch the football, and today that it may be papers for the pub,” he said.

    He warned that such a situation would prevent pregnant women – who have been advised not to take the vaccine – from “taking part in society”.

    He also expressed concern that business would be able to turn away customers “from communities which have shown an unfortunate hesitancy to take up the offer of a vaccine”.

    “We must not fall into this ghastly trap,” he said.

    Kate Nicholls, the chief executive of UK Hospitality, said the sector should not be “subject to mandatory vaccination certification”.

    “It is simply unworkable, would cause conflict between staff and customers and almost certainty result in breaches of equality rules,” she added.

    ‘A free society’

    During the committee – which is made up of senior MPs – Conservative William Wragg asked Mr Johnson if vaccine certificates were “compatible with a free society such as ours”.

    Mr Johnson said the concept “should not be totally alien to us” as doctors already have to have hepatitis B jabs

    Mr Wragg then asked, what about “ordinary citizens going to the pub?” and the prime minister replied: “That’s the kind of thing that may be up to individual publicans.”

    Pushed further, Mr Johnson said: “I find myself in this long national conversation thinking very deeply about it” adding that the public “want me as prime minister to take all the action I can to protect them”.

    On Thursday, MPs will debate and vote on renewing the emergency powers granted by the Coronavirus Act.”

  11. NHS vaccination letter makes no mention of protecting others:

    “Your Covid-19 vaccination appointment.


    You are now being offered the vaccine that will help to protect you from COVID-19. If you do get COVID-19, the vaccine reduces your chances of developing serious or life-threatening symptoms.

    Please read the enclosed leaflet before your appointment.

    Your appointment details for your first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine
    1st April 2021 at 12:00
    Boris Johnson Memorial Hospital, Westminster, London, SW1 1AA”

    The whole notion of vaccine passports is a nonsense. You can still be infected. You can still pass it on. The vaccine supposedly only makes the symptoms less if you happen to catch it. Why are the public so stupid? Why are we being played for fools.

  12. Going by appointment number and Gov statistics I calculate vaccine take-up rate to be 82%. Like voting it could never be 100% because some people will be dead etc. Of course this could be way off the mark but we have no official number in any case.

  13. I’m in my sixties a donot wish to have the vaccine but feel quiet alone with my views regarding these daily constructed illusions around me.I know there are many with the same conclusions but its hard to find them in person the computer doesn’t really solve it.

    • “Location, location, location UK” is a group on Facebook. The idea is that you say where you are to connect with people near you. I met a dozen or so people in a local park. If you are on fb, give it a try.

    • Oh forget it! You deleted my comment because I must’ve used a forbidden word (but no expletives used) or said something you don’t like, although I can think what – I only reiterated what you’ve been saying all along Hugo…

  14. Oh to see police constables behaving like spoilt little girls,they bully, intimidate, threaten, lie , make up laws, break their oath ,and then run away when they don’t get their way.

  15. Passport to pimlico, more like passport to discrimination. Plumbing the depths I think.

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