RETURN OF THE MEATHEADS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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17 Comments on “RETURN OF THE MEATHEADS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I heard some time ago that the vaccine activated by 5G can produce effects as in the Zombie narrative so perhaps they are going to turn 5 g on worldwide, I think that has been a lot to do with the lockdowns any one else noticed how many road works have been taking place in the uk

  2. Over 10 years ago Homeland Security were training Army/police to deal with zombies on the streets. The retarded public were bad enough before this jab.. you can only imagine how bad this could get after the second, third etc if they manage to survive it?

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  3. Not going to happen, it’s distraction, perhaps a public test of people’s stupidity.

  4. This has got to be a laugh out loud or cry moment. Having said that, not a lot would surprise me these days. I mean half the population appear to be half brain-dead lining up happily to get the jab and eager for the second. Who knows what effects the jab will have in a few months time. Also as c.davis said, bring 5g into the mix?
    They put up the 5g lamp posts all around here in 2019, I tried objecting strongly to the council and just got pushed around department to department. And I think I am now the only home in my immediate vicinity who has refused the smart meters. All these things could have a knock on effect I guess. I want to laugh loud and long at the zombie scenario but for some reason I can’t.

  5. The Zombie Apocalypse is already in full swing, out in the streets they’re busy looking at the phone in their hands & not watching where they’re walking. They will sit next to each other & send texts back & forth rather than talk to each other. If they accidentally break the phone or the network goes offline they totally lose their minds & have no idea how to function anymore.

  6. Ps I just realised the cdc page looked familiar, it was originally set up in 2011 & was severely mocked at the time, now they bring it back again & it’s not quite so funny.

  7. Hey. Have a look on a website called “long Covid kids.”There’s a video of a woman called Sammie McFarland giving an interview with Cathy Newman on Channel 4. In it she says that she and her daughter were “bedridden” for months with Long Covid. However, when you look in her Instagram “Sammiepilatiesandcore” it’s clear that at the time concerned (spring 2020) there was nothing wrong with her and she was a picture of health. Be good if you could use your videos to expose this? Best wishes Roger.

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    • It will be the same zombies who stripped the shelves of toilet paper who will be queue for the ‘jab’.

    • Something has changed on website. When I try over one thousands zombies stood in queue. My apologies most sincere.

  8. Dear Hugo

    I hope you read your messages. Thought you might find these screenshots sent to me by a friend interesting. They are no longer available on The Deagle website but pose alarming questions!

    Best wishes

    Jane Edmonds

  9. I read somewhere that the swabs that cross the blood brain barrier an cause encephalitis. The Egyptians used to punish unruly slaves by inserting a metal rod into their nasal cavities to pierce this barrier and bring on encephalitis which makes people behave like zombies!

  10. If half the population are dumb brain-dead sheep ambling about and bumping into eachother aimlessly, why should we bother trying to stop them from having the jab? You don’t have to have it. And you only have to hang around an airport or dockyard to get the paperwork. I hardly see what all the fuss is about

  11. I do not think Nostradamus would have used the words “scientist” and “vaccine,” much less “zombies,” in the 16th century. Unless someone interpreted his typically cryptic predictions either as a joke or the way they wanted it to interpreted. Gotta go look at some Nostradamus experts and the quatrains and see what they say. This is so loopy. LOL.

  12. GO WHERE?
    (Body snatchers 1992)

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