ONE Should Mind THEIR OWN BUSINESS! / Hugo Talks #lockdown​ #Queen​ #Selfish

25 Comments on “ONE Should Mind THEIR OWN BUSINESS! / Hugo Talks #lockdown​ #Queen​ #Selfish

  1. Look into their love of all things holistic. Homeopathic remedies is all she n they take…. check it out. Easy to find out. It’s on the record Hugo.

    • I love your way with language, Hugo, no mincing of words and saying what we’re all thinking! 😂

  2. First of all, I doubt that she even received what they are jabbing other people with. Now show her a video of Tiffany Dover fainting and then ask her if she is able to find out where that poor nurse ended up. Because we sure can’t! The vaccine that is not really a vaccine – do these blighters do anything that’s real? – doesn’t even protect a person from spreading the virus or getting it. You have to wonder why they are insisting we take a “medicine” that doesn’t even provide any medical relief.

  3. Lol.. they are getting desperate now… but many retards will fall for this patriotic, do it to protect others bullshit. It also gives them the confidence to belittle others that have not took the shot like a lemming. Whether this character / actor is still alive is another question? because when killed off it will be the perfect time for a Reset!.

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. The Queen is being strong arm by the cult, first they set up innocent Prince Andrew so they can control the Queen and now they made her do this speech.

    • The fkin queen don’t need to be strong armed, she’s a greedy old demon.. as for andrew, no one forced him to be a pedo.. ur an arsehole who needs to wake the fuck up

      • I have been called names far worse than that, thank you for the compliment anyway the previous time I have been called asshole was when I was roll playing with Nina, that his alias name.

    • John, I do hope you’re being sarcastic? If not do some research and find out just who is strong arming who.


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  6. Prince Phillip to the Queen: ‘It won’t hurt, it’s only a little prick’

  7. Great videos Hugo, thank you for sharing Truths.
    Cheers and God bless, God Speed 🙏🙌Shalom and be safe

  8. Smells of pure desperation to me. What a sad place the UK has become!!!
    Love the channel Hugo.

  9. This shows how desperate the govt are if they have to wheel Betty out to persuade us. No one listens to her any more anyway . Neither do I believe she’s had the vax . This is all propaganda and psychological warfare to force an untested vax on the population.

    • Does she still do her Christmas show or is it just old repeats that they show kind of like Morecambe and Wise 😀

  10. I doubt very much she has been given the jab that is being forced on the population.

  11. Thank you for making me laugh Hugo. On the serious side, if people are daft enough to listen to old queenie bop, then all hope for them is gone. She is just a woman who sits on a golden chair sometimes, wearing a stupid thing on her head, that if sold would help a lot of this countries homeless.

  12. That bitch that drinks tea with Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia who deliberately starves millions of people with Siege warfare in Yemen because she can turn a profit has the nerve to talk about selfishness?
    Evil witch.

  13. Hubby The Duke is in where right now?….. Oh in hospital as a precaution…… Nothing to do with being jabbed? 🤔

  14. What a coincidence, the very same day Queen Lizard Breath goes on tv to say we should get the jibjab I get an invite to go have it, on your fucking bike is my answer to that one.

  15. Well queenie, I AM thinking of others. It’s called “setting an exemple” and you might want to try it one time.

    I have no intrest in a poison shot that after a not even 2m trial has been found safe for long term effect.

    If you’re so worried, you can take the real vax. Not the special saline shot to take when the camera’s are rolling. And shut up about how your staff must kiss their lives goodbye to receive the great honour of serving you.

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