It’s YOUR FUTURE, Choose WISELY / Hugo Talks #lockdown​ #Temptation

13 Comments on “It’s YOUR FUTURE, Choose WISELY / Hugo Talks #lockdown​ #Temptation

  1. C – Certificate
    O – Of
    V – Vaccination
    I – Identity
    D – Document
    1 = Artificial
    9 = Intelligence

  2. Chances of these events happening but I guess by announcing this they will get hundreds signing up for the ” I’ve had the jab and I’m covid free” passport. It’s sneaky but clever. Music, football, cinema etc; is going to add loads to the list. Compliant people hoping to get their freedom back.

  3. A zombie Festival – a friend of mine is even tempted to get the vax just so he can get back to weatherspoons without any hassle. Good idea on the facespy group. See how long it lasts as worth a try to wake a few more up..

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Expect flu to surge next winter, warn expert you can read the article on The Telegraph so now you know coved is going on holiday and flu is going to takeover in the winter and this is because you all would have had coved jab . Well you can’t blame deaths on coved anymore because of jab so Switcheroo back to death by flu as normal and hooray we beat the coved.

  5. Unfortunately 90% of the population are sheep /lemins and really stupid and I’ve tried to explain to people but they just don’t get it because they are brainwashed with fear propaganda shame for the future especially the younger generation I’m glad I’m older ! Covid is nothing to worry about it’s a Monumental Hoax just a natural flu strain that’s been biologically weaponised I hope Gares and the others responsible get there judgement day eventually the vaccines will lead to genocide mark my words been going on for years slow depopulation the governments are all liars and controlled by the evil financial controllers behind the scenes like Rothschilds Rockefeller and a mafia of other philanthropist psychopaths

  6. I know several people who have had the jib jab now and all of them think freedom is right around the corner.

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