Morrisons Want Exempt To WEAR 🟑 YELLOW STICKER / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • First they came for the non-mask wearers, then they came for their children, then they came for the non I phone carriers, (no track or trace app!) then they came for the redundant, then the low earners, then well everyone but the one percent. What happened to the humans future AI will wonder? As well wonder they will! Truly interesting times.

  1. Why do you need a yellow sticker
    Does the fact that your not wearing a mask not tell people YOUR NOT WEARING A MASK

  2. Can’t see the point of a sticker. So is the sunflower no longer good enough?

  3. I don’t understand why Morrisons thuggish ‘SECURITY’ goons aren’t prosecuted for impersonating a police officer since their uniforms are barely distinguishable, and it is clear what impression these uniforms are attempting to convey. I also suspect that these goons who all look as if they double up as night-club bouncers are frustrated at the repeated rejections of their applications to the real police. Boy, would they be in their element there with carte blanche to harass and intimidate members of the public. Not just having to make do with man-handling suspected shoplifters back into the store. I was almost set upon by these mindless thugs for the ‘crime’ of not following the directional arrows. Even the good doctor Vernon Coleman recounted a similar incident that him and his wife suffered. Like Dr Coleman I haven’t set foot in a Morrsions store since. In another time, another place, these goons would have been Commandants of a Nazi concentration camp; they certainly wouldn’t look out of place and would fit right in. Morrisons bringing out these ‘yellow stickers’ doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

  4. Let’s all wear a yellow star and have a number tattooed onour wrists eh? Fuck morrisons

  5. Its antisemitic; it’s evoking memories and similarities of past conflicts. Absolute disgrace.

    • These evil doers just want to drags back to the past tragedies and disasters but fear not they have a eternal hell home waiting for them at the end of their mortal life

  6. Gimme a yellow sticker!! I shall wear it happily everywhere I go, minus the mask. πŸ˜€

  7. For the first time, last weekend, I was stopped by a member of staff in Morrisons Bridgwater and asked where my mask was. I said I didn’t have one, they offered me a free one wheupon I explained that I am exempt. He asked where my lanyard was (no mention of a sticker for now), I asked why i needed a lanyard, I had explained I am exempt. He said pretty much the same as these guys are saying…”Its to show other people” he said, “its for other peoples benefits”. I explained to him that there is now way I would accept being a ‘labelled disabled’ as if we were living in Nazi Germany no matter how much he or the Morrisons management might want it. He was a young lad and I think a bit intimidated by my ‘vigorous’ riposte so he reluctantly let it go. Morrison’s policy, if this actually is their policy, is truly quite sickmaking. see Is this where we are headed? Didn’t we learn anything. Is it only a year ago our society was starting to actually notice and give a shxx about people with disabilaties? Now a label is required if you want to shop without wering facepants?? This makes me livid.

  8. Best thing to do, wind them up by wearing a full face mask and a yellow star of david …. sign the petition to scrap vaccine passports posted on earlier Hugo post

  9. A old lady on crutches was in front of me when asked by one member of staff to put her mask on properly as she was wearing it under her chin,the lady said she was exempt and the staff member said well you should have a label on you to warn other shoppers, I was disgusted,…this was about a month ago in the cleveleys store Lancashire

    • To warn others? What, she’ll pounce on them?

      I think the safe should have a sticker from green to red, indicating how thick they are.

  10. If it was summer, I’d be tempted to wear a mankini with a huge yellow star covering my essentials !

  11. Star of David for the Jewish customers next, I suppose. All that matters to a real business, is the bottom line I thought. Playing politics is not what a supermarket does.

  12. Before covid came about, no1 who was disabled had to wear any badges, lanyards etc so why now?

    • It’s so we can be singled out for abuse to discourage us from going into the shops, next it’ll be “show us your jibjab passport or you can’t come in”

  13. This is disgusting… Why label us who are excempt… To much like Nazi Regime. What next a yellow star to say we are not vaccinated! The divide has started.

  14. Does the sticker need to be round or is star shaped fine?
    Do you need to arrange your own transport home or will they fix you a boxcar (or what it’s called)?

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