Our Saviour ‘Climate Bill’ 🤮 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

11 Comments on “Our Saviour ‘Climate Bill’ 🤮 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. When the scales fall from your eyes, like a blinding flash💥you will realise, Gates of Hell and the Rothschilds and Soros aren’t doing this for money or power because they create the money and hold the power, so think to yourself, what else can it be that they want ?… they want your soul !!

  2. This crazy stuff aka the scamdemic has gathered every evil bastard under the sun to make war against humanity, Blair, Morgan, Johnson, Varadkar, Trudeau, all of them to try to finish us off, it’s time to get organised and fight the battle of our lives…

  3. Hugo, you should make a video not just about the covid passport farce which will pocket millions to Boris friends but also denying our right to reject the vaccine. They will put us under more pressure to pay for test wherever we want to go. Instead of giving us the tools to relax after year of lock down where millions suffered depression and financial disaster. Boots and Superdrug charging over 100 pounds per test. Shocking..better staying in uk for years to come. The IATA travel company already implementing digital covid passport with 30 airlines..tourism has been destroyed with this measures taken. Greedy bastards

  4. It was advertised that prof. Dolores Cahill was to be on bbc1 tonight saying that we have been lied to, bbc didn’t broadcast her . They were truly biased 

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  5. I can’t watch this one. Just looking at Dr. Billy’s stupid face makes me feel very violent.

  6. The 97% consensus in climate change is bollocks…

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