Celeb MANTRA Continues 😵🤮 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

14 Comments on “Celeb MANTRA Continues 😵🤮 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. If we are all in it together how bout they all take a 20% pay cut down to furlough levels.Then we can truly say we are all in ‘it’ together.Vacuous airheads is the exact description of these 24/7 smilers

  2. As if most o9f us even have a bloody choice other than to stay home, nothing is open thanks to these wankers.

  3. Detestable smiling dead from the neck up bullshitters!
    Daily public chinese tests for the lot of of them, put in with a mallet!

  4. Go take a look on the alternative to MSN channels which is for freespeech and is called
    UK Column News and you will find a couple of articles about this psychological conditioning we are being put through. Many are already exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome from being held captive.
    This is one of the articles Narcissists in Power and the Psychological Attack on UK


  5. Nothing changes, until large numbers of us stand up to this psychological attack and refuse to comply. Protests are the quickest way to bring an end to this tyranny. There are many people who are beginning to suspect that they have been ‘had’ and their good nature i.e, wanting to do the right thing taken advantage of.
    We are many they are few.

  6. That person you said was Derren Brown is definitely not Derren brown lol

  7. Who really listens to celebrities other than avid MSM watchers, I hope these propogandists get exactly what they deserve. I wonder if any filthy leucre crossed palms. How could I doubt the veracity of people who are in the public eye? Next thing I’ll be questioning the integrity of government and everyone knows they wouldn’ lie.

  8. “We are nearly there” was one of the things repeated. Nearly there at the time when the Great Reset can be started. Maybe all it needs is an economic crisis, and the elites will step in and say “We can sort it out”. An offer which cannot be refused.

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