8 thoughts on “Do As We Say Or Else! 😡 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Well done Hugo! If I said to my Wfy….”You,re not going to work in THAT blouser!!….”You are NOT going to dinner in those shoes!”…She could legally call the police and have me arrested on an criminal charge of coercive and contolling behaviour….For me at 73?….No Masak!…No Test!…No Jab!…Warton.LA5 9RA


  2. They’re not only saying that you won’t be able to travel if you don’t take the jab, they’re also blaming you that because YOU don’t take the jab, you are the cause that nobody will be able to travel.
    Nice quilt-trip! It’s got nothing to do with ridiculous government rules, oh no, you are the selfish bastard who is causing the everlasting scandemic.


    1. I’ve been called worse in the past than “Selfish Bastard”, I relish the title, bring it on, I’ll make the snooty bastards hang around forever waiting for me to take the jibjab, I don’t miss what I’ve never had & never will have.


  3. That form looks worrying. As taking the vaccine does not stop you from catching the virus and indeed passing it on to others, does this not make vaccination pointless in all but the very elderly/ vulnerable?? Also, if people who try to ‘blame’ others for preventing travel by not having the jab, could they be therefore ‘blamed’ for travelling abroad whilst potentially infected and passing it on to people in another country, thereby starting up yet another round of lockdowns !?! Plus how come many countries are virtually back to proper normal without needing a jab.Maybe follow India’s sensible scheme of supplying a set of tablets to their people, much cheaper/safer. Look at the webcams at different places throughout the world, many are busy…cafes open, skiers out, people on beaches etc. Natural immunity is the way forward, I think.


  4. I realise I’ll be stuck in my house forever if I don’t have the jab but screw em! I am a refusenik and they’ll have to physically drag me to the centre and forcably jab me. The blame game is out of control. I just want to SHAKE people!!!! Carry on Hugo. Can’t believe you’re still’ allowed’. Have you seen Catherine Austin Fitts? She gives a good explanation of the reason for this whole shit show (although she’s been pretty much wiped from the web. Check her out, if you can find her! Keep up the good work). LOVE your vids!


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