Upside Down 🤡 Clown 🌍 World / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Obviously the man didn’t die from the vaccine. Don’t you know it’s only the first 15 minutes that count? In that regard, your covid shot video is clear propaganda as well.

    It’s a shame this man’s death will undoubtedly become a useful statistic as it will be recouped as a covid death.
    Very cynical and sinister to see the propaganda going full circle: it began with Chinese dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan…

  2. I meant to type “covid shot arm video”. Apologies, my mobile ate that word.

  3. Obelix, and his good friend Asterix used to say :


    Quite a number of the English population (and other parts of the world), particularly the ones in government, must be descendents from the this old tribe.

  4. I feel rather isolated here because no-one around me seems to object to what is going on. I read an of an idea somewhere that those who do not agree with the way things are going, should carry a red book wherever they go, to show solidarity with like minded people. If more and more red books are seen, without gatherings or demonstrations of course, which are not allowed, that would a least let people see that they are not alone.


  5. The police are going to get powers to have our health records. Check out Nigel Farage vid on YouTube.

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  6. You are wrong about the schools not opening, they will, and when they do the teachers will teach covid propaganda and basically terrorise the children, its not like they want to but they have to obey and since they’re as hypnotized as most sheeple they wont see any wrong in it. Children will get traumatized at school, like they already are in the Netherlands, at very young age.

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