7 thoughts on “πŸ’°πŸ’² TEMPTATION πŸ€‘ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. POSTCARD…The weather’s lovely, wish you were here.

    The only reason I can think of for McDonalds to be offering this for their staff, is they must be receiving some funding from somewhere (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, maybe worth investigating), as, otherwise it surely wouldn’t be in McDonalds’ best interests to reduce their staffing levels due to the side-effects of an experimental gene-therapy treatment that is being passed off as a vaccine.


  2. Hugo. It’s very strange to me how they push so hard these vaccines(that’s what I believe they call them) not what I would refer to them as
    Please watch this video it seems that in the near future some of these countries are going to have a lot of people move away somewhere


  3. This ‘vaccine’ is experimental and it is gene therapy. The flippancy with which they are pushing it is beyond belief. We’re expected not to care what goes into our bodies, it’s truly chilling.
    Read this for an explanation of what the vaccine really is….


  4. Faucis jab sure was strange.He received the jab in his left shoulder,and the following day when asked on live tv how he felt he rubbed his right shoulder to indicate some soreness.So,why sort of man points to a pain that can’t possibly exist?.Answer,a liar.


  5. Hey happy Friday Hugo! Love your information. Thank you for what you do. My dearest friend sent me a link to watch Elon musk calling Bill Gates a knuckle head and stating he and his family will not have a covid vaccine.!! Apparently the new York Times covered this.
    Please do investigate and SHARE.

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