11 thoughts on “Germany MASK MADNESS 🤬 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    1. Sagen Sie – ich bin aus medizinischen Gründen vom Tragen einer Gesichtsmaske befreit – ich bin auch allergisch gegen Ihren Bullshit! – Geh weg!


  1. Thank you for your excellent work. I share publicly on Gab & VK.com, as well as whoever is on my email list. I just wish more people would share.. As it is so evident on the street that the masses only follow the lying left wing MSM. This being clear with all the face nappy wearers..


  2. Dictatorship police state and has nothing to do with any virus it’s all about control. And all these shit started from 9/11 7/7 and all the false flags operations, what makes any one thinks that this is any different. They are the terrorists they are the ones that scaring people.


  3. My feeling on this one is that it is a propaganda (staged) infomercial… designed to increase fear of not wearing a mask, not from coronavirus but from being fined for non compliance, which in my opinion is despicable in itself. The cameras were clearly allowed, because can you imagine the police reactions if they had been civilian cameras?


  4. Both Bumbling-Boris and Half Half-wit Handcock are leading us all down the Great Reset Rabbit Hole – Being paranoid doesn’t make you wrong! Don’t put up with their Divide and Conquer tactics – Wake up Britain and smell the coffee. – Just say NO!


  5. Disgusting what lengths the authorities will go to intimidate through misinformation. Yes, the Gestapo is alive and well and I believe they even have their own in=breeding program.


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