BONKERS 🤪 Boris Offers £500 If You Test Positive / Hugo Talks #lockdown

9 Comments on “BONKERS 🤪 Boris Offers £500 If You Test Positive / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Haven’t had a fake test yet and don’t intend to
    It’s all about the great reset and to make sure they wreck the business and workplace your in
    Unfortunately there are a lot of people who will take advantage of this just for coin and another week off
    Some People in my work place are off more than on

  2. When you need optics to re-enforce your narritive – it’s about abont queue s for the TV news – bonus if it spreads it too

  3. Sounds like a plan, people arranging secret Corona meetings to catch the bug just to get paid😂
    This is getting crazier by the day.

  4. Boy, they REALLY want your DNA! Willing to pay any price to get you on the database … PCR tests are an obvious blatant fraud, even admitted by the WHO and CDC, so what the hell is going on??

    • Yes they want your DNA I reckon to link it to your social media profile, one big behavioural psychology study. Then they develop the mRNA vaccine to modify your DNA as they see fit to control behaviour. Of course the tests don’t signal disease but as we know, more testing = more evidence for lockdown = more panic, social control and ruining the economy ready for the great reset. And every £500 is straight out of the tax payer’s pocket. I’d call that killing 4 or 5 birds with one stone…

  5. I’m not going along with this charade, however much they offer. They’re desperate to get positive test results: more tests more positives. Dr Mike Yeadon has done interviews about these PCR tests but of course he’s been censored.

    Boris Johnson will go down in history and the most inept Prime Minister we ever had and Starmer the most ineffective opposition leader. Is Johnson really a conservative and for that matter is Starmer really a democratic socialist? There’s something very fishy going on here. There’s a massive incongruence with the politics.

  6. I have never heard such a ridiculous suggestion! I am beginning to think this government has lost the plot. People out there will think that this is round policy because they believe every word that comes out of their mouths, as well as the garbage that the media spout! Will there ever be an end to this as the impact of all this is going to be greater than any supposedly virus! Which all my family have tested positive for back in October. Basically we had symptoms that you would expect with a cold! Madness.

  7. The AA gives out covid safe awards, on top of ratings for services. Why can’t people just grow a pair, and behave like rational humans.

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