2 thoughts on “Social Media 👀 BIG BROTHER 🚫 CANCELS Insurance! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Once upon a time I didn’t like Trump, despised him even. Why? because of popular opinion. Then I asked why do so many people hate another human being so much?
    I went and researched…
    1) Donald Trump donated his entire Presidential salary to charity
    2) Donald Trump has never struck up a war
    3) Donald Trump stood up to the SWAMP and they don’t like it
    4) Donald Trump calls people out – without the sugar coating
    5) Donald Trump really loves his family and cares about them
    6) Donald Trump loves America and the constitution
    7) Donald Trump stands up for the American national
    8) Donald Trump is not in the Club of Rome who stated DT is their biggest threat!

    I would love to have a government of the people for the people who stand up for us, who doesn’t lie, decieve and manipulate and pull power games…

    Now your video wasn’t about Donald Trump but I felt it necessary to state

    We must all ask why and then find out


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